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In 1815 Virgina, the rules were hard and fast, to be obeyed without question, however, as we are about to see, not all rules are applied with equality. What is good for the goose, is not always good for the gander! John and Catherine Smith, a very religious couple, had a small farm about three miles outside of Kirkville, Virginia where they were raising their three children in the traditional puritan upbringing. Rachel the oldest of the three, was the apple of her father's eye, and the first of the Smith family to be born in America!!! Both John and Catherine had high hopes that their eldest daughter would marry and have a family of her own right in Kirkville, and being a bright and very beautiful girl, Rachel should have had her choice of any of the fine young Christian men in the area, but alas, she seemed to show no interest in any of them, and this confounded her parents no end, and no amount of coaxing could persuade her to take up with any of the available beau's. When ever her mother brought up the subject, it always ended the same, with Rachel running to her room and slamming the door, which effectively ended the conversation!

Having just turned eighteen, Rachel did have an interest in boys, it was just that she wasn't interested in any of the ones her parents deemed appropriate for her. She wouldn't have been caught dead with any of them, and the thought of spending the rest of her life with one of those dullards, well, it was enough to make a body cringe!!! Rachel was a high spirited girl, and she was attracted to like minded men, that is, those that seemed to have a zest and love of life. The only one she had ever met that made her tummy tie up in knots was Robert Walker, the son of divorced parents! That was enough to make him almost an outcast, and surely put him out of bounds as far as marriage was concerned, but Rachel didn't care, Bobby was who she wanted, and Bobby was going to be who she would get!!! For over a year now they had been meeting at the far end of the pasture, down by where the river ran slow and gentle. Hidden by the trees, the two of them had spent the last twelve months getting to know each other, and as is wont in these cases, getting more intimate with each passing day. At first Bobby was afraid to touch Rachel's hand, his shyness making it hard for him to even look her in the eye! Over time, however, the two of them forged a bond that began as friendship, but evolved into love. From the first kiss which had Bobby shaking so hard he missed Rachel's mouth and kissed her nose, to the first intimate caress, a now much more assured Bobby, cuppd the full bosom of his lover through her blue summer dress. Two young lovers learning about each other's bodies together, taking their time, enjoying each step as they awakened to new and exciting experiences. They had progressed by now, to the point that when they would meet, they would quickly shed their clothing and take a dip in the warm river water, frolicking and enjoying each other's company, and while they had not consummated their love, they were taking a great chance that their sacrilegious behavior would be discovered and that they both would be severely punished. Their luck seemed to be holding as no one ever came to that part of the river, so they played in the water, their young bodies free and open, while reveling in their young love. While they were sunning themselves on the sandy shore, their eyes closed, holding hands, and naked as the day they were born, they didn't even notice the small two man skiff that was floating past them on the slow moving river. If they had, they would have seen Ben Barker and Hank Flowers poling their boat within thirty feet of them, their mouths hanging open in stunned silence at the sight of the two naked teenagers. So when they finally dressed and returned to their homes, they had no idea of the deep trouble they had gotten themselves into!

The loud knock on the door came as a surprise, because it was customary not to interrupt people during dinner hour. John opened the front door, only to find three members of the town council standing before him with grim looks on their faces. "Good evening gentlemen," offered John, "and what brings you way out here on this fine June evening?" "Good evening Brother John," answered a very somber William Hawkins, "this is not a pleasure call, but it something we must discuss with you with great reluctance!" By now Catherine Smith had joined her husband at the door, and after inviting the three visitors inside everyone took a seat and got comfortable before John leaned forward and said, "You had something on your mind, William?" "John," William answered, "you know the penalty for fornication?" "What's this about, William," questioned John, "why would the law against fornication have anything to do with me?" "Not you, John, but I regret to say it, but about your daughter, Rachel," replied William. "What about Rachel," boomed John, "you had better explain yourself in a hurry, William or I'll be fit to take my broad ax to you and your brethren!" Rachel, still sitting at the kitchen table, felt the bottom fall out of her tummy, a sickly feeling spread through her that made her feel like vomiting. William continued on, "John, do you think I'd come here and make a charge like this if I didn't have solid proof against her?" "What, what kind of proof do you have," demanded the very agitated father?!? "John, Catherine, Ben and Hank were within a stones throw of your daughter and young Robert Walker sunning themselves in the altogether down on the bank of the Floyd River," explained William, "both of them had their eyes closed, so they never knew that they'd been seen." "Robert Walker," John Smith fairly shouted, "no daughter of mine would ever be seen any where with that young ruffian, let alone naked on a river bank where anyone could see'em!" William cast his eyes towards Rachel, and was about to ask her if what he said was true, but he was stopped short by her outburst of sobs!!!

John Smith leaped out of his chair and strode over to his daughter and grabbed her by the arm and jerked her to her feet while demanding, "Did you debase yourself against God and family with young Walker!?!" Rachel, now bawling even harder, tried to reply but was unable to due to her uncontrollable sobbing. Her father, now in a fit of rage, dragged her across the room and threw her at William and screamed, "Get her out of here, she is no longer a daughter of mine, she has brought great shame to this house, and will not be forgiven!!!" William and his men then led the crying girl out of the house and put her in the carriage for the trip back to town. Through all this, Catherine Smith was also sobbing, but more quietly and to herself, she tried to wave a final good by to her daughter, but John Smith pulled down her arm in disgust and said, "She's made her own bed, Catherine, and now she must sleep in it!!!"

The two horse carriage made good time back to Kirkville, and thankfully Rachel had calmed down quite a bit by the time they hit the town square. To her shock and dismay, however, her lover, Bobby Walker, was already in a pillory in the middle of the town square! A small group of youngsters, mostly boys, were throwing taunts and derisive insults, as well as a few well placed rocks at the immobile offender. Rachel broke down in tears all over again at the thought that she too might soon be made a public laughing stock along side her paramour! The carriage wound its way through town, until it reached its final destination, the church, the tallest and most imposing building in the small town. "Why are we stopping here," asked Rachel in a small frightened voice? Ignoring her question, two of the men took her by the arms and led her up the path to the front doors of the old structure where William knocked and waited for and answer!!! Almost immediately the large door swung open, behind which stood Deacon Henry Hancock, a direct descendant of the signer of the declaration of independence!!! Dressed in black, his coal black eyes burned with a passion that had always terrified Rachel, enough so that she would go out of her way to avoid contact with him. His fire and brimstone sermons were enough to frighten anyone, especially the young children of the congregation who looked upon Deacon Hancock with almost god like reverence. His deep powerful voice filled the church entrance when he said, "Thank you fellow brothers, it is God's will that this sinner be punished and made top pay for her transgressions, and I will endeavor to make her see the error of her ways!" The three men nodded and turned around, leaving Rachel alone in the presence of her judge and jury!!!

The Deacon closed and locked the door and told Rachel to follow him, his towering frame seeming even larger in the semi darkness of the candle lit sanctuary. He led her to the very front of Church, right up to the altar, where he spun around and in a voice that sounded like a lion's roar accused her of sinning in the eyes of the Lord!!! Rachel again began to sob, aware that Deacon Hancock had the power to literally have her put to death! "Confess to me child," he exploded, "confess your sins to me in front of almighty God!" In a small voice Rachel replied, "I have sinned in the eyes of the Lord, and am sorry." Deacon Hancock then thundered, "You must describe your sins in detail in order to gain absolution, tell me of your transgressions, girl!!!" A totally mortified Rachel then recounted her actions with Bobby, stopping short, however, of admitting any acts of intimacy. The Deacon, his eyes flashing his displeasure, fairly screamed at her, "If you do not admit your sins, you will not be saved, and fire and brimstone will be your final resting place, you must be pure in the sight of the Lord," he continued, "and only in your original naked self can you be truly saved!"

A shocked Rachel then stood by helplessly while the powerful man literally tore her clothing from her body until she was standing naked before him. Rachel was a full figured young woman with very large heavy breasts and wide womanly hips, created a most appetizing sight for the male of the species, but it was her vagina that was covered with a thick coat of brown pubic hair that was her most alluring feature!!! She tried to cover herself with her arms, but it was impossible to hide all of her womanly charms while Deacon Hancock led her to the altar and announced, "The only way for you to be cleansed of you sin is if you are taken by a man of the cloth in the presence of the Lord!" Rachel shuddered in fear, but offered no resistance when the Deacon lifted her upon the alter and spread her young thighs wide apart. While she and Bobby had touched each other, they had never done what Deacon Hancock was about to do to her as his mouth covered her hairy vagina and his tongue probed her tight little slit until it came to rest on her tiny bud!! Her body shook involuntarily as his tongue worked its way up and down her crack, each time stopping to give her clitoris a special licking. Being young and sexually inexperienced, Rachel had and abundance of reserved sexual energy stored up, so it was no surprise that her first orgasm was brutally hard, with her vagina flooding the Deacon's mouth with cunt juice while her pussy convulsed for a good minute and a half. While she lay there panting and her head spinning at just what had occurred, the Deacon stood up and asked her if she felt that some of her sin had been forgiven? She nodded her head yes, a watched in fascination as the Deacon slowly undid his pants and let them fall to the floor, exposing a giant sex organ, at least twice the size of Bobby's!!!

His penis looked like a huge cudgel sticking out from his crotch, like a weapon, long and thick, a terror to any vagina that got in its path! Rachel began to whimper, knowing that she was still a virgin, and that in a matter of seconds her little pussy was going to be invaded by a monster it had no defense against! Deacon Hancock stared down at the quivering girl, and in his deep resonant voice intoned, "This will purify you of your remaining sins, do you believe?!?" Now in a state of total submissiveness and fear, she nodded her head and weakly replied, "Yes, Deacon, I believe," while her legs shook as the giant erection probed her outer lips, feeling along her crack as if to try and find a weakness before beginning its attack!!! The head, the size of a small lemon, pushed its way into her canal, stretching her far beyond what she though it would go, and although it hurt crazy, a mixture of pain and pleasure spread like warm water throughout her entire crotch. Having just had a one very hard orgasm from oral contact, Rachel could instantly sense that she would soon be experiencing another one at the expense of Deacon Hancock's huge erection, and while he slowly forced his big penis farther and farther into her tightness, it tried in vain to accommodate the thick cock flesh as she moaned, "It's so big, "oh god does it hurt!!!" The Deacon responded to her moan by plunging his dick all the way to the hilt, which of course, resulted in the young girl having her vagina torn apart by another incredible orgasm!

"Girl," the Deacon barked, "do you still want to be forgiven of all of your sins?!?" "Yes sir," Rachel answered, still shaken from the reaming her virgin pussy had just endured. "Well then," he continued, "get on your knees and pray with me, pray that you shall follow the righteous path laid down for you in the Holy Bible!!!" Rachel got to her knees and bowed her head in prayer, only to be interrupted by the booming voice of Deacon Hancock. "Look up to me girl, look into my eyes and feel the Lord Almighty giving you absolution!" Lifting her face to gaze into the black coldness of his black eyes, Rachel instead was staring directly at the mighty sex organ that bobbed up and down in front of her mouth. The Deacon moved a little closer, until the smooth purple head was just brushing against Rachel's lips, and with just a little more pressure, and the big knob popped into her warm mouth, carrying with it a slightly salty taste, which wasn't all together unpleasant! Rachel, while at first apprehensive about sucking on the Deacon's cock, had to admit that it was making her vagina get that itchy feeling once again! Her nipples were shriveled up and hard, and Rachel took one of them in her hand and gently twisted it, causing her pussy to tighten even more! The Deacon, on the other hand, was staring down at a beautiful big titted eighteen year old girl who was giving his pecker the sucking of his life! She looked almost angelic in the pale candle light, but how many angels have you ever seen with a nine inch cock in her mouth?!? The sight of his huge boner in the pretty little mouth was more that the Deacon could stand, and his cock exploded in a cum spurting orgasm that spilled out of her mouth and down onto her pretty chest! Rachel tried to swallow it all, but the torrents of cum came too hard and fast for her, and the warm cum splattered across her boobs after which The Deacon pulled the cum covered girl to her feet and ordered her to clean herself up.

After dressing, Deacon Hancock sat her down and lectured her on the sins of the flesh, exhorting her to find strength in the Lord and keep herself pure until marriage! She would have to live in the church for the next month to complete her period of absolution, and Deacon Hancock would personally be in charge of her penance! Tomorrow they again would "pray" together, asking the Almighty to guide her to the path of righteousness!

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