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A Student fucks his hot teacher

A boy John, regularly went to his teacher for lessons.They had a student-teacher relationship.The teacher was newly married and the boy was single as well as handsome.
Once the teacher's husband went out of station for a few days.And the teacher was felling uncomfortable without a cock.

One evening, while watching a sex scene in a movie she lost her mind and started fingering her pussy.Suddenly,John knocked at the door.She immediately stopped her business and opened the door.John noticed that she was looking different that day.Then as usual the lessons started.

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After sometime she became uncomfortable and went to her bedroom.John couldn't understand what happened.He quietly went towards the bedroom and her horny voices.John was out of his senses.Oh my God is this truth?The teacher then suddenly saw John.He nearly ran away when she called him back.She said,"Don't be afraid or embarrassed,this is a part of education....SEX EDUCATION."

She removed her clothes all at once.She was standing purely nude in front of John.He had never done this before.She came closer to him,held his cock,opened his trousers and started sucking it.John's mind went in the air and he came in form.He picked her up in his hands and leaved her on the bed.He touched the pussy.....sucked it....fingered it.And she said,"Come on Tiger time to give your fees ,this pussy is now burning with fire....cool it down...come on."

John entered his cock at once and fucked her hard.He licked and pressed her boobs, so overall had a complete sex with his teacher.

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