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A Dominant Wife

(Part 1 from 1)

“Get in here right now, I haven’t got all day,” She snapped as she sat in front of her dressing table while preparing to go out for the evening, "I said get your ass in here!!!” Her husband put down the load of dirty clothes he was carrying and entered their bedroom with a worried look on his face as his wife of twenty two years asked acidly, “Where have you been, are you purposely trying to piss me off?!” “No, he answered, I was just about to do some washing", His wife began tapping her foot impatiently while listening to her husband, and out of the blue, and with cat like quickness, her left hand rocketed out and caught her husband flush on the cheek.

He stood against the wall stunned “Now, man whore,” she said evenly get your ass over here and suck my pussy, and you’d better do a good job, got it!” He glanced at her with a wicked but playful look then knelt between her full thighs. He could smell her aroma.. a pure sexual musk, he leant forward and began running his tongue across her smooth shaven pussy lips. “Thats good,” she sighed "Ooooh yeah" she began to groan, after a few minutes she placed a hand on his head & pulled him hard against her, forcing his tongue deep into her warm wet pussy, she released his head & cupped her voluptuous tits & began squeezing & pinching her large hard nipples. “Suck that clit, mmmmm yeah, right there, that’s it, yeah, ooh yeah, suck it" She groaned louder. Even though he was playfully being sexually abused by his dominant wife, the opportunity to suck her hot pussy was something he savoured.

He Sucked her wonderful pussy feverishly bringing his wife to a stunning climax. He flicked his tongue frenzidly over her hard protruding clit almost beating it, just before she climax she thrust her hips upward & forward, forcing her engorged pussy against his face as her orgasm raced through her groin, leaving her shuddering in ecstasy as all the strength ebbed from her body. After taking a moment to regain her senses, she shoved her husband away from her pussy.. "Get out that hot cock & watch me" She ordered & lolled back in her chair, she watched as he unbuttoned his tight jeans & released his hardening pole, fixated on his meaty member she watched as he slowly began to massage his swollen length, she teazingly caressed her large breasts again, this time she held a hard nipple to her mouth and began licking, sucking and biting it.

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She closed her eyes and savored the fury growing again in her pussy, and when she could stand it no more she buried two fingers into her sodden pussy and finger fucked herself, just as she was about to cum she slowed to a stop. She unsteadily got up & with her back to him bent over their bed & again began to massage her sodden pussy, "mmm.. you wanna stick that hard cock in there dont'cha" she teased inserting two fingers inside, "Come here & suck the juice from my fingers" he moved toward her "STOP" she ordered & turned to him & inserted her glistening fingers into his mouth, "suck'em.. yeah, mmm.. it taste soo good", she let him savour her love juice for a moment then gently pushed him away again. "Keep stroking your man meat" she ordered then turned & put on her nipple chain, she leant over their bed & produced two dildos from beneath her pillow, again she watched him stroke his now swollen, pulsating cock & began sucking one of the dildos, "bet you wish this was your cock" she teased again, "How about now"... then slowly eased it up inside of her dripping pussy, she noticed a dribble of cum seap from his cocks bulbous tip which turned her on even more, she upped her tempo, her groans grew louder as she watched his swollen shaven balls swing back & forth, "you like watching me fucking myself, she groaned, mmm, I like watching you",
she continued fucking herself to the point of orgasm then slowed to a stop again, "Mmm.. the poor dildo is covered in cum" she panted & withdrew it from her sodden pussy & rubbed it up & down, smearing her love juice over her bum, she raised one leg onto the bed, "Now she ordered lay on the bed.. face up".

He lay on the bed & shuffled his body backward til his head was directly beneath her dripping pussy, she lowered her hips down almost sitting on his face "Now.. lick me, lick that clit" She ordered as she slowly eased the dildo into her arse & paused for a moment, "Mmmm, Oooh god yeah, it feels soo good, she teased, easing it all the way in, slowly she began to work it.. "Ooh god it feels soo big in my arse, she teased as she pressed her pussy down onto his face, You've got such a big thick cock" she wimpered as she felt his tongue penetrate her sodden love hole, she leant forward & dribbled spit onto his cocks swollen head & ran her devilish tongue across it, she could hear his muffled groans from beneath her, he jerked his hips upward & almost rammed his fat throbbing cock down her throat, she slapped his thigh, "I'm in control" she reminded him & momentarily pressed his thighs donward, again she spat on his bulbous head then encased it between her lips & sucked as hard as she could, almost forcing the creamy cum from his swollen balls, she could hear more muffled groans from beneath as she began to girate her sodden pussy against his face, again he began to suck violently upon her swollen clit.

She took his throbbing tool deep into her throat & throat fucked him, he felt her trembling as she allowed him to take control of the toy, gently but firm he pounded her arse with it, she gagged on his swollen man meat covering it in saliva, her hands tugging upon the nipple chain, she shook uncontrollably then began to scream as her orgasm ripped through her body, her love juice gushed out from her sodden lips smothering his face in her sweet warm nectar, He couldnt take any more & pushed her off of him, she closed her eyes & collapsed lay face down on the bed exhausted. He quickly tied her hands to the bed with their love cuffs & then blindfolded her.

Without a single word he crammed his swollen shaft deep into her sodden pussy, she let out a scream as he felt so big, fast & hard almost mercilesley he rammed it deep down into her, her legs trembling, his swollen balls smashing against her pussy lips, he could her muffled cries as he fucked the life out of her "No more.. i cant take any more" she begged, he slowed his tempo then withrew his dripping cock from her & produced a condom from the cupboard & slid it over his swollen meat, he eased the wet dildo from her bum & wrapped it in tissue & dropped it to the floor, He reached for the bigger dildo & gently eased it up inside her pussy & slowly began to fuck her with it... "ooh yeah that feels soo good" she began to moan, again he paused for a moment, she wimpered in anticipation as she felt him gently press his swollen bulbous tip against the lubricated opening of her arse, "you gonna fuck my arse you dirty bastard, she teased, go on.. stick it in my arse.. give it to me" slowly he pushed downward pausing now & then giving her time to accomodate him, with one hand he began to fuck her pussy with the dildo & at the same time gently began to fuck her arse, faster & deeper, "yeah fuck me, Oh god fuck my arse" she began moaning, his tight body crashing down against her, "im cummin, im cummin, she screamed throwing her head back & forth, yes.. yes.. yes.. AAAGH YESSS NOW", her body thrashed wildly, uncontrollably beneath him & then slowed, he pulled his throbbing cock from her & wrapped the condom in another tissue & leant forward & yanked the blindfold from her eyes, she turned over to see him kneeling above her & wanking the last few strokes of his cock, "Cum over me, she teased, shoot your hot cream all over me".

she felt him start to tremble, suddenly shot hot thick creamy cum into the air, wad after wad came crashing down over her face & tits, still more & more wads of man juice crashed down onto her soft skin, she opened her mouth catching his thick cream swollowing his essence, he knelt down allowing her to suck the last few drops of cum from his cock. He untied her hands & crashed down onto the bed beside her, she massaged his warm cream into her skin & licked the rest from her fingers, they cleaned themselves up & both exhausted, fell asleep on their bed. As for going out... thats another story.

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