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Wife in the booth reviews

Posted by pradeep
true stories
Posted by Susan38HH
I had had five daughters when I found them holes and now having had ten more daughters and looking for more.
Posted by Linda40I
Lovely story, my husband asked me if I wanted to go to a glory hole the next time I was fertile and I came right than and there. We went to a seeder part of town where all of the men were black. I wore high boots so that the cum that went down my legs went into the boots. I love taking cocks in all of my holes and soon had one in my mouth and another in my cunt. I spent fifteen hours there and became very pregnant. I already had had five daughters by my husband and was about to have many more at this glory hole.
Posted by bob
great story..my wife and I fuck and suck at the hole every chance we get..we love it..there is nothing as hot as sliding my cock into her come filled pussy and adding my load to all the others she has taken..mmmmmmm.
Posted by Gefty
Great story, I wish that was me in the hole, I'd love to do that.
Posted by Mike
I love it when guys let their wives become glory hole pregnant!!! Wish I could find a woman to marry that would do that for me! Now, I can just read these great stories and wish it were me and my slut wife. Anyone know an attractive professional woman that wants to get married and get glory hole pregnant? Really would be thrilled if she had black babies, mexican babies, chinese babies, Indian and other multi-racial babies for me!!!
Posted by Linda36H
We had been married for three and unable to get pregnant. I wanted to start a family so my husband if I knew what a glory hole was and I said no. The next morning when my husband went to work I looked them up on the internet. I could not believe what I saw and as I was looking I had one of the strongest orgasms I ever had sitting in the chair and not even touching myself. That night was Friday so I asked my husband if he would take me to one. So off we went me in a short dress with nothing under it and spike heels. We went in and the first thing I noticed was that we were the only white couple there and there must of been over fifty huge black men. We went back to room and went in and started watching a white woman with three cocks in her and one in each hand all very black. When she could she was saying not to cum in her because she was fertile. Right then and there I thought oh shit I am ovlating as my husband pushed me back onto at least a twelve inch cock. He did not last very long as he shot into me and right away there was another one even larger than the last in me. Over the next several hours I must of taken all that were i the building when the owner open the door and asked my husband if he wanted to bring me to the back were I could take on more than one and I yelled yes. It was noon when we left there on Sunday and I must of had several hundred in each hole. He paid my husband over ten thousand dollars and asked if I would come back the following week-end which I did.
Posted by Makaila
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Posted by Bremavereup
Posted by laura9253
Posted by truffimmedarm
Who wants to live forever
Posted by David
My wife went to an adult book store, and ended up in the back room called the sofa room. Inside there were 5 naked men watching a movie one of them saw her and soon she was naked and being filled. She loves it so much
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Alan already knew the drill, it was more or less the same script, different props or positions each night. Alan stayed perfectly still while Ted violently probed his asshole, sticking in more fingers at will and shoving them deeper on whim...