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A Suprising 3-Way

(Part 1 from 1)

I have been going out with my girlfriend, Carley, for almost two years. She is 18, a freshman at Michigan State University, and smoking hot. She is 5’8” tall with sexy long legs. She has a perfect tan, and great tits. They are the perfect size, a large B-cup or small C. They are perky, firm and very suckable. I am her first boyfriend that she has been serious with. She is pretty wild with me, but often times I have to encourage her to try new stuff. At first it was just normal things, like new sexual positions and taking nude pictures of her. I just love doing new stuff with Carley. One thing I always wanted to do with Carley is have a 3 way. I didn’t even care if it was with a girl or another boy. I just love showing Carley off to my friends, and a 3 way would turn me on. I never expected her to agree to it, but it is surprising what alcohol and hormones can do.

One Saturday night, Carley and I went over to my friend Ryan’s apartment to hang out. The night started with some boxed wine and a deck of cards. After an hour playing a drinking game Ryan invented, we were getting drunk. Pretty soon the drinking game turned into strip poker. Now, Carley isn’t the greatest at poker, and it was showing. In about half an hour Carley was down to her underwear. Ryan and I were getting excited to see some boobs. Finally, Carley lost another round and the bra came off, exposing her ample tits and hard nipples. My cock got hard seeing my girlfriend’s naked breasts and knowing the thoughts Ryan was having. Carley knew how horny she was making us, but she knew she would only be fucking one guy tonight. She took me to the next room and completed her strip tease, leaving Ryan alone in the other room. Carley slowly dropped her pants revealing a black thong accentuating her perfect round ass. I gave her ass a slap and took off her thong, revealing her perfect bald pussy. Soon she was on her knees undoing my pants. Seconds later she pulled out my hard 7” cock and slid it into her eager mouth. After a minute in her mouth precum was dripping from my dick. I lifted Carley up and threw her on the bed. Carley crawled onto her stomach and lifted her ass in the air and told me to fuck her hard. I slid my cock into her pussy and gave her what she wanted. She moaned loudly as I started thrusting, going harder and harder. She put her face in the pillows as she failed to hold back her screams of pleasure. After 5 minutes I was ready to explode. I sprayed my hot cum into her wet pussy. The sensation of the cum forced Carley to a climax that shook her entire body. We both collapsed on the bed and got ready to return to the main room.

When we got back out it was obvious Ryan heard the action. He had his hand in his pants and a huge bulge. Then Carley did something I could never expect. Still topless, she walked over to Ryan and asked if he needed some help. He looked to me for approval, and I gave him a nod. Instantly, he dropped his pants exposing his rock hard penis. Carley grabbed his cock with one hand and helped her breast into his mouth with her other hand. Ryan excitedly sucked on her nipple while she played with his cock. Carley then dropped down and began to work on Ryan’s cock. She started off sucking his balls, and then deep throated his entire cock. After a few minutes Carley stripped off her pants again and climbed onto Ryan’s lap and worked his cock into her pussy. Watching Allison ride Ryan’s cock made me ready to go again. I sat across the room and began to touch myself. Ryan then lifted Carley and laid her on the floor. I couldn’t take in any longer and went to Carley and started sucking her tits. Carley moaned loudly and had an orgasm when I did this. Making us so horny made Carley want cock even more. She rolled onto her hands and knees and sucked my dick while Ryan fucked her from behind. Soon everyone was about to cum. The tension built up more and more until Carley exploded with another orgasm. Carley’s orgasm forced Ryan and me to each let a load of cum into Carley. She eagerly swallowed the cum I let off in her mouth while Ryan filled her pussy again. After everyone finished we were all ready to pass out. After that night, I knew I had many great experiences left for Carley and me to share.

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