Pamela seduced by mature lesbian teacher

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100% fiction!

It happened so fast, I came to school one morning to find my chemistry teacher Mrs. blaze standing in the doorway. I greeted her and she ordered me to follow her to her office. Mrs. Blaine is my chemistry teacher, from her looks, she is in her early thirties the whole school even other teachers respect this woman, she is tall, energetic a D cup breasts that still stands firm and a body to die for.

Her husband is a rich business man who spends most of his time traveling and never in his wildest dreams could he imagine that his decent wife with a decent job is a slut. I followed her into her office, without saying a word she ordered me to lock the door behind me and come over to her desk .come over here Pamela mommy is hungry and she wants some milk still confused I walked slowly to her desk oh yes this is how I like them young so young and sweet cant wait to stick my tongue in that pink pussy you got there.

I was getting turned on already just hearing her talk like that she removed her coat revealing a white silk see through spaghetti top that visible showed her big tits and red nipples mmmmm was all I could muster to myself and right their I felt like Cuming in my panties without her even touching me this woman knows how to tease and seduce a girl.

Here I was a nineteen years old collage student all wet and hot in the office of a mature lesbian slut. She approached me, smiled at me, lifted me up and placed me on her desk she stared at me wit hungry eyes and started kissing me the kiss was so wet, hot and romantic that I didnít even no when I opened my mouth and automatically responded to her kiss her hands went straight to my breasts and started squeezing it whoa you are a D cup too mmmmmmm.

From today am gonna make you my little slut and you are gonna pls me and do what ever I say okay I kept quiet and she squeezed my tits harder and I mustered yes yess I will be you slut and do what ever you say with that response she took my tit in her mouth and started sucking on them I started bucking my waist before I knew it a low moan escaped my mouth orrhhhhhh.

The slut likes it okay now lets see what u got down there she raised my short demine skirt up and pulled removed my panties oh you are so wet wit that she spread my legs and buried her head in my shaved pink pussy she started licking my pussy lips and tongue fucking me I started to moan and she forced my soaked panties into my mouth shut up bitch she continued to lick me and as her tongue found my clit my pussy stiffened and I wanted to cum in her mouth she sensed that and immediately removed her tongue from my pussy.

You aint gonna cum in my mouth bitch at least not yet she stood up pulled up her skirt to reveal a 9inch strap on dick and slowly without saying anything she slipped her dick in my pussy it filled me up and I started moaning like a whore orrrrhhhhh arhhhhhhh fuck me yesss yesssss just like that arrhhh!

I love you blaine orrhh yessss yesssss am cumminggggggg fuck me you matured lesbian slut arrrhhhh orhhhhh arrhh and a very strong orgasm swept through me I hugged mrs blaine tightly and she passionately kissed me oh baby you are the best young slut I have ever hard you are so natural and the principal will be happy to meet you just be a good girl and your stay in this school will be smooth.

Go clean up dear and here put on this panties cos yours are a mess with that she handed me a clean panties from her locker and hurry we have a class by 11 we donít wanna be late and raise that is how I was introduced into the lesbian world part 2 of this story will feature me in the principals office being used by her and some teachers. pls rate this story.

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