Waiting for you

(Part 1 from 3)

Act 1 – Anticipation...

“It shouldn’t be this hard” I mutter to myself while sitting at my desk. Of course –I wish there was someone there so I could say, “that’s what she said” – but there is not. I’m sitting alone in my office, looking out at the sun shine on Puget Sound. I’m a commercial Realtor – and typically work very long weeks. Generally – the time goes by so much faster. There are transactions to review, clients to meet with, and a slew of fires to put out. But today my mind is somewhere else. I am excited about getting away with my wife for the weekend. But I had the painful excitement that tonight I would have her all night tonight. It had been a long time since we had any time to ourselves, and we both knew it. I try harder to concentrate on a particularly difficult file, hoping I’ll get so involved that the day would be over soon. But I realized it was still mid-morning and I had a long time to go. Sure – I could have just left and ran home – but she gave me specific instructions to wait until at least 5 – and that she needed time to get ready.. I manage to put together a half hour of work related activities before my mind inevitably drifts back to her, and tonight.

She is my wife Jenna. She is beautiful, funny (a very smart funny – not many people are intelligent enough to get her sense of humor – but that makes her even more desirable to me). She’s sexy in a way that girl who is just beyond your reach, but somehow she ended up falling hard for you. I remember how lucky I am every day. On top of it all – she’s my best friend. She has a brilliant mind and is developing the confidence to show her work to the world. I’ve never met anyone like her. She is my somebody. It’s that simple. She knows what it means. As the song goes:

I want somebody who cares, for me passionately, with every thought and with every breath, someone who helps me see things, in a different light, all those things I detest, I will almost like…..

We have philosophical conversations that can last hours. Sometimes we’re just on the verge of unlocking the mysteries of the universe together. We are great together. It’s one of the things that make us a great couple, and great lovers. We’ve always had great sex – and valued quality over quantity. We also didn’t think it was necessary to have a Chinese basket hanging from the ceiling in our bedroom. But don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some experiences that I still look back to almost every time I take care of myself. Sure – like any couple we’ve had our times when things weren’t perfect. But no matter what we’ve been through – I’ve loved her every single day. I love her face, her body, her hair, the small of her back. I also adore her “parts” – an inside joke from our distant past – but it isn’t too hard to figure out.

I don’t think she even has a clue of the effect she has on other men – and no doubt some women as well. She is quick to debate me and try to point out her every perceived flaw. Me and the other guys don’t see anything other than a really hot girl. She doesn’t think I get jealous – but I definitely sometimes do. We were playing at a casino the other night – and this group of three (one guy – two girls) – all in their late 20’s and attractive) kept looking over at her. I could tell that they all had an “open” relationship – and that they would have loved to add her to their group. When she goes out, she always makes sure she looks great. She is always dressed cute, and always makes sure everything is as it should be when she wears it. She generally doesn’t dress slutty – unless we’re in Vegas.

Act 2 – Remembering Vegas…

Oh Vegas. How I miss you! It’s special on so many levels for us. We got married in Vegas. We have had some of the very best days in Vegas. We don’t go to clubs, but it’s hard to find someone in this World who thinks a 18 hour pai gow session at the Lucky Lady Casino (that’s the ghetto one in old town) is a good day. I love the way she’ll dress in something she wouldn’t wear at home – something that clings perfectly to her beautiful body, her skirts that she just bought for the trip split the difference perfectly between out of your league slutty and wow she is so fucking hot. Normally, the hour she spends getting ready are not prime time for my voyeuristic hopes, but Vegas is a different story. She’ll spend a few hours getting ready – and it’s one of those times when she doesn’t mind walking around without any clothes on. The last time we were there she was showering and I came in and closed the door. It wasn’t something she was used to me doing – as I usually gave her privacy in the bathroom. I told her I wanted to cum before we went out. But I didn’t want to do it alone, lying on the bed while she showered. I told her I wanted her to give me a show – like those girls in the booths. I was going to jack off – and I offered to cum fast. At first – I didn’t know how she would respond. I got my answer when she grabbed the body wash and squirted white creamy dots all over her body like it was my hot cum, and told me to take my time. She rubbed it in – and spent some time rubbing and gliding it over her beautiful tits. She got her hair soaking wet, and tossed it back over her head . Eventually her fingers made their way down her midsection to her shaved little pussy, and I could tell I was about to cum already.

She rubbed in a small circular motion, and eventually her middle finger disappeared inside her. I was so turned on. I was stroking my cock hard, and my left hand was cupping and rubbing my balls. She even put her leg up on the shower seat so I could get a perfect view of her fingering herself. I managed to get out a “this is one of the hottest moments of my life, I want to fuck you so bad”. She smiled, and with a sparkle in her eye she said that she wasn’t allowed to touch the customers. She then slipped her index finger in her slit, and I could tell she was really enjoying it. I asked her if she could cum, and she told me to watch and listen. She started rubbing up and down on her wet slit, and then she had the hottest minute long orgasm I’d ever seen. Over and over she came, her fingers working in a frantic buzz almost at a speed that looked more like a vibrator than her smooth fingers. Right then, I shot three streams of cum on the glass shower. As I was finishing – she knelt down and pretended to lap it up with her tongue – which actually, unbelievably caused me to want to do it again – right then. I told her the customer is always right, and this customer wants you to cum in his mouth. I came into the shower, pushed her gently onto the marble seat, and adjusted the stream so it was hitting us both and dropped to my knees. I took her right leg and pushed it up onto the ledge just a bit above her seat and immediately pushed my face into her wet pink slit. I adjusted my face so that I was so that I was licking left to right, every lick to the right let me flick her tiny clit. As I licked slowly to the left, I found the warm wet folds of her hot pussy.

She always tasted so good. I could lick her for hours – but I could tell that our earlier play had made her ready. I was jacking off again with my right hand, and slipped my middle and index fingers slowly into her. She came within seconds, and I never let my mouth leave her the entire time. Her orgasm didn’t stop though, and she rode my face and hands for a full three or four minutes. Just as she was finishing, I stood up, but didn’t take my fingers out of her. I continued to finger fuck her. Usually she liked it slow and soft, but she kept telling me to go harder and faster. I was pumping my cock, and told her I wanted to cum on her tits. She said not today – she wanted it on her face. That was all I needed to hear. I was standing with my cock about a foot above her beautiful face. Her mouth was open and I shot cum all over her cheeks and neck. She was really turned on, and was rubbing cum all over her chin and dripping streams off her fingertips and into her mouth. It was a lot for me, especially for a second time, and she really seemed to enjoy knowing her hot stripper booth was the thing that made me cum so much. I know it was an experience I will never forget, and I often jack off while thinking of her that time. I loved that time, and I love Vegas. Things like that happen there, and our “special occasion” sex is always spectacular. And when we are in crowds there, I always feel lucky to be seen with her. Although I do get jealous from time to time, I know other guys are jealous that she’s mine. When I’m walking through the casino and catch a guy checking her out – I think to myself – “Ya – I’m hitting that”. She thinks I just say that because I’m her husband. I say it because it’s true.

Act 3 – Back to Reality…

Thinking of her and our evening and Vegas has led to my current lack of concentration and the reason that time has slowed to an annoying crawl. I work on a file – but again my mind drifts. I start thinking of some of the other trips we’ve taken. There was this one time we went away to Seaside, OR for the weekend. We spent the entire time playing skee-ball and trying to stay dry. Although it was not raining, it was always misting. This was just after we’d started living together, and was one of our first weekend getaways together. I have always had this thing about her and underwear. They just look so great on her. She generally doesn’t wear those ultra slutty thongs, either. (well, most of the time). She wears little white panties that cup her in all the right places. She always sleeps in her underwear, and when the temperature gets especially hot, I’ll wake up in the morning to the absolutely beautiful view of those panties. That night in Seaside, we’d had a few drinks, and passed out on the bed. She was wearing a tight tank top, and a pair her favorite underwear. It wasn’t until the morning that I’d realized that the A/C was out, and it had made the room very hot. I opened a few windows, and a nice cool breeze slowly swept through the room. I came back to bed, careful not to wake her. About a minute later, I looked over, and she’d thrown off her sheet and had one leg stretched out, the other resting in an angle on her calf. It gave me a perfect view – but I decided to be a gentleman and not look.

Or I thought I was going to. But I kept peeking over, careful to look back often enough that I could deny it if caught. I was so turned on, but I knew I couldn’t do anything. Did I mention I was turned on. Did I mention that I was really turned on? But it wasn’t like we’d been married for years so I couldn’t just do what I wanted and slip between the two sheets and wake her up slowly by licking and kissing my way from her inner knee all the way up that panty line. But I also didn’t want to get caught with a hard on taking care of myself either. I had a decision to make, and so I made it. I decided to be a gentleman, and forgo my desire for her comfort. There would be other mornings, and other chances to admire her beautiful body. I’m back to staring at my office walls, and the thought of her glistening skin brings my thoughts to my hands gliding over it. I know there will be no more work done today.

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