Wife in the booth

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We had been out on the town to celebrate the wifes birthday. After dinner and drinks and a little dancing we were driving home when we passed an adult bookstore/movie. The wife feeling a little frisky wanted to stop in. So we pulled into the parking lot and soon headed into the store. We walked around looking at the toys books and movies on sale. Soon we decided to go in back to the booths to see a movie. As we entered the dark hall there was door after door of booths.

Taking her by the hand we moved down the hall and found an empty booth and went inside. Once in the booth we flipped through the channels on the set and found a couple of different movies that we found interesting. As we sat there watching the wife soon began to get exited and we began to fool around. After awhile she noticed a hole in the wall and asked what that was there for. I told her it was what they call the glory hole. She bent down and looked through the hole and could see a man in the next booth frantically stroking himself. She stared with intrigue as she watched him. Finally she sat down on the bench and began watching the movie when she looked down and saw a cock slide through the hole.

At first she elbowed me and giggled about it. But soon I could see she was fascinated watching it. Reaching over she began to tickle it with her fingers and soon had her whole hand wrapped around it stroking it. I aksed is she liked it and she smiled and said yes. I sat and watched as she stroked the strange cock and I myself soon had mine out stroking while watching her. Soon she bent down and ran her tongue around the head and alond the underneath of the cock. Smiling at me seeing that I was enjoying watch her she opened her mouth and took the strange cock into her mouth. Sucking on it frantically she was soon moving her head back and forth over the length of the cock taking it deep into her mouth.

As she knelt down sucking on the cock she pulled her skirt up and began to play with her now wet pussy. Suddenly she took it all the way in her mouth and stopped moving and I soon realized he was filling her mouth with a huge load of cum. Being a cum lover she swallowed every drop. Soon the cock slid back into the hole and was gone.I asked her if she enjoyed it and she smiled and shook her head in approval. She turned and took my hard cock into her mouth and began sucking it. Soon there was another cock in the hole but she was busy sucking on my cock and did not see it. I reached behind her and raised her skirt exposing her bare ass and sliding a finger into her sopping wet pussy.

Turning slightly I was able to line her up with the hole and soon had her backed up against the hole. She looked up and gasped when she felt the head of the cock rub against her wet slit but quickly began sucking my hard cock again. Soon she began to rock back and forth and I could tell the huge long cock had found its mark and was sliding in and out of her wet pussy. It wasn't long before she gasped and looked up at me with a glazed look in her eyes and I realized she had just had her pussy filled with a load of cum from the totally strange cock. Quickly she began sucking me again and suddenly there was another cock sliding through the hole.

I told her there was more to come and she just smiled and kept right on sucking. Soon the next cock was also buried deep inside of her fucking her as she sucked on me. She sucked on me frantically as she felt the rod sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Suddenly she began cumming again and she gasped as she felt the second load being dumped inside of her. Over the course of the next half hour or so she had taken 5 differnt cocks inside of her wet pussy with each one filling her with cum.

By this time I had cum twice and had enjoyed watching her be the little slut I always knew she was. When she was tired of it and had had several orgasims herself we both dressed and left and headed home. I asked her if she had enjoyed herself and she leaned her head on my shoulder and with a soft sigh said yesssss.

About two months later she determined she was pregnant. Knowing it was not mine because I had had a vasectomy she was worried what I would think. I asked how she felt about it. She said she had found it exciting knowing she was pregnant but did not know who it was for. She said the whole thing had turned her on. Over the course of the pregnancy she was a new woman. She was horny all the time and couldn't seem to get enough. When the child was born it was a little girl and my wife was the happiest she had ever been. Even though we had 3 kids already there was something about this one that made it even more special for her.

That was 10 years ago and our girl in turning into a beautiful young lady. She does not know that I am not the father and we have decided that it would be best to leave it at that. But the wife remembers that day with alot of delight and loves that we shared it together. We have repeated the scene several times since then only now having had her tubes tied she doesn't worry about getting pregnant. However that would not change how I feel about her or our daughter.

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