A Mother's Confession 2

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

After a second or two he regained his composure and
began to fuck me. He said, "Oh Mom, you're my first
girl." Looking back I am not sure if that meant he was
a virgin or if he was saying he had gay experiences
before yesterday. Again, I probably don't want to know.
After all, I'm not a pervert or anything.

I rode his cock for a full 40 minutes and had 3
orgasms. I know he's my son and all, but it's hard not
to cum when you are being fucked for 40 minutes. And
unlike my husband, Brian was just chock full of energy.
But then, after my 3rd orgasm my legs were getting
cramped. From the position I was in.

I climbed off his cock reluctantly and then licked his
cock clean. I thought maybe the perverseness of a
mother licking her own cum from her son's cock might
trigger his orgasm but it didn't. I needed to take
things up a notch or two. I needed help.

I called Liz and Tina into the room. All the color in
Brian's face disappeared but I assured him it would be
okay. When the girls came in they were confused when
they found up both naked. I put them at ease and
explained the situation. I said, "Girls, Brian has a
problem. He was masturbating and took some of your
father's erection pills."

I have always spoken to the kids about sex and had no
problem explaining the situation in plain terms. "Now
his penis is too hard and he is having trouble
ejaculating. I have been trying to help him but we are
not having much luck. Now we're both starting to get
tired. With you girls help us?"

The girls looked each other and Tina asked, "What do we
have to do?" I said, "You know that adult movie you
both watched with your father last week? I'd like you
to do something like that. We'll start off with oral
sex and see how it goes. If need be he'll have sex with
you both."

Okay, now you'd probably like an explanation on why I
let my 2 17 year old daughters watch a porno film with
their father but like I said, we are very open about
sex. They have sex education next year in school and my
husband thought it would be a good idea to show them a
few sex movies so when they are in class the
information will make more sense.

It's like when the kids were learning about the
american Revolution we took them to Philadelphia that
summer. So don't think there is anything odd about
their dad watching porn with them. He's just watching
it with them in case they have any questions. In fact,
he even let them see his actual penis so they could
study it and they studied each others vagina.

The girls seemed okay with the idea. I guess after
watching the 4 or 5 porno they were curious to try
some of what they learned. So I put on some music and
told them to strip each other slowly. I figured it
might get Brian more aroused to see two twin girls
undressing each other. And the girls didn't disappoint.
They were both still wearing their lingerie since they
just woke up and I have to admit it was pretty sexy as
Tina bend down and slid Liz's panties down her legs. If
I were more of a pervert I would have been even wetter
than I was.

When they were both naked I called them over between
Brian's legs. They knelt down and both took his cock in
their hands. They licked his cock from both sides,
occasionally touching tongues. Liz then took the
initiative and took the head of his cock into her
mouth. Tina took her retainer out of her mouth and went
to work on Brian's balls. I was amazed at how well they
were doing with their first blow jobs. I guess Peter
did a very good job explaining how to suck cock. He has
always been a very good communicator.

I could tell Brian was in heaven as he looked down and
watched his twin sisters sucking his cock. Those two
identical faces licking and rubbing his sensitive organ
must have been a real treat for him. He reached down
and was playing with their silky hair as they serviced

I know how men can get when they are sexually excited,
which is why I didn't let it phase me when he started
talking dirty to the girls. He pulled them both against
his cock and said, "Suck it, sluts! Suck that cock!"

Tina looked up at me expecting me to say something to
her brother who was gagging her with his cock. Had this
been a normal day I would never have tolerated such an
outburst, but since we were in a moment of crisis I
wanted to do whatever it took to help my poor boy cum.
And if he enjoyed talking dirty then that would be okay
for the moment. I looked at her and said, "He said to
suck his cock, slut."

The girls both looked at me but before they said a word
I continued, "And that means both of you. I want to see
his spunk dripping down your faces." Brian moaned and I
knew I was on to something. He continued, "Yeah, you
fucking whores!"

They took turns sucking his cock another 10 minutes
before I could tell they were beginning to tire. I
should not have been surprised since this was their
first blow-job. So I helped them up and suggested we try
sex. I had Tina lay on her back and Brian was next to

I said, "Okay, she needs to be nice and wet for this to
work. You girls are both virgins so we'll need to be
careful. Tina, I want you to go first so you lay there.
Liz, get between her legs and lick her pussy. Get it
really wet and juicy."

I know neither girl wanted to do this but for their
brother they said yes. I figured that their father also
told them about lesbian sex as they watched the porno
together just in case some day it ever came up in
conversation. I wouldn't want them to feel stupid for
not knowing what it is. That's why I told my husband to
make sure they knew all about licking pussy.

Once again Pete impressed me. As I watched Liz lick her
twin sister's cunt I smiled. It is very comforting to
know that my husband is such a great father. He must
have spent a lot of time going over this with them. And
both girls were smart enough to keep up the flame and
pretend to enjoy it. I am sure Brian was buying it.
Hell, I almost had to question it.

After a few minutes, I pulled Liz from her sister's wet
honey pot, her face dripping with her sister's girl
juice. Brian got between her legs and slid his cock
into her. It was amazing that Tina didn't even flinch
when Brian took her cherry. He just slid right in as
though she had been fucking around for years. That's my

After fucking her for a few minutes, I told them to
switch positions. I wanted him on the bottom so she
could do all the work. This way if she got tired there
would be 2 more pussies to help out. He must have
already been exhausted.

She climbed on and started bouncing on his erect prick.
I told Liz to get on the bed so I could get her ready.
She laid down next to her brother and I got between her
legs and began licking that sweet virgin pussy.

I should probably pause and tell you that I have licked
pussy before. Again, that does not make me a pervert.
It was mostly in college. To get into the best sorority
I had to eat out any of the sisters whenever they asked
for an entire semester. But what was nice is that for
the next 3 1/2 years I got all of the pledges to lick my
pussy. Sometimes if a new girl was shy about licking
pussy I would lick hers for a while just to show that
it wasn't a sexual thing for us, but rather a right of

And then in the years after college there were a few
times, mostly as a birthday girt to my husband or the
time my old friend from high school told me she might
be gay. I had to go full-out lesbian with her just to
prove to her that she wasn't gay. I swear, it took me
eating her to 5 orgasms and fucking her 2 times with a
strap-on before she was convinced. The poor girl is so
naive, knowing nothing about sexuality. It's lucky for
her she has a friend like me who knows the score.

So anyway, I was licking Liz's pussy while Tina rode
her brother's hard cock like a pro. To look at her
you'd never know she had never had sex before. She even
had a nice butt clench going on the upward strokes. It
took me a good 3 or 4 years to learn that little trick.
She's so smart.

I kept licking Liz for another 10 minutes till Tina
started to slow down. I think her legs were tired, but
that was fine. I had Liz so ready she even faked 3
orgasms as I licked her. She was probably practicing
for Brian.

Tina climbed off her brother and staggered over to the
chair in the corner as Liz climbed on top of Brian. It
was amazing how she didn't even have to start off on
the bottom like Tina. She was so interested in helping
her brother that she just jumped on. As his cock slid
into her it made a nasty "slooosh" sound that made me

As Tina recovered, Liz rode her brother for a full half
hour. When I looked at the clock I began to worry.
Brian has had an erection for hours and Pete would be
home in another hour and a half for lunch. I needed to
finish this quickly.

"Okay, Liz get off. Brian, how would you like to ass
fuck your sisters?" Brian's eyes lit up and the girls
seemed nervous naturally. As I walked into the bathroom
for the Vaseline I said, "Don't worry, we'll get your
holes all lubed up. You'll hardly feel a thing."

The girls trusted me and they lined up side by
identical side with their legs spread and their bodies
bent over the end of the bed. I put a glob of Vaseline
on my finger and stuck it into Liz's asshole. She
yelped but then regained her composure. I sawed my
finger in and out of her butt to make sure she was
ready. I then moved on to Tina and Brian jumped into
position behind Liz. As he lined his cock up to her
hole he said, "Yeah, I'm gonna fuck your little ass,
bitch. I'm going to cum in your ass and make Tina lick
it out."

Since I am not a pervert, these words shocked me. In
fact, it was probably that shock that was making my
heart beat race and my skin boil. My pussy was wet but
that was probably from being so hot. She screamed as
his cock split her lily white ass.

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