The big party

(Part 1 from 1)

It was my eighteenth birthday party, so i wanted to be dressed right. i wasn't sure how to look, so i went with skanky. i got a bright pink thong and a short-short skirt that hugged my thighs. i didn't wear a bra, and my shirt was see-through, for all that wanted to see. my parents were gone, so i when everyone came, i danced like a slut. the cutest boy in school, derek, was going to be here, and i was a virgin, so i made him my goal.when i saw derek, i danced over to him, and he danced back. he kept looking at my nipples through my shirt, and i liked it. he put his hands up my skirt, and i danced closer. when i knew he was interested, i pulled him upstairs into my parents room.

He threw me onto the bed, and got on top of me without closing the door. everyone was downstairs, so it didn't matter. derek kissed me intensly, shoving his tongue down my throat; i followed. he felt my long blonde hair, and began to lick my hard nipples through the shirt; i moaned. i moved down and undid his zipper. i pulled his pants down and saw his erect penis; i flicked it. derek moaned like i did earlier. i pulled my skirt off, and was happy i wore the thong. he snapped the string and brought me close to him. i slid his shirt off, and began to dry-hump him on the bed, he liked it. for my own pleasure, i took off my thong and started fingering myself; he got closer to me. he had experience before, more than likely, so he knew all the moves. i was fully naked, and he only had his boxers on, which were a dark blue. i hastily pulled them off him.

I rubbed his balls and started to lick them. derek smiled and got to my wet pussy. he stuck his long tongue into it, in and out, in and out. i moaned mercilessly. i couldn't help it, it was the biggest pleasure of my life. i began to suck on the tip of his erect penis. i moved farther and farther down. it was HUGE, and i couldn't fit the whole thing in my mouth, so i worked the rest with my hands. he began to breathe deeper, and i did too. derek spanked me often, and i yelled "uh, uh! papy, papy! harder! deeper!" until he decided to go further. he brought his head up to mine, and kissed me gently. he rubbed my hard nipples while doing so. derek grabbed his dick and shoved it up me, i moaned loudly, but it couldn't be heard over the music. he went in and out for about 3 minutes. i couldn't help but moan louder and louder.

Then, derek got nasty. he began to bite my nipples. i screamed in pleasure. he moved his penis into my ass. derek was the first time i had had sex, and it was amazing. if i could cum through my ass, the whole room would've been soaked. when i thought we were done, he wasn't. he started the bath water, and closed the door to my parents room. he pulled me into the bathroom and pulled me in behind him. i jumped in after him into the tub. he was slippery under me. i kept humping him accidentally. he slipped his cock into my ass, and stuck the un-sharp side of my mom's razor into my vagina. i moaned. so many feelings were being felt. i rubbed my nipples, and moaned mercilessly. he made me feel so good. when he was done he relaxed. i gave him a 5 minute handjob which made him happy. he got out and i did too. we got dressed and went back downstairs.

No one noticed we were gone, and i decided to not stop being with derek. i gave him a lapdance, and he laughed; everyone did. he rubbed my ass as i did so, and people got suspicious of us, and i only told my one friends everything that happened. she and i have had lesbian sex since then, and i trust her with my life, but nothing was as good as my fist time.

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