4 sum fun

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This story begins with a month of endless emails and conversations to which I can never say were ever a waste of time. Without them I could not produce a story or memory as amazing as this one.

No one wants to here about emails but to catch you up, It all started when myself David, and my fiance Kara starting talking about 3 sums and how she would love to watch me fuck a stranger and then abuse her with my cock. Her sweet shaved pussy drips at the thought and she love telling me when we are fucking how bad she wants to put my cock in another pussy. Kara was the one that wanted me to fuck another girl more than I do, I love her enthusiasm on the matter, haha. As I thought about it, us sharing a girl together is a little bias and we have the greatest relationship together so why not throw another cock into the mix. I briefly extend my thoughts to her on another cock joining in, the idea is not really discussed in detail and the conversation is left open for another time.

The conversations keep coming up more frequently and one night while attending a dinner, She leans in and says to me " what would you say if I wanted to take that couple home with us" .

My thoughts inside were "This is Fantastic, I can't believe that we are finally seeing eye to eye" I started getting hard at the table right in the middle of the dining room, HOW COULD I NOT?! the ideas running through my head alone were enough to make me cum. Although, being the slightly shallow person I am. I decline the hypothetical situation. I see no reason to wait for a couple that excite's us both equally. The girl was hot the guy was less than admirable. Not that i'm rating guys but I would like something hot fucking my pussy not just some random creature. I think anyone can agree that If i'm spending my life with this pussy I get a say in who fucks it. We are not searching for love with another couple. This is totally physical, it's just sex, not love. IT IT'S JUST NON EMOTIONAL SEX, SO WHY SHOULDN'T WE BE MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON HOW PEOPLE LOOK. I realize it's not always about physical appearance, some intellectual interest is also needed to make us wet.

A couple nights later, we are having another talk about minor stuff and what I expect her to say comes out to be the exact opposite. Kara's mind is switched off like a light "I only need your cock to keep me happy". I thought to myself "maybe its true, she is always talking about how she has never seen a more perfect cock like mine, and she obsesses over our love" Which is fine by me, I have no problem if her craziest fantasy only involves me and another girl.

But My past experiences prevail and send my mind to a more skeptical place.

One day it dawned on me, We always fantasize, but never talk about getting serious. So one day I took the initiative and put a post on a local website. The title reads " looking for hot young New zealand couple" I realize what the odds of finding a couple with these dimensions, but I want her to enjoy herself thoroughly and she can't think of anything hotter than the New Zealand accent. To my surprise, The first day I have a message in my inbox. It reads " still looking for a unicorn? We are in the states for the next six months and would be open to doing this, Attached is a picture of us" I look down at the picture and could not ask for anything better, A smoking hot couple down for a wild night. Their names, William and Abby.

That night I showed Kara, Her first thoughts, "what if they have diseases, I don't trust sites like these, I want this to be unexpected, fortuitous and in the heat of the moment" her thoughts was that it takes all the fun out of the experience. So I reassured her and told her it would be an amazing time, and so it was. After the month of emails and conversations back and forth, we finally committed to meet, It was the saturday after thanksgiving. We met at The Stone pub, A local bar we have never been to and thought that why not make two first's on this evening. We get out of the car and Kara is walking in front of me, wearing nice tall heels to compliment her fantastically muscular yet slim legs that arrive to her firm ass that is wonderful to touch. Over her ass was a nice short black skirt with stockings strapped to the most inviting piece of lingerie. Kara was pulling out all the stops tonight.

She does a slight stop as she opens the door, just enough time for me to run my finger in between her legs, she turns whips her head around and her blonde hair follows and her bright blue eyes look at me and just giggle. To my surprise she didn't need any assistance getting wet for this adventure. In the back corner Will and Abby already have a spacious wrap around booth for us to get started in. As we get closer to them Vivid details emerge, They were both even hotter in person, Abby gets up to give us both a hug her perfect figure wraps around Kara and they both look lovely. Abby has a low cut shirt on that shows those perfect, perky tits, with an ass to match. Her green eyes and dirty blonde hair captivate me. She wraps her arms around me and the only thing I could do was inhale her scent, whatever she was wearing made me thick in the pants. Will is standing in the background being quiet and is introduced by Abby. Me and kara shake his hand and then sit down. I could tell Kara was a little distracted and so was I. Everything just seemed so surreal. With the usual bar talk ensuing we all have a couple drinks in us and talk becomes a little more exciting.

Since this was our first time we both didn't really know the etiquette, but we were fast to learn when Abby slides her hand up Kara's skirt and says to me, "Do you think you can handle us both tonight" not really sure what to say I laugh and retort with " thats why I had you bring Will" We all seemed to be pretty comfortable by that point. After all we all knew where the night was heading. This was gonna be a fuck fest to remember. Will ask's us if we are ready to head out and get things started. I know me and Kara couldn't wait I could tell how excited she was just be how she felt the need to hold my cock as we sat under the table. After we cash out we all decided to take one car. I drove while the two girls sat in back and Will rode shotgun. As I'm driving I notice Will turning around and just starring, I turn my head to find Kara's legs in the air with her panties pulled up while Abby is driving tongue into her cunt. My baby looked so hot, with one of Kara's hand on Abby's head and the other grabbing her own tit she say's "im cumming" and hold's Abby's head in her pussy until she stops shaking. Abby pulls her head up and starts to kiss Will with Kara's cum all over her mouth and chin.

It looked so hot, when I saw that my cock starting aching to be played with. By that time we had gotten to the hotel and I would have to wait the very few but endless minutes until we got upstairs to our room. I'm the last one up the stairs and I as I look up, Kara's skirt is hiked up just enough from the car to where I can Just make out her beautiful pussy lips, Still soaked from the cum in the car. Fuck she looked good, Will opens the door and before Kara and I enter I pull her to the side and push her back against the wall, I pull her skirt up so they get caught on her hips and and spread her pussy with my fingers, she lets out this nice little moan as if she had cum again. She forces a tongue filled kiss to my lips and I ask her if she's ready to get fucked by two nice cocks while she eats Abby's pussy. She doesn't hesitate, she doesn't even respond. Kara forces my fingers from her pussy and leads me inside. WIll and Abby are already half naked, Abby is bare ass and on her knees helping Will unzip his pants. His shirt is already off and he stands there as he was out of a magazine. He had an 8 pack and all the muscles to go with it. Kara Thinks I have a fantastic body but she could not keep her eyes off of him.

His brown eyes and perfect shaggy hair drove her mad. Kara walks up behind james and starts feeling his front mid torso. "I cant wait to have both of you in me" she says, I walk over and start ripping her clothes off as she runs her fingers from Will's cock to his hair. Abby wastes no time, Will's pants are off and she starts to slowly lick and kiss his cock. The way she wrapped her tongue and lips around his big cock memorized me. I lift Kara's last piece of clothing over her head, while she still has her back to me I grab her by her hair, spit on my fingers and send them down her crack, slightly pressing my middle finger into her asshole and finally sink my two fingers into the tightest, sweetest tasting pussy ever. She lets out a slight grunt/sigh and I start to clamp on the inside of her walls, Her pussy is so wet and juicy, I could eat it all day long if she would let me, her two slits let out the perfect amount of inner flap That glistens from the intense amount of pussy juice. It literally drips. "keep going she says" and I feel her insides start to open up and right before she cums I pull my hand from her crotch. She hates when I do this but it makes her insatiable and she will do anything to cum. Im the only one with my clothes still on, Kara asks Abby to come assist.

I take off my own shirt while the girls get on their knees. They whip my pants off and my cock comes flying straight up. I could feel the cum so close to erupting from my shaft. Having two eager hotties at your feet is the best sight for any man. Abby grabs my shaft, Its rock hard and ready to fuck anything, She pulls on my shaft and a dollop of pre cum comes gushing out. Kara wastes no time and throws my cock in her mouth. God it felt good, She would suction her lips, deep throat my entire 7.5 inch cock all while me being able to feel her run her tongue all around the inside of her mouth. This goes on for a couple minutes of the two girls tag teaming my cock and balls....I notice Will just watching while stroking his cock. It was BIG, 9.5 inches to be exact. I tell Will to go lie down on the bed and make himself comfortable, He lays down in the middle of the bed still stroking his hard cock, I stop Kara and Abby for a moment. They looked up confused and excited, I said "don't you think his cock looks a little lonely over there?" Abby gets up and Kara attempts to put my throbbing cock back in her mouth, I yank her hair and tell her no to be a stranger. She says " you sure babe" I reply "its our fantasy remember, If you don't want to you don't have to but I love how sexy you look when my cock is in your mouth" she ponders for a moment, then smiles and heads for the bed. Abby is in a perfect spot, on all fours with her knees just at the edge of the bed.

I tell Kara to Straddle Wills right leg so she can be as close as possible to Abby. As I stand back, Kara still wearing her stockings and heels, there they are Abby working the shaft of Wills tasty looking cock. I could see her spit drip down over the veins of his cock, Kara Spits on her hand and starts rubbing his balls and at times running her finger around the rim of his ass. I had never thought I could see us doing this, but there was something so unbelievably erotic about watching her play with another mans cock. My cock was so hard it started to hurt. I walk to the foot of the bed and stare in amazement, Two beautiful shaved pussies. Both of their lips swollen and getting juicier by the second. Their tight assholes were pink and JUST waiting to get fucked, By the end of the night, my cock with be in all their holes. Then I notice Kara reach her hand over her back and start rubbing her slit, The pussy juice instantly covered her hand. I grabbed those ass cheeks and spread her apart. my tongue started from her clit to her asshole, I licked every bit of salty sweet sex that came from her. I wasn't long before she pushed her ass in my face and screamed " fuck my pussy"

I grab her the front of her thighs from behind and dug my tongue into her hole...Her cum in my mouth gets me crazy. The slippery warm consistency I cannot describe. She quivers and stops pressing her pussy to my face. I tell her to get to work and start sucking Will's cock. It was my turn with Abby, I wipe the remaining cum from Kara's pussy off my face and wipe it off on Abby's back. Abby's asshole, for some reason to me looked even more fantastic than her pussy and I wanted A piece of it. My finger goes into her warm cunt and comes out covered in her sex. I put my mouth to her asshole and start licking, I Can tell she likes it, She gets distracted completely and leaves Kara to deal with Will's cock. Abby lays flat on her stomach and says something like " show me what you got" I Wanted to fuck my pussy first. SO I lay down next to will and tell Abby to suck my dick. That was a mistake, I look down at Kara, I don't know why but watching her suck another mans cock made me light up inside " O fuck, I'm gonna cum, Baby come here and suck my cum" Abby removes her mouth but not fast enough, I let my nut go so fucking hard, she got a surprising taste.

I contracted again before Kara was able to put her mouth on it. My cum shot across the bed landing on Will. Kara latched onto my cock, pump after pump after pump, my cum filled up her mouth, She swallowed it all without incident. " omg babe that was alot of cum, but it was so good, I want some more'", Kara said Will says " I've got plenty for both of you to share" The two cunts start suckng his cock again, I rotate Abby and position myself so her pussy is dangling above my face. I lift my head up and start to drink. She wanted to cum bad, with my thumb on her clit and my tongue licking every part of her warm folds I start to get hard again, It was only another few seconds where I hear Will starting to make noise. I move my head from in between her legs to find Abby spilling Wills cum all over her face and mouth. Kara finds my cock and starts stroking it in excitement. I take her hand off and tell her to get on her back. The king size bed was just perfect enough for all four of us to fit. I squirm out from underneath Abby and hold her face while I smear off some of Will's cum with my finger, I smile and look at Kara she knows Exactly what's coming to her.

She opens up and puts my warm cum drenched finger in her mouth, sucking the cum completely off. It was so hot. I kissed her passionately, Are tongues meet in the sexiest ways, She giggles and and whispers in my ear "I love you, this is way more fun than I thought it would be" I smile back at her and run my hand down her face. I didn't say anything back, She knew just from the look on my face how much I loved her. "Now enough mushy shit babe, fuck me" Thats all Kara needed to say My cock had gotten super hard from eating Abby's pussy and Kara knew it. My cock sits at the opening of that pussy I adore so much, With no effort at all her wet pussy swallows my cock without second thought. We both make a noise that can only be described as barbaric. she says "your cock fills me up so good, is it hard from eating that nice little pussy" I say something along the lines of "yes but your pussy is going to make me spasm, I hope you like it deep" With my shoulders holding her legs up and my hands holding her head,I start to pound that warm wet cunt into submission, I can feel my cock hit her cervix with every thrust, I look over to find Will laying there waiting to get some led back in his pencil. I don't see Abby and all of a sudden, something touches my butt, then I feel a wet finger sitting at the rim of my ass. I told Kara that Abby's finger near my hole felt amazing. Kara says in an panting dialect, "put that finger where it belongs" In goes Abby's finger and I cant do anything but think about how good it feels.

I start ramming Kara's pussy harder and harder and all of a sudden, my assshole tightens to the size of a decimal, forcing Abby's finger out and sending my cum so far into Kara's pussy. Kara feels me dump my cum with every hard thrust I take. she can't resist and lets out a scream and squeezes me with her legs, grabbing at my ass to push me further into her. I could feel my warm sticky goo coat my cock and her walls, I keep humping just from the contractions these two little bitches gave me. I wanted to see the mess I made out of her. I pull out and watch my cum drip down and coat her asshole. It looked appetizing. I couldn't resist, My tongue took a nice core sample and so did my fingers, My cum made her pussy feel like magic. I was spent, But the girls had a plan of their own. As I rolled over Kara laid on her side. Abby laid down on her side with her head at Kara's feet. She Demanded that Kara was just getting started, Abby parted Kara's legs with her head and started cleaning the rest of the cum I had missed from Kara's sensitive pussy. Kara does the same and puts her mouth on Abby's clit. Such a beautiful sight, Hearing the girls moan as they sucked and fucked each others pussies.

The night couldn't get any better. Will starts to move again I look over and there his cock was, inches from my face, throbbing up and down, He looked like he was back with a vengeance . I move to the edge of the bed as Will tells the girls to slide towards the foot of the bed. Will is on his knees sitting straight up at the head of the bed where, Kara's mouth is fast at work on Abby's pussy. Will's throbbing cock splits Abby's little pink slit, She lets out a small yelp and Say's "fuck me hard" Will relentlessly jackhammers her pussy while Kara puts her tongue on any part of his cock and her pussy. Abby' holds Kara's head to her clit and tells her to lick softly, Kara holds on to Abby and starts sucking. I join in on the fun and help Abby eat my babies pussy like theres no tomorrow, Will, Abby and Kara are all making moans and groans and screams, Will rolls Abby to her stomach "Kara watch out" he says. Kara says "your accent is so fucking hot" Before he can say anything else I say "baby he's gonna tell you to fuck him good with that accent" Kara spreads her legs facing me and says "you two are gonna fuck my holes at the same time" That's all I needed to hear. I tell Will to bring his cock over here, He pulls out of Abby and leaves her like a deserted island and lays down on his back. Abby moans and says "someone better be coming back to fuck me" she is barely heard over all the excitement. I see Kara Rub her pussy as she gets ready to take his monster cock, I am instantly hard again.

She does crazy things to me, She has me recharging like a porn star tonight. Will's cock is beat red, laying on his abs and ready to cum, Kara stands over the top of him and straddles his cock so she is facing his feet reverse cowboy style, she starts the slow decent onto his cock, licking her palm and smearing her spit on her swollen pussy "I want to help you take this cock baby" I said, a couple inches before she sits on it. This was my pussy and I was about to let her go crazy with it. I grab his shaft and point his cock straight up for her to mount. she leans forward and gives me the best kiss of the night. As she kisses me she exhales vigorously and moans, a split second later I feel her wet pussy hit my hand still holding the base of his shaft. I look down to see my pretty pink swollen pussy take her second cock of the night. She sighs with the words "fuck you feel good" bouncing up and down on his cock, her hair whipping around as she grabs her left tit and rubs her clit. she was Entranced, The same way she is when she fucks me. She doesn't hold back, Just as she did before her cum drenches Will's cock and she puts her hands behind her and steadies herself on his torso. She melts and collapses sending his entire cock into her warm abyss. Just then Kara says "grab that pussy over there and fuck it for me"

I happily oblige and grab Abby by the arm to move her around, Before I put her were she is going to get fucked senseless I position myself for Kara to get a front row view. Wills legs are laying flat on the bed spread eagle with Kara still in reverse cowboy. I plant my ass about a foot away from will's ass and throw my legs over his so mine are also spread eagle. "Abby come sit on my cock backwards" she mounts my stiff cock reverse cowboy so she is facing Kara. "your pussy feels amazing"...... "Kara I want you to watch my cock fuck this dirty pussy" I said with excitement. Abby starts grinding back and forth on my cock, Her fat ass is engorging my cock by the second. up and down back and forth, cupping my balls. I lay there and try to put my mind in a different place, It felt to good and I wanted her to cum first. Will flipped Kara forward and put her on all fours fucking her doggy style, now she had her face inches from my cock pounding a sweet little pussy that wasn't hers and she was loving every second of it. Kara moved her head closer and started sucking Abby's clit again while I held her ass and pounded it.

Without warning, Abby lets out this sexy growl and shutters down onto the base of my cock, convulsing, and unable to say anything but gibberish, I roll her to her side and pulled out. It was my turn to do what I've wanted to do all night. Fill my little sluts holes with two cocks "face Will and mount him" I said. She licks her lips and lets out a long "mmmmmm" noise as though she knows how hard she gonna get fucked. Will says to her in his delightful accent "I'm gonna make that pussy beg for cum" Her eyes filled with stars, she grabbed his cock and threw it in her, pounding thrust after thrust, she moaned and yiped like a little slut. "I want a cock in my ass now" she said. I spread her pussy lips to grab any leftover cum that I could. It wasn't going to be enough. My cock still partially wet from Abby would not fit easily, I smeared Kara's juices on as much of my cock as possible. I worked up a mouthful of spit and then licked her asshole while that cute little pussy got fucked. It was so tight, my tongue was like trying to break into fort knox with a wet noodle. All my spit started to drip down from the top of her ass and pool in her hole, I pushed Kara forward, Will's cock fell out and she frantically yelled "put it back in" but I needed lube, I rammed my cock in her and gave her a good couple of pokes, "o baby you feel amazing" she said before she knew it i took my cock in and Will slid his back into her pussy.

My thumb pressed into her ass, she wanted it so bad. my cock looked huge compared to her tiny little hole, but the show had to go on, I pushed the head of my cock into her ass. She yelped and said "morrrrre....slowly" I eased it in inch by inch until my cock disappeared into her ass, I fucked it nice and easy for a small time. It felt to good to last. The pressure was building at the base of my cock, She screamed "Ugggghhhhhhhhhh" she liked the way the pain felt and wanted more but I couldn't resist. "I'm fucking cumming" I yelled ....."o0o0o" she whimpered and said "cum in my ass baby" as she came. and so I did nothing less of that. My cock felt complete, not a drop was left, every little soldier I had just found a new home in that tight asshole. I pulled out and watched my cum trickle from her ass onto Will, who still had to drain his load. Abby came back around and sat on Will's face she grinded her pussy into his face and Kara rode him harder and faster until his hips came off the bed and lifted Kara into the air as he pumped his cum into that beat pussy. Kara rolled off, meanwhile Abby wanted more, but everyone was beat.

She finally resorted to a 69 position and got her pussy licked to completion while she licked the remaining cum from his cock. As we all lay there, Me and Kara laying side by side, on our stomachs smiling at one another, I reach my hand around to her ass and place in between her legs, I can feel all 3 of our cum dripping form her insides, I don't know why but watching her fuck Will was one of the hottest things we did together. We lay there collecting the silence to recoup some energy, It was getting late, another 20 minutes passes before we decide to get up wrap ourselves in some towels and scurry to our rooms. Before leaving Abby and Will's room they asked for another round lol. We both looked at each other and laughed, It was evident, we could not stand anymore tonight. We closed the door to Abby and Will starting another round. They told us "feel free to come back if your up to it". I open the room and Kara heads straight to the bed, perfectly content with the way things had played out tonight. With us still sweaty and cum dripping from here insides still we curled up together and slept like babies. Kara is the sexiest woman I have ever known and will never stop amazing me.

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