A blind date that turned out to be my student of sex

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We closed the door to her place and I pulled her to me. She pressed her body to me and my hands went to her nice round ass cheeks. I cupped one in each hand and pushed her into me. She moaned as our tongues went back and forth in our mouths. I had her tight against me and her arms were tight around me. After a few minutes of rubbing and feeling her very nice ass, I moved my hand up and began to rub her firm breasts. I pulled back enough to unbutton her blouse. I had it out of her slacks and opened all the way. I reached up while she watched me and unsnapped her bra. I took both hands and cupped each breast. Bending down now, I began to suck on one nipple while I pinched and rolled the other one around in my fingers. He hands came down and gently held my head as I sucked and licked on each nipple. I went back up to her mouth and kissed her hard again sticking my tongue into her mouth. She sucked it hard as she pressed her body against me. My cock was on the rise again! As I touched her breast licking and sucking on them, I told her: "Put your hand back on my cock baby!" She did and could feel it swell under her hand.

 She moaned and asked me: "Will it get hard when ever I rub it? "Yes", I told her. She kept her hand pressed on it as I worked on her breast and now while my mouth took care of her breasts, my hand was back between her legs rubbing her pussy. I told her to unbutton my jeans and pull down the zipper. I rested my back on the wall as she undid my jeans. I helped her pull then down and I stepped out of them. Now I undid her slacks and she wiggled out of those tight slacks. We were both looking at each other standing there in our underwear. I could see her stomach was almost flat and her legs were smooth. She could see the bulge pushing out the front of my boxers. She looked up at me and asked: "Are you going to teach me about cocks now? Are we going to do that Oral sex thing?" I asked her: "Would you like to try oral sex? Some people love it. In fact some people like it better or equal to intercourse. Would you like to try?" My hand had cupped her pussy and I was rubbing it nicely and I knew I was making her hot! And, her hand was stroking my hard cock, which had worked its way out of my shorts. It was sticking straight out and she was working her hand back and forth on it. I had a finger under the elastic around her panty leg and it was running over her wet pussy. Finally, it found the small opening and I pushed it in! She moaned and whispered: "Yes, let try it. I have heard it is so good and the other girls tell me if it's done right I can get more than one orgasm.

Let's try it. What do we do first?" I told her: "First I want it wash you and you wash me. We walked to the bathroom and we dropped our underwear. She was somewhat embarrassed but the curiosity was greater than her fear. I knelt down in front of her and asked her open her legs wide as she stood there looking down at me. I used a wash rap and my hands to clean her pussy. I then dried her and before I came back up, I kiss her pussy and licked into her slit with my tongue. Worked on her for a few minutes and could feel her body tense up as I made her quiver with desire. She moaned and held my head as I blew warm air on her damp cunt. I used my fingers and spread her lips as I moved my tongue back on her opening again. I licked and licked her until I could hear her breathing hard and fast. Her knees became weak and she told me she had to sit down. She sat on the side of the tube and I stood up! I told her she should wash me now. She took my cock and gently cleaned it completely. When she had finished I told her: "Kiss it. Kiss the head baby right here." And, I pointed to the tip of my cock head with my finger. She moved closer and closer to it and then kissed it! I told her: "Ok now lick it! Lick the head with our tongue." I felt her warm wet tongue lick over my cock head and then under it. She kept licking it as I stood there watching. My cock was hard as hell again. She looked up at me and asked: "Am I doing it right?" I told her: You are a very fast learner.

Now I want you to put it in your mouth and suck on it. Suck on it like you sucked my tongue. Suck on as much as you can suck on." She looked at my face and then at my cock and I felt her mouth on the head of my cock. Then I felt the head go into her mouth! I watched as she sucked hard on it. I told her: "Now as you suck pump the shaft with your hand like you did before in the car!" She looked up at me and I saw her cheeks cave in as she sucked and pumped my cock! I was seconds from cuming when I pulled her up to me. She was had a questionable look on her face and she asked: "Wasn't I doing it right? Tell me what I was doing wrong! I want to please you like you please me"

I told her: "No baby, you were doing wonderful. In fact if I hadn't stopped you I would have cum in your mouth. And, I didn't think you were ready just yet for that." She asked; "What does cum taste like? Does it taste bad? Is it bad for you?" I answered: "No, not much of a taste at all, maybe a little salty or a little bitter. It depends on what the guy was eating. But it's not bad for you and won't make you sick. I really wanted to show you what it's like to climax as you have oral sex. I wanted to do you first." I took her hand and we walked to the bed. I told her: We have to be completely undressed and I removed her blouse and bra. Hell they were almost off of her anyway. She let them dropped to the floor. I pulled the tee shirt over my head and felt her hand on my cock again stroking it. She really like to feel cock! I told her: OK! Now, get up on the bed and lay back. Open your legs so I can sit between them." She climbed up and did exactly what I told he. She opened her legs wide and I crawled between them. I bent in and kissed her mouth and she slammed her tongue into my mouth as we started. I sat back up and began to run my hands over her very nice breasts. I told her: "You know you are a very beautiful woman. You hand a wonderful body and I am going to love making love to it!"

She smiled up and me as I worked on those nipples standing up straight and asked: "I am? Do you really think I'm beautiful? I think I'm average at best!" My mouth came down over one of those nipples and I sucked like a baby on it. My fingers rubbed the other one, pulling and squeezing it. I had both of those beauties sticking straight up and they were so hard they could have put your eye out! Now as I sucked on one my hands ran down over her smooth body and found her cunt hair. As my fingers ran all around in it they were slowly working their way down between her thighs. I pushed on them and her legs opened wide yet. I told her: "Bend your knees and it will be better." She did and I now had both hands stroking and rubbing around her soft swollen pussy. I watched as I put a finger into her hole and used my other hand to stroke her. I began to pump my finger in and out and it was covered with her juices. She was wet! Good!! Now my mouth went down her body and I blew warm air on her wet pussy. She shivered and moaned! I told her," OK! Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to kiss your pussy like you kissed my cock. Then I'm going to lick you and then suck on your pussy just like you did to me. Are you ready?" She sat 1/2 way up and watched me fingering her. She told me: "Oh yes, I'm ready but you will keep your finger in me won't you? It feels so good. It feels much better than when I do it to myself! Please keep your finger in me while you lick me!" I moaned now as I put another finger in her pussy. I kissed around the pussy lips and then over them. And, yes, I kept my 2 fingers in her pussy!

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