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A Mother's Confession

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Let me start off by saying that I am not a pervert or
anything like that. I don't watch much porn except for
when I'm alone with my husband and I rarely read sex
stories except for when my husband has me read them as
he makes love to me doggy style. And then it is just
stories of young girls and boys. He says he loves
stories of new or first love. He is so romantic.

I am a normal housewife and mother who loves her
family. I love them so much that I would do anything to
help them, even if it goes against my normally high
moral judgment. I think any mother would handle the
situation I was in the same way. I wouldn't even be
telling anyone about this but as soon as I told my
husband he begged me to write it for him to send it in.
He said there would be a ton of people who would get
hot reading it. I told him I doubted that but then he
said maybe it would help other parents who were in a
similar situation. So here goes.

Okay, since this story is being sent in to a sex web
site and guys are probably unzipping their pants as I
speak, I will try to keep that in mind and try to sound
more provocative. Bare in mind that I am not exactly an
overly sexual person.

My name is Joan and I am a 36 year old mother of 3 and
married to the same man for 18 years. My Husband,
Peter, is 43 years old and has a minor erectile problem
for which he is using medication. Until yesterday I was
singing the praises of Viagra, but I'll get to that in
a moment. Other than that he is a great husband. He is
loving, kind and still has the body of a 25 year old.
He is 6'1, muscular and has a 6 1/2 inch penis. He also
is a junior partner at his accounting firm and even has
his own secretary.

My son, Brian, is 19 and at that age where he is always
masturbating. I catch him so often that I almost think
he is purposely letting me walk in on him as he strokes
his 8 inch cock. Yeah, I said cock. I figured that if I
am going to do this story I might as well let myself go
and get into it.

God, if the PTA could see me now. Anyway, Brian is
hitting puberty hard. He has grown 6 inches in the last
year, is getting body hair and his voice has gone from
high and squeaky to deep and alluring. He is now 5'7,
thin with dark hair and bright blue eyes.

His twin sisters, Liz and Tina, are both 18 and just
starting to hit puberty. They are both 4'2 with dirty
blond hair, blue eyes and little bumps on their chests.
They have not yet had their first periods, nor do they
have any pubic hair. Their hips are still narrow as
well. But they dress like the girls from MTV so they
look a little older. I know I should be stricter about
how they dress but I hate to be one of those oppressive

Children need to find their own way to express their
individuality. The girls both asked for a tattoo for
their 17th birthday and I told them I didn't want them
getting something everyone would see every day.
Fortunately my husband had a solution. I took them to a
tattoo parlor and had them get a little heart on their
pussy mound.

I once took them to the store and when I turned around
a man in his twenties was hitting on them. I walked
over and told the man the girls were 18 and then he
dared to ask me how old I was. He asked if we ever
liked to party together. As I pulled the girls away I
saw the jerk had an erection in his jeans. Not that I
was looking, but the lump in his pants was pretty

I suppose I should tell you about myself as well. Like
I said, I am 36 years old but in pretty good shape. I
am a physical fitness trainer so I have to be pretty
fit or I'd loose all my customers. Anyway, I am 5'4,
118 pounds with short brown hair, green eyes and 34C
breasts. I have pretty good skin and could pass for
late 20's if I had to. And for those who are curious, I
am not fully shaven, but pretty well trimmed down

Okay, now that I've gotten the housekeeping out of the
way, I'll tell you what happened. And if you are
jerking off while reading this, just try not to make
too much of a mess.

As I said before, my husband is taking Viagra for a
small problem, so to speak. And he keeps the pills in
the cabinet in our private bathroom. But yesterday
morning he was taking a pill when the phone in the den
rang. He took the pills with him when he answered the
phone. Over the course of the conversation he put the
pills down on the desk and forgot them.

Since school is out for the summer, the kids were home
all day. I only work as a fitness instructor 3 days a
week so I was off yesterday but was in the back yard
weeding the flower bed next to the shed. Inside, Brian
woke up when he heard his father leave for work. He
checked to make sure I was out side and he pulled out
his porno magazine collection.

Over the last 2 years he has amassed quite a
collection, filling 4 large boxes in his closet. I
would have said something to him but Peter says all
boys go through this phase. But I must admit that it
has bothered me that he not only has Playboy and
Penthouse and Hustlers but he also has some weird
Swedish magazines that are hard core that I think he
got from his degenerate friend Lou next door.

I don't even want to know what they do in here with the
door locked.
He pulled out the magazine with 18 and 19 year old
pregnant women having sex with older men. It is one of
the Swedish magazines, not that he'd be reading it
anyway. As usual, he masturbated and came on an old
pair of my panties. I knew he was using my old panties
for this for a while but I was too embarrassed to say

He jerked off too quickly and since he had plenty of
time to himself, he wanted to jerk off again. The phone
rang and he answered it in the den. It was a phone
survey. While he was on the phone giving them false
information he saw the bottle of Viagra. He read it
and when he saw that it helps restore erections he
decided to try it. Like most men and boys, he didn't
bother to read the directions. Instead of the usual
recommended dose for an adult male of 1 pill, he took

At first he was pleased with the results. He went into
his room, stripped off his shorts and lay on his bed.
He stroked his cock with my cum stained panties for 20
minutes. But then nothing happened. Brian had never
jerked off this long without cumming and was starting
to get nervous. When he heard his sisters coming down
the hall he knew he was running out of time.

I was still outside doing the lawn work for another
half hour. By this time Brian's erection was starting
to hurt. He finally panicked and opened his window. He
called me into the house and when I entered his room I
found him with a towel on his lap.

He didn't make eye contact as he said, "Mom, I was...I
was doing that thing to myself and I found some of
dad's pills and I took some and now it hurts." I saw
the magazine on the floor and I could see the bulge
under the towel. He continued, "And now I can't get it
to go away. I've tried but it won' know."

I could see he was very embarrassed and uncomfortable.
I wanted to be stern but as a mother I can't see my
little boy suffering. So I tried to focus on the
problem. "Okay, you have an erection and you have tried
to jerk off and you can't cum", I said, restating what
he just said. He nodded that I got it right. I said,
"Okay, take off the towel and let's have a look."

He slowly lifted off the towel and I was shocked. I
have seen his cock many times since I walk in on him
playing with himself almost every day. But his cock
seemed a full inch longer and a half inch thicker. He
had a man's cock thanks to those pills. It was all
swollen and purple and looked as painful as it must
have felt.

I ushered him to the edge of his bed with his legs
hanging over and I knelled in front of him. "Okay, I'm
going to do this and finish you off. Now just close
your eyes and try to think sexy thoughts." I figured
his arm must be getting tired if he was jerking off for
40 minutes, plus, I have faith in my abilities to jerk
off a man. So I took his cock in my hand and began to
stroke it gingerly. I didn't want to squeeze it too
hard since it was very sensitive.

To my surprise, I stroked him for 5 minutes and nothing
happened. I suggested he read some of his magazines as
I stroke him. He picked up a Playboy, not wanting to be
seen as a pervert. But since I had no time for him to
be mildly aroused I took away the book and dug a hard
core magazine from the bottom of his box. It was a
German magazine called Kinder-Slut. It had a 50 year
old man and a preteen girl holding hands on the cover.
I was sure I didn't want to know what was in the
magazine so I just handed it to him and resumed my

Another 10 minutes passed and my hand was getting
tired. I had to try something more drastic. "Okay", I
said, "Just relax. I am going to try sucking you off."
He looked at me but said nothing. I know what you're
saying, how can a mom suck her son's cock? As I said,
he needed help. And while I am no pervert, I am also no
prude. According to my husband and the few men I dated
before him, I am a very good cock sucker.

I took his 8 inches in my hand and licked the underside
from base to head. I heard him shudder and it actually
made me happy. I wasn't happy that I had my tongue on
my son's cock, but rather that I was still able to make
a man that excited in bed. I smiled to myself and then
took his entire cock in my mouth. I have always been
very good at deep-throat cocks so I had no trouble
fitting him all the way into my mouth.

I sucked his with the enthusiasm of a 20 year old,
using my lips, tongue, the roof of my mouth and my
hands. He was moaning but he wasn't cumming. This went
on for a good 30 minutes. By then my jaw was getting
sore and we were no closer. I had to try something
else. Without saying anything I got to my feet, dropped
my sundress and climbed onto his lap. He didn't say a
word as I lowered myself onto his rigid cock. It parted
my pussy lips like Moses and I sank all the way down.

After a second or two he regained his composure and
began to fuck me. He said, "Oh Mom, you're my first
girl." Looking back I am not sure if that meant he was
a virgin or if he was saying he had gay experiences
before yesterday. Again, I probably don't want to know.
After all, I'm not a pervert or anything.

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