My first DP with two complete strangers

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So, my name is Helen, I am 40 years old and this is a true story of what happened to me just last week on the way home from work.

I'll start at the very start. I met my Husband 20 years a go at a friends party in 1997. We have been happily married for 18 years and have two wonderful children.

My Husband and I had a fantastic sex life up until about 3 year a go when suddenly he started to get erection problems. Through many months of trying different things e.g role play, sex toys, viagra and many trips to different doctors and specialists we realised that maybe our sex life was going to have to come to an end or at least until we find a cure for my Husbands problems.

Fast forward 3 years and things have still not got any better, even though my Husband has said many times that if I wanted to I could have sex with another man to ease my sexual frustration, I never have gone through with that plan, even though if I am honest I have thought about the idea quite a lot in the last few months. I do have a very huge sex drive.

The way I deal with the frustration is to lock myself in our study and watch porn on the laptop once the kids and Husband have gone to bed. The kind of porn I always seem drawn too is the threesome porn where a lady is having sex with two guys at the same time. I love to watch the ladies faces as both guys try to fit their cocks inside her at the same time. It is something I have never really thought of wanting to try until recently. My Husband would be mortified if I was to tell him of my deep dark fantasy of a threesome with two guys and not for one minute do I ever think I would go through with it if I was ever in that situation,

Well now we are almost up the date, this is what happened to me on the way home from work last week.

It was a Thursday. I got the kids ready for school as always. The husband was up and out the door and as most days late for work, as always and I was getting ready for another long day in the Office. I was wearing my normal work clothes of a white blouse, knee length skirt with Tan coloured Tights and medium heel shoes.

My journey to work took about an hour by Train and once I got their it was just another normal day at the office. My journey home is where my life changed forever and I did something that was so completely out of character but easily the most mind blowing thing I have ever done in my life.

My journey home started just like ever journey I have after a long day in the Office. I sat down and buried my nose into a newspaper someone had left on the seat. I wasn't really paying attention to anyone around me but for some reason I looked over the top of the paper across the Carriage and see two guys that I have not seen before on my Train. These guys could only have been in their very early twenties and black, the both had very strong African accents and didn't seem to speak very good English but they were both stunningly beautiful men. For some strange reason something inside me lit up and I almost turned in to a soppy teenager, my head felt almost giddy at the sight of these two guys, it was instant lust.

I tried my best to ignore it and buried my head back in to the paper but it was no good, I needed another look so I popped my head once again over the top of the paper and got another glimpse of these guys who were both talking to each other. I could not take my eyes off them when suddenly they both looked at me and smiled, I instantly smiled back and again buried my head in my paper.
I don't know what had come over me but I could feel my pussy pulsating in my knickers, it was almost like a sleeping beast had finally been woken up in my pussy and I had no control over it.

I had started something now though because the guys gave me a cheeky wolf whistle to get my attention again. I closed the paper and smiled back at them. It was as if my body was possessed by these guys, almost like they had cast a spell on me because what I did next was so completely out of character. The Train I was on was one of them long haul Trains with the Toilet cubicle, so I got up and winked at the guys as I made my way to the Toilets at the end of the Carriage.

Once inside the Toilet which was only very small I pulled my Tights down and took my knickers off and put them in my hand bag, then I pulled my tights back up and made my way back to my seat. My plan was to tease these guys for the rest of my journey home.

I got back to my seat, picked up the newspaper and pretended to carry on reading, this time I teasingly uncrossed my legs just enough to give the guys a glimpse up my skirt. My pussy was already soaking wet, the carriage was quite full with a few people but I didn't care.

I looked over my newspaper once again and both guys were staring down at my slightly open legs, I knew because I was wearing Tan coloured tights that they just might be able to see the hair of my trimmed pussy through the gusset of my Hose.

Again we made eye contact with each other, this time it was different, it went from a simple teasing smile to a moment of complete lust. Without saying a word to each other we all knew what we wanted. I opened my legs a bit more, my skirt was high round the top of my legs, I knew they could see my pussy and I could instantly see both there huge mounds of cock between their legs getting bigger.

I looked up at the train map on the wall and I planned that I was going to get off a couple of stops early and just hoped these two guys would follow me.

I had no idea even if these guys were mass murderers but I didn't care I wanted them to fuck me so hard just like the ladies I had seen in the Porno movies that I watched on the internet.

My plan had worked I winked again at the guys as the Train was pulling into the next station, it was three stops before I normally get off but I didn't want to risk being seen walking through the streets with these to huge black men by any of my neighbours.

By now the train was packed full of people. I stood up and so did the two guys. All three of us got off the train, it was a very weird feeling because even though they didn't speak much English we all seemed to understand what we all wanted. We walked together out of the train Station, they asked me if we could all go somewhere a bit more private. My legs were shaking as I walked them down the high street, it was just getting dark and I knew of a very quiet area about 5 minutes walk from where we were.

My heart was pumping, I still did not know these guys names but strangely we all knew what was going to happen next. These guys knew I wanted to be fucked and they knew I wanted them to fuck me. It was three long years since I had had a cock inside me and now I was going to have two cocks inside me at the same time.

I walked them into a pub on the corner of the High Street and told them to wait while I went to the Toilets, Seeing as I didn't have a clue who these guys were I knew I needed to buy some Condoms, guessing that both these guys were hung like Hoovers I put my money in the machine on the wall and pressed A3 on the keypad for the XL Condoms.

I quickly returned to the guys and almost pulled them back out the pub and carried on walking them down the street. I was like a woman possessed .

We finally got to a really quiet hidden away Park just at the end of the High Street, I knew no one ever went there and in the far corner there were loads of bushes and trees. By now me and the guys had all decided that we were going to fuck and when I say fuck, I mean, fuck my brains out as hard as humanly possible.

Their hands were already wondering over my arse cheeks as we walked, at one point one of the guys grabbed my tits and squeezed them with his massive hands.

My pussy was dripping wet by the time we got through the Park to the bushes and trees. We had a look around and we couldn't see anyone around and almost instantly both guys hands were all over me, toughing my tits through my blouse and hands up my skirt. At best I think we only really had a few minutes before we might be spotted by someone so I got down on my knees and got them to take there cocks out of there Jeans.

"My god, what have I let myself in for." I thought.

Their cocks were huge, I could just about fit one in my mouth as I tried my best to very quickly suck them both off. One of the guys pulled his jeans down to his ankles and laid on the floor, he took a condom out of the packet and slid it down his massive shaft, he had a huge fat long cock with a massive helmet.

I instantly hitched up my skirt so it was round my waist and put both my hands between my legs and ripped an hole in the gusset of my Tights and straddled his huge cock.
The head of his cock touched the entrance to my pussy and already I started to moan. My pussy was stretched so tight as further and further it went inside me as I slowly lowered myself on to his huge cock.

I began to slowly ride him, my hands on his chest, it felt fantastic to have a cock inside me again.
The second guy didn't waste anytime and I could see him stand behind me, he told me he was going to fuck my arse. I looked round and told him that I had never fucked two cocks at the same time.
I had no idea how this cock was going to go in me arse. I had only done anal a couple of times in the past but his cock was double the size of anything I had in my bum before.

I watched him pull a condom from the wrapper and roll it down the long shaft of his dick and knee down behind me. I was shaking with fear, not knowing if this was going to be the most painful thing I have done since child birth.

He guided the head of his cock at my bum hole and somehow managed to get the tip of it just inside my arse.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled.

Both my holes got tighter and tighter as he pushed his cock further up my bum, all the while the guy fucking my pussy had his hands on my hips forcing me down on his massive dick now I was really groaning both guys began to fuck me, thank god they both started slowly.

With every thrust I was getting wetter and wetter in my pussy. The feeling of both guys cocks inside was something I could never imagined would feel so good. I lost all control of my body.
They both picked up speed, my body instantly started shaking, my shoes had come off where they were fucking me so hard and my toes dug in to the grass on the ground up as both guys fucked the living daylights out of me.

The guy fucking my arse had unbuttoned my blouse and had cupped my tits out of my bra and the guy I was on top of was sucking my nipples hard. I was being fucked like an animal and I was loving it.
My arse was burning as this guys cock fucked it, I could feel their cocks rubbing together inside me and the feeling made me cum almost non stop from the moment they both entered me.

I gripped the dirt with both hands, my knees were firmly planted either side of the guy I was on top of as now they both were going full speed inside me, I tried my best not to scream or moan too loudly but it was no use, I was loving every second. The guy in my arse had one hand over my mouth to muffle my screams and the other hand holding on to the rim of my Tights.

I could feel a huge orgasm about to shoot through me, my body was shaking and both guys held me tight and they seemed to find yet another gear to fuck me even faster. Both guys was also about to cum I could feel their cocks growing even bigger inside they also started moaning and started to buck and jerk their bodies. Even though they were both wearing condoms, I could feel both guys cocks shoot cum at a rate of knots inside me. At one point I thought I was going to pass out.

Finally it was other, the guy in my arse pulled out of me and as I got off the guys cock in my pussy my cum squirted all over his chest, I could hardly stand up, all three of us tried our best to tidy our clothes up. I pulled my Tights off because both the knees were filthy from the dirt and grass on the floor. The guys could hardly do up the zippers on their trousers because there cocks were still erect.

Finally they walked me back to the Train station, we all had huge grins on our faces and it was only then that I realised I had fucked these two guys and had no idea what their names were.
They gave me their number and told me to get in touch if ever I wanted that again. I smiled and gave both of them a kiss on the lips.

I got back on the train and made my way home. My pussy and arse throbbed all night long, I was red raw but it unleashed something inside me, my first DP and it was the greatest feeling in the world.

Maybe I will phone them again.

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