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3 some with mommy and daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

It was the next day, my cousin had left around the middle of the afternoon the day before after making eachother orgasim 3 more times, but before she left we had both planned to loosen up our parents.
I walked downstairs my pajamas, it was almost 8 at night and i thought mabye i could stretch theyre limits, i unbuttoned my shirt and put a push up bra on so my cleevage would be larger and more noticable, i also put on one of my skankiest g strings on, it really was just string, it was bright pink and i pulled it right up my pussy so it was rubbing against my clit, i started to get a little bit wet, i bent over and pulled it back.
I was wearing a small top so it wasnt hard for my parents to see my g string.

I got to the living room my dad was on the living room chair and was reading the newspaper, my mom was in the kitchen washing up the dishes, i decided to start with my dad.
"Hi daddy " i said in the sexiest voice i had

He looked over his paper, his eyes glues to my cleevage. I walked over, spread my legs over his and bent down and gave my dad a kiss on his forehead, his eyes still focused on my boobs, still not saying a word. I looked down and saw his cock a bit hard, i couldnt beleive i was doing this, i pretended to fall forward pushing my tits into his face and i put my pussy on his dick.

His dick got really hard when he felt my pussy on it, i positioned my pelvis in the exact spot, his cock pushed my pajamas up inside of me. He still hadnt said a word, i decided this was enough, i pulled up releasing the head of his cock from my hole and walked a couple steps back.

I turned around and bent over revealing my thong right infront of him, i touched my toes and sprang back up and walked towards the kitchen, it was time for my mommy. I walked into the kitchen, " Hi mommy ! "
"Hey hun ... " her voice faded and she did the same as my dad, eyes glued to my boobs. I walked up to the dishes and bent over pushing them together, i could feel my boobs coming out of my bra, i pushed harder and they popped out.
"oops, mom? could you put those back in " i gave her a sexy wink
"uhhmm ... " she studdered
"cmon theyre getting cold "

She walked over to me and felt them, she started twisting my nipples, "im not putting these away you slut, i want to play with them "
My mouth dropped, did my mom just say that, wow. My mom started sucking my tit, and twisting the other. "Oou mom, yes, ive wanted this for so long"
Her other hand moved to my pussy and within a matter of seconds her fingers were inside my pussy thrusting in and out.
"Jen i want you to finger me "
"sure mom, i bet your so wet "

I put my hand down and i was so right, she was so wet, i put two fingers inside of her pussy thrusting in and out of her, she started moaning.
My dad must have heard the moan's her appeared naked from behind the corner. " Come here daddy fuck my pussy "
I pulled my pants down, keeping my g string on, i pulled my g string aside revealing my wet pussy, i bent down. My dads 9 inch cock was at the lips of my pussy within seconds, he penetrated me ramming all 9 inch's of his cock inside me.
"Oh fuck daddy your cock is so big, fuck me in the asshole"
"Wow jen me and your mom dont even do that "
"Really? "
"wait stop dad " my dad took his cock out of me
"i want you to put it inside of mommy's asshole " i winked at my mom and she winked back

My mom bent over revealing her hairy bush, she pulled apart her asscheeks revealing her asshole, " Here daddy let me clean mommy's dirty asshole for you "
I got on my knees and licked my moms rim clean, lubing it up and sticking my tongue inside of her, i pulled my tongue out.
"Okay daddy, shes ready for you "
My dad came over and held his cock guideing it inside of her asshole,

Dad put his head inside of my mommy's asshole, i started licking around it as he kept pushing deeper. "Oh, fuck neil (my dad) i forgot how big your cock was, ram my ass "
"daddy keep ramming mommy ill be right back "
I ran upstairs and grabbed my black 10 inch strap on, i ran back downstairs and stood there with it, both my parents looked at me.
"daddy i want you to take this in your ass "
"Ew no thats gross "
"Dad come on you want me to tell people you fucked your daughter, let me fuck your ass "
"fine i geuss "

"mommy i want you to lick this dildo up and down. My mom did as she was told and got on her knees and gave my dildo head, i rammed it as hard as i could to the back of her mouth, she was able to deepthroat 7 inches of it.
"Mom, go upstairs and look in my nighttable draw and grab the other strap on "
She didnt hesitate and went and got it,
"alright daddy, bend over and get ready to be fucked "
My dad bent over revealing his asshole, i bent down and licked it
"mmm baby " he moaned

I got on my knees and put the head of the dildo at the rim of his asshole and slowly pushed inside his asshole, He moaned "Ow it hurts " "Daddy just relax and let me do the rest "
I spat on the dildo and pushed more and more of it inside of him, i got about 5 inches in when i saw my mom with the strapped on dildo ready to go,
"Okay mom, i want you to go infront of daddy and make him suck the dildo "
My dad took the 8 inch dildo in his mouth and licked it up and down, when the dildo was glistening with saliva i decided it was time
"okay mom come here, i want you to ram that in my asshole okay "
"okay honey, "
"just push in quick the juices from my pussy have lubed my asshole already "

She got behind me and pushed the dildo deep in my ass " Oh yes mom mmmm "
then started thrusting with that power of her i pushed the black dildo deeper and deeper into my fathers asshole, he was practacily wimpering by the time it was all inside of him, i then started to thrust in and out.
We all started moaning thrusting our hard dildo's in and out of eachothers assholes,
"okay mom thats enough i want you to put it in my pussy "

my mom pulled out of my asshole and pushed inside of my deep wet pussy " Oh yes thats it fuck my pussy "
"ugh i think i might cum " my dad said grunting, i fucked him quicker and grabbed his dick, as soon as i touched it he came all over the kitchen floor, i reached behind with both my hand and held my mom's hips to my ass and pulled my dildo out of my dad, it was covered in brown residue. I got down and started licking my dads cum.
"oh honey, you dont have to " my dad said still panting
"dad clean this dildo off " i waved the dildo in front of his mouth, he put it in his mouth licking it up and down clean
"mom i want you to fuck daddy in the asshole"
"alright jenny "

My mom pulled out of my pulling leaving me gasping and pushed inside of my dads asshole
"wow neil, your really lose now from that black dildo aha " my mom said chuckling as she rammed him
"yea yea, i want to fuck your asshole in a bit "
"sure honey,"
"not before i do " i said chirping in

i got behind my mom and pushed slowly inside her, i could feel her shake as i got the whole 10 inches inside of her beautiful little asshole.
"Oh Fuck baby, " she screamed
i started ramming in and out, my dad pulled out and got behind me, he put his cock inside my pussy and thrusted in and out hitting my cunt every time
"oh daddy fuck me harder you dirty fuck " i screamed
"ugh yes fuck ,,,, im cumming im cumming "
"cum inside me daddy ! "

i felt my dad explode his load of white milk inside my pussy, he kept fucking me, i could feel the cum dripping out of my pussy,
"Im going to cum to fuck my ass sweety "

i fucked my mom harder and harder and finnaly she came all over the kitchen floor. My mom then collapsed onto her own cum and started licking it. After she finished we all lay there on the floor, my daddy's cock inside of my ass, the 8 inch dildo in my wet pussy and my mom behind my dad with the 10 inch dildo in my dads asshole.

We have been doing 3 somes ever since.

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