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A Hot & Cheap Way to Get Off!

(Part 1 from 1)

When youíre a 18 year old girl itís hard to purchase sex toys. The fact that Iím always horny, Iíve tried a lot of things. Iíve tried things such as candlesticks, carrots, magic markers (the fat ones), and bananas. Bananas are one of my favorites because thery are soft, and they taste really good when I lick my cum of of them. The problem is that they always split in half.

I thought of a great new way to get off Hot & Cheap when my parents left me alone for the entire weekend. I start by getting a sausage. It can be smoked, polish, or linked. (I prefer the links because theyíre short and fat). Then I put it in the microwave for about a minute or until itís as hot as it can get without bursting. I also put some petroleum jelly into a bowl and heat it for three or four minutes because it seems to cool down rather quickly.

Beforehand, I put my ďmasturbation quiltĒ over my comforter because things get a little wet and messy. If youíre like myself and need a little visual help, pop in your favorite porn tape. (I prefer the tape I snuck out of my dadís dresser draw that has girls with big natural titties playing with themselves).†By the way, I like boys for the emotional aspect, but when it comes to getting off big tits and Juicy Pussy is the only way to go for me.

Next, I remove my t-shirt leaving my perky 34B's hanging over my bra. I like to do this because it makes my breast look a little bigger. I start by dipping my fingers in the jelly and rubbing the oil all over my big & thick dark chocolate nipples. The oil is so hot that it feels like the natural heat from somebodyís mouth sucking on them.

By this time my pussy is craving for some attention. So, I remove my skirt leaving my white cotton panties on. The fact that I have a plump pussy I like to push the crotch of the white colored panties to the side exposing my private area. It seems to accentuate the fatness and the blackness of my cunt. I began by dipping the scorching sausage in the hot jelly and rub it all over my freshly shaven pussy. I realized I like heat applied to my pussy when I hurt my back at cheerleader practice and I used a heating pad to mend my pain; the next thing I knew I was grinding my aching wet pussy on it.†

When the sausage starts to get lukewarm, I slowly slide the tip in and out while watching big tit girls pleasing themselves wishing I was there rubbing oil all over their breast. When I feel my walls tighten around the tip of the sausage I gradually stick the entire sausage in my pussy.

The minute I feel as if I canít take it anymore I remove the sausage and go to my full lenghth mirror and admire my own big ebony nipples and swollen chocolate pussy shining from the jelly. While enjoying the sight of my shiny pleasures, I finger fuck my tight little hole and suck the sticky sweet juice off my fingers, while pinching and licking my nipples into a state of bliss.

Iím very satisfied with this technique, but I donít plan to stop looking for more interesting ways to satisfy myself. I think more people should write about ways to masturbate. Girls my age think itís such a lame thing to do, but I think itís the best way to get your freak on because there is no stress or dangers when boys are not involved. The most important thing is that you know what you want and how to do it right.

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