When mum's away

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Mother was away visiting her sister for the day leaving dad & I to catch up on blokey things.  Little did she know we were going to be fucking while dressed in her clothes.  After catching dad in mums stockings a few weeks earlier, the 2 of us couldn't ignore our feelings.  I first became curious about sex with other crossdressers after discovering dads large collection of transgender mags & dvds. 

The idea of having dads cock inside me drove me wild.  When he asked if I wanted to have some kinky, harmless fun with him, well I just couldn't refuse.  So with mum 5 hours away dad & I went through her wardrobe & transformed ourselves into 2 pretty ladies.  It was so exciting slipping into her fully fashioned nylons, elegant suspender belts & beautiful highheels.  My heart pounded like never before as I stood infront of the full length mirror.  Dad dropped to his knees & began to stroke my throbbing cock.  Looking up at me, his face basking in mums makeup he slowly licked his glossy red lips. 

We were both shaking as he gently coaxed back my foreskin & softly kissed my sensitive purple helmet.  I shuddered, almost exploding at his touch.  This was my first ever blow job.  I closed my eyes as dad swirled his tounge around my glands before sliding his lips down my length.  Oh god it felt amazing.  He took my entire length, his lips resting against my freshly shaved skin.  Dad must of practiced on mums dildo, because he certainly new what he was doing.  His mouth was so warm & wet & rapidly filling with my precum.  Releasing me from his mouth we climbed onto the bed.  After a wet kiss I told dad to lay back. 

Hitching up his pretty pink slip, his cock sprang free.  Like mine, dad wasn't circumcised.  After giving my first head job, I went down on his arse.  Dad moaned & writhed as I licked his puckered rosebud.  Gently, I wanked him off until he came.  His cum felt hot & thick as it dribbled over my fingers & down his arsecrack.  Licking his salty semen from my fingertips, I sucked him dry.  Mmmm, my first taste of cum.  I would never go back.  Dad pleaded with me to fuck him.  A large dollop of his seed rested against his arsehole.  Using it as lubricant, I lifted his stockinged legs onto my shoulders.  "If only mum could see us"I purred kissing the heel of his silver mule.  Dad nodded as I ran my tounge over his painted toes.  "Fuck me please"he whispered.  I grabbed hold of his girdled hips & with a firmly but loving push I entered my fathers anus.  We both gasped as I slid all the way in.  "Now fuck me, fuck me hard"he moaned.  I had never felt anything like this, his rectum was so tight, warm & moist. 

I began thrusting slowly at first, then building into a beautiful rhythm.  Soon the bed was rocking.  This was incredible, the most erotic thing I had ever experienced.  I played with his cock, running my long red nails up & down his shaft.  Our balls slapped together as our lingerie clad bodies began to glow with our love making.  "Faster darling, faster, deeper, mmmmm, ohhhhhh yesssss"dad panted.  "Mmmmm, your cock is so hard you dirty slut, I can feel you throbbing".  Dad was going off, his cock rock hard.  "I want you to cum in my arse"he groaned.  "Fill me deeply" This was too much for me.  My balls tightened & with my helmet slamming into his prostate I exploded.  Letting out a huge cry I flooded dads arse with thick cum.  I collapsed into his arms, my cock still buried inside him.  His muscles twitched gently massaging my cock.  We were far from finished.  After a quick stocking adjustment, I straddled dads face. 

My body tingled as he licked my bottom.  It made for q very naughty site in the mirror.  I turned around & sat on his lap.  "I want to ride you, just like mum does"I said.  With that, I sank down onto his steel rod.  I thought it would be painful, but it wasn't.  In fact, it felt wonderful.  I sat still for a few seconds allowing my muscles to relax before slowly rocking in his lap.  His cock felt 10 times bigger inside me as I bounced up & down.  I was going out of my mind with lust as his fingers caressed my nipples.  Climbing off, dad then took me on mums dressing table.  Bending me over, he licked me from my stilettos, up my seamed legs & into my arse. 

Thrusting myself back onto his eager tounge, dad rimmed me like there was no tomorrow.  I now know why mum cums so hard, he is brilliant with his tounge.  Turning me around, dad lifted me up onto the dressing table.  Throwing my arms around him, I dug my heels into his cheeks.  He kissed my neck as we rubbed our cocks together.  It felt so beautiful, so passionate.  Grabbing his shaft, I guided him back inside my arse.  Balancing in his pretty shoes he began to fuck me.  My hands caressed his body as we kissed.  "Oh god, this is amazing"I whispered breaking our glazed liplock.  Dad fucked me long & hard. 

Mums bottles of nail varnish & perfume shook & rattled as he did me deep.  "Let me suck you off"I panted.  Dad pulled out & I dropped to my knees.  Taking his slimy cock in-between my lips, I sucked him like a lollypop.  Dad ran his fingers through my hair as I slurped on his helmet.  I gently massaged his balls as his orgasm approached.  Grabbing me by my hair, dad began fucking my mouth.  I slipped 2 fingers up his arse, all the way to the knuckles.  Dad almost lost balance as I felt his cum leaking & then he erupted.  I jammed a third finger inside him as he began pumping his cum down my throat. 

Like the sissy slut I have now become, I swallowed every last drop.  It was the start of something special.  Now, whenever mum goes out, dad & I dressup & fuck.  I've become a real cum slut, sucking not just dad, but several of his friends.  We aren't confined to home either.  I love being taken over the bonnet of the car in broad daylight, wearing mothers stockings & heels.  Love Erica xxxxx

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