Young wife Groomed : Part 5

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And with that, Jane obeyed. She kneeled between Smith's legs, which he had now spread, placed her hands on his lap and started to unzip him. Smith meanwhile reached back to flip up her small flared mini skirt on to her back and told her to spread her legs and stick her ass out. When she did he gave it a few hard slaps.

Peter now had a wonderful view of his wife's ass being spanked yet again. He noted that she was not wearing knickers, just her stockings and suspenders, Charles must have kept her thong. He could also already see that her pussy was looking wet.

When his cock sprung out, Smith sat back and, starring at Jane, said, "That's it girl, rub it up and down like that. good girl, you are a real natural at this."

Jane looked up at him still wondering what he had in store for her. She looked at his cock. Unbelievably, it was even bigger and uglier than Charles's. It was at least 13 inches long and a little wider. Her tiny hands could not close round it and she used both of them to gently pull it. Massive amounts of pre-cum had already been released, covering her small hands, and making a squelchy noise as she wanked him off.

After a while, he gently placed one hand behind her head and pushed her mouth towards his cock. Smith did not need to be rough, he knew that the threat of violence and force was all pervading, she would do what he said. And true enough, without saying a word, Jane's beautiful face and mouth came right up to this ugly massive dick and she started to give it little loving kisses. Kisses you would normally associate when kissing a child, were now being applied to this huge cock.

She started on the head and then kissed it all over, worshipping it. After a minute or so she started to lick it, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. And when she had licked it once, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and allowed, for only the second time in her life but the second time tonight, a cock to enter her mouth. And both had been big and black. She could barely fit it in and Smith swore he heard her jaw muscles crack as she stretched her jaw to allow more in. Soon, without any prompting from Smith, she had established a rhythm and was able to take almost all of it.

As she started to fuck him with her mouth, there were muffled sounds of moaning from Jane. As with Charles, sucking black cock turned her on and she was getting close to her climax. As she caressed his balls, she looked up, her beautiful eyes looking pleadingly and almost lovingly into his ugly face, looking for approval. Smith merely smiled.

"Now, bitch I want you to suck each of my balls".

Jane ceased sucking his cock and bent down to take one giant plum size ball in to her mouth whilst one hand remained on his cock, wanking it. Peter now, for the first time, had a good view at Smith's cock. Like Jane he was stunned at its size. Jane's tiny hand made it look even bigger. He noticed her engagement and wedding ring sparkled brightly up against the black dick. She was going to be unfaithful again, twice in one night. Both times she was forced but ultimately it was what she wanted. Peter unzipped himself and took out his small cock.

After she had sucked both balls, Smith said, "Now come up here, I want to play with those big white tits of yours. She straightened up and shuffled forward so she was kneeling right next to him, up against his groin.

Smith started to kneed her tits through her shirt and then, all of a sudden, and without warning, he ripped her shirt open, buttons flying off in all direction. Jane screamed. She was no longer wearing her bra and her tits bounced up and down in shock. He took one in each hand and squeezed. He then started to suck them, Jane moaned as a result. Surprisingly gentle, he spent a few minutes playing with her tits. Jane was on the brink of an orgasm as a result, watching this ugly brute play with her as he pleased had released those similar feelings. She loved being dominated and abused. The rougher and dirtier the better.

"Bitch, wrap those white t!tties around my big black cock"

She had never done this before, her tits were essentially cock virgins. Taking both her tits in her hand, she wrapped them around his cock, and rubbed them up and down.

"That's it, fuck my black cock with those big tits of yours. Tell me how much you love my cock".

"I love your black cock. It is so big and powerful"

His cock looked so black up against her large white tits. Every time she rubbed it and the head came up to her mouth, without asking she would lick the head or give it a kiss. After a few minutes of this, Smith was ready to cum.

"Bitch, that's it I am going to cum. Oh God you delightful bitch I am going to cum!!!" Smith roared.

Jane was glad to hear these words for once again she had made a black man cum without taking any cum into her pussy. And with that, Jane opened her mouth and took all of his cock in and swallowed. And boy did she need to swallow. Smith came and came. Remarkably she was able to swallow just about every drop. Once she removed her mouth from his cock she noted that his dick had not deflated one bit and remained as hard as ever.

She continued to rub it. Wanting to see it deflate and loose it's hardness. Then with a firm voice, Smith looked at her and said, "Now then, that was nice as a starter, now we come to the main course. Get on all fours and stick your white ass high in the air for me". This was not what Jane was expecting but she obeyed.

She got on all fours, her lovely face only a matter of a few inches or so away from her husband who was watching intently from behind the black screen. Her shirt hung down as did her huge tits. Smith crawled over to her and flipped her skirt on to her back, revealing her ass framed by suspenders.

"Now then, I believe there is still something you you haven't had this evening"?

"What" she whispered.

"I think you know what" said Smith in a harsh tone.

Jane said nothing at all just stared at the dark glass in front of her.

Then Smith barked "your married white pussy hasn't taken any black cum in it has it "?

Jane closed her eyes, This was what she had really been dreading.

Closing her eyes, and accepting the inevitability of the situation, the young wife replied, "Please don't". She could now barely get the words out, she was that close to her umpteenth orgasm of the night.

Smith never uttered a word. She knew her words were useless. And with that, She felt Smith place the giant head of his bare cock up against her pussy lips and slowly tried to push it in. At first his cock seemed too big for her tight cunt, and he could not make any headway. But after exerting a lot more pressure, he managed to get the head in.

"Oh my God!" screamed Jane. "Take it out, please. Way too big. It will never go in, it hurts too much".

Smith silenced her howls or protests with a good few spanks. Jane shut up. Smith needed few words to get his point across.

He took a firm hold onto her tiny hips and started to push.

"God you are fucking tight". He finally spoke. "You have never been fucked there by a real man's cock before this evening have you bitch?"

"G-God no. I have never been fucked by a black cock before tonight".

Peter, if possible, was even more humiliated.

With that Smith slammed his hips forward as hard as he could.

Jane let out a scream AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

Smith didn't relent and thundered at her a second time and with a massive thrust he forced all 13 inches of his black cock up her young married unprotected pussy.

"Ohhh God no" Jane screamed. "Too big please take it out". Jane had never felt so full in her life before. She now knew that what she had experienced with Peter was actually not fucking. This was fucking.

Smith grabbed hold of her hair and yanked her head back. She was now looking right into the black window partition and could see the reflection of her face. Behind it, Peter looked straight back in awe, amazed that his wife could accommodate such a cock in her tight pussy.

He wanked furiously, now totally consumed by the spectacle just a few feet away. The massive ugly black figure of Smith now started hammering furiously in to the beautiful petite Jane, all the while holding on to her blonde hair, as if he was riding a horse. His other hand was cruelly spanking her buttock cheeks. Her large tits were shaking up and down, nipples erect. Jane's mouth was hanging wide open and she was no longer complaining, instead she was just screaming animal like sounds.

"Tell me how you like my cock in your married pussy, bitch"

Jane was unable to answer. She just continued to scream.

Smith now let go of her, and grabbing her tiny waist with his huge hands, spent the next few minutes fucking her pussy like it had never been fucked before. She must have come half a dozen times in the process. Her tits were shacking wildly and every now again Smith would grab them.

"You like it don't you bitch. Tell me how much you like black cock, I bet it is better than your husband's".

Again there was no answer from Jane her mouth just hung open.

Peter was shocked and humiliated. Seeing it was one thing, hearing it was very painful. She had always been so proper before but Smith was turning her into a whore.

"Are you my slut, bitch ? Will you let me fuck you when I want?"

Jane remained speechless.

"What about your husband, do you not mind that you now prefer nigger cock".

Jane just screamed "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH"

She knew Smith was about to give her young married white pussy it's first taste of thick black cum.

Smith's face was now contorted with lust. He was close to cumming and, if possible looked even uglier. He gritted his teeth, showing off his gold insertions. His eyes were almost shut. He was hammering Jane's pussy as hard as he could with forceful deep thrusts. Jane clenched her fists tight as she rocked forward and back, her heavy tits swinging from side to side.

Then the inevitable, Smith threw his head back and his neck muscles were all contorted, he grasp Jane's hips with his large black hands and with one long painfully deep thrust, he came up her young married pussy. The volume of spunk was considerable and Jane could feel it gushing in defenseless vagina.

After a minute or so of calming himself down after his orgasm, Smith withdrew from Jane, sat back in his seat, exhausted. He was covered in sweat from his exertions. He took off his jacket and tie, undid a few buttons on his shirt to cool down.

Jane remained on all fours, too tired to move, her ass up in the air, and head resting on the opposite seat. She was utterly spent after being thoroughly fucked by Smith and Charles. She had never been treated so roughly in her life before. She now knew what a slut for black cock she had become.

Smith looked at her abused red ass cheeks, admiring the way she still remained on all fours, waiting for his order. He had cum so much a lot of spunk had dribbled out of her pussy on to her legs. Her pretty innocent lingerie looked so inappropriate up against her abused pussy and red spanked ass. But at the same time it looked so good.

Smith looked at her and asked "You feel that nigger seed deep in your belly"?

Jane could and just nodded.

You on birth control bitch ? Smith asked.

Jane never spoke. She just looked back at him shaking her head.

Smith laughed out load. What a fucking shame he said with a big smile on his face.

Smith started to play with his long cock again. He was getting hard. He had had her mouth and pussy and there was now only one place left to try. Her ass.

"Take off your clothes but leave on your shoes, stockings and suspenders. I have not finished with you yet".

Jane did what she was told. And whilst she was getting undressed, so did Smith, revealing his massive black muscular frame. His bulging forearms were covered in tattoos that had been done when he had served time in county. He looked ugly and terrifying.

Once she was dressed appropriately, Smith ordered her to suck his cock. She crawled over and kneed between his spread legs. For the fourth time this evening, she started to suck a black cock. Smith just leaned back, once more admiring the way she could take all of it down, moaning all the time, taking herself to the brink of yet another orgasm.

"Suck it good bitch, this cock is going down your ass next, and I ain't got no grease to make it easy."

She groaned at the prospect and redoubled her efforts.

After five minutes he withdrew his cock from her mouth and, picking her up, sat her down on the seat. Getting up he spread her stocking clad legs and placed his dick up against her ass and pushed. Jane looked down in utter fear at the monstrous cock that was about to invade her most private of parts. Her beautiful face then looked up at Smith, looking for some respite. His ugly face was just grinning down at her. He looked terrifying and she knew better to resist such a man's will.

She knew she was about to suffer an anal reaming like no other. God how he wished he had some lubricant to grease this bitch up. But life had taught him to never give in and with an almighty effort he managed to get the head of his cock in.

"Ahhhh!!!. Please no, your cock is too big. God look at it, it is going up my ass. Too big. Too god damm big..."

Smith ignoring her pleas, managed to get 9 inches in. And now, without showing her any mercy, he started to pound her with all his considerable force.

"Take that dick up your ass. God damm your fucking ass is so tight. Bitch, look up at me when I fuck you".

Jane's beautiful, sweet angelic face looked up at the evil ugly muscular brute of man who was fucking her ass. Her mouth was open in pain, and all that came out of her were little screams. Her tiny white hands were pushing his taught black muscular stomach, trying in vain to stop the thrusting. Smith just grinned at her, loving the way her massive tits bounced up and down with his fucking, like two big blobs of vanilla jelly.

Not entirely unexpectedly, Jane's pain was replaced with one of arousal and pleasure. She started to push up to meet his brutal thrusts, tits bobbing wildly. Mercilessly for at least 10 minutes. He kept her legs spread wide with his arms, her beautiful high heel shoes sticking up in the air, almost in surrender at the brutal fucking she was getting. Smith looked down at her, always ordering her to look at him. He wanted her to know that she was being ass fucked by such a brutal black man, that a snotty posh white bitch could come again and again because of a black man.

As he came close to cumming, saliva dripped down from his mouth on to Jane.

"I am going to cum bitch, tell me how much you want it".

"Fucking tell me" he barked.

Jane finally answered "Come in my married white ass".

"Is this the biggest cock you ever had?"

"Oh yes. Much bigger than my husband's, bigger then Charles's. fuck my ass harder, oh please..."

And with that, all his muscles tensed up and he came, flooding her ass with his cum. And she came too.

And so did Peter.

As both Smith and her got ready, she contemplated on what had happened these past couple of hours. Jane had become a true slut for black cock. She had been thoroughly abused by two black men. One a supposedly conservative lawyer, the other a convicted thug. Both had been just as rough and uncompromising and both times she had loved it. She now prepared herself for going home and meeting the man she still loved, her husband. The man she thought did not know about how much of a whore she really was.

But what was really lingering in her head was the fact that this black ugly thug had dumped a very large amount of his potent black cum deep inside her married pussy. That really could have the biggest impact than anything else that had happened. She could feel his cum in her belly and she prayed it wasn't doing what Smith had put it there to do.

Smith had a sickening smile on his face and she knew that not only was he happy with the way he had taken just what he wanted from her, but there was a very real possibility that he had just fertilized her defenceless white married womb. Only time would tell and if so, that was something that Jane would have to deal with...

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