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Hi this is syam aged 24 only son of rich parents of south India. Like to share so many things of this lonely caged bird. Here I am recollecting my first experience at the age of 17.
We have many servants in my house nearly {driver (46) his wife (37) and daughter (18), watch man (50) his wife (40), one cook (35)} who lives in our out house and watch room. My parents used to roam all places to look after their business (they used to go as couple to enjoy their other parts of life ex sex shopping etc).

I use to have all sorts of things which I want, but not sexxxxxxxxxxxx………

One day I was watching a xxx movie in my comp my pennies is making me mad in my shorts .so I need sex……….

So I mad many attempts with my friends to bring prostitutes but result is in vain. So I have decided to cheat one lady but whom???????

My driver wife sujana take care of my daily activities so that lady is sujana .I started watching sex movies when she comes I use to pretend that I am closing but giving opportunity for her to view some scenes. I use to be more free by touching her hands, thy
Etc.. she used to it serious so i have made a plan I told my cook to make food for my friends who are turning up that night. so I have ordered sujana to clean my room and I was directing her to clean .i made a call from my mobile to land line and pretended to talk with one of my friend in my discussion I started to speak as if I am speaking to a girl.

I use some good words to praise that girl body parts and started to talk about sex and my longing for it and I use to watch sujana but she pretended that she is with her work….
And suddenly I started to scold that girl for not turning up that night and I have throne
My cordless very rash..and acted very seriously and taken my mobile and did some action and started to talk and told my friends to bring a prostitute that night and turned round and acted that she knew all things and asked not to tell my parents and told her that I will ask my friends not to come. And started crying..

That was the breakthrough in my life which led my first intercourse. Now sujana is well build with 38-36-42.when she is convincing me when I am crying I got her boobs touching my shoulder remembering that I jerked off twice that night..

Next morning when I went to breakfast I came to knew that my parents are leaving to one of my relative’s marriage for two days with driver and her daughter to assist them. So after they left I asked sujana to clean all rooms .mean while my cook has taken permission to leave to her house .so I was left with sujana, jaya (watch mans wife). I am going to sleep and ordered them to do their daily routine and ordered jaya to take care of her sick husband. I went to my room and started to dream about sujana and I heard door knock and found jaya saying that she will take her husband to hospital and I gave them some money and asked them to call me if any emergency is there and they left.

I called sujana and thanked her for not telling any thing about me. I asked for glass of juice and I went to jerk off my hot boiling cum.when I am in this process i heard some one calling its was sujana to ask me which juice I want and I went out with Cumming dick She went out and didn’t turn up again. After some time I went down to her to say sorry and she said it is bad to do those things. And I said that some thing happens if I see her and caught her boobs and said these things are making me crazy. And questioned what should I do not to be crazy at them. She was shocked to hear this and didn’t talk. I took her hand and kept on my hot hard 14” dick and showed her his temperament by removing my shorts she was shocked for my act and closed her eyes I kept my dick touching her back and started rubbing hard she was crying I removed her hand from her eye and hug her deep and started crying she started comforting me and said it was the age mistake .she held me head near her breast I could notice her hard nipple peeping for my play on it. I started hugging her hard and started pressing her back soft and soft. I lifted her sari up and that is the first time to see woman’s public place which made rock hard.

I started to press her back hard to make her internal urges to start and I started to kiss her neck and started to kiss her lip to my surprise I could get a long deep kiss both tongue playing hide and seek. my hand started to play on her breast mourns started mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……………..

I started to lick her nipple and started to suck as hard as I could……..followed by my dick in her pussy after my clean and green before and after our intercourse………..

This continued till date……….i have to finish off time for my little dick to work hard.

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