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When mum's away reviews

Posted by pantyboy24
Hot story made me hard in my panties . do u have and other good stories .
Posted by Mama's boy
Ohh, so very, very naughty but nice. Dressing up makes one so adorable and seductive. Looking so gorgeous one couldn't help but need some sweet hard cock in their boy pussy. The high heels will make it easier to sodomize daddy as the "Fuck Me" 6 inch high heels creates a nice environment for enlisting daddy's fuck hole for maximum availability. The nylons will obviously create a smooth and satiny feel of luxurious fetishistic bliss and identity of plausible transformation into a feminine sissy slut cravings copious amounts of DELICIOUS creamy cum to savor and covet as the hot cum dribbles out of one's mouth and sissy fuck holes.
Posted by Mama's boy
Ohh so delightful and DEPRAVED. Sissy dad and sissy son drilling each other's man pussy's
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