it was now Tooby's turn to feel what oral sex was all about

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We began to fix some food, and we heard what sounded like the front door open and close and a voice saying: "Hello sis!! Sooby you home? Anyone home?" Tooby, had opened the front door quietly and then shut it trying make us believe she had just come in!! Hehehehe!! We both smiled and looked at each other again laughing because we had forgotten to get our clothes we were completely nude, except for Sooby's socks! We started to laugh out loud as Sooby's sister came around the corner and into the kitchen. She stopped dead when she saw the two of us standing there w/o any clothes on! We couldn't help but laugh again at the situation! We were laughing so hard, Sooby's tits were dancing around and my big old semi-hard cock was swaying back and forth. Tooby looked at me then her sister and then back at me and then down at my cock! I said: "Well hello!" And Sooby busted out laughing her ass off again! Tooby just starred at the both of us and finally said: "What the hell is going on?" Sooby told her: "Tooby, this is Mr. XX. He's the man I told you about. We have been - " Tooby said: "I can tell what you two were doing! Sorry I interrupted!" I said: "No problem. Sooby has been telling me all about you Tooby. I am very happy to finally meet you!" She looked at me and then her sister and she looked angry. Sooby said: "Tooby, we were both wondering, would you like to join us? I'm sure Mr. XX wouldn't mind. And I won't so would you like to join in?" I smiled and said: "Sure come and join us Tooby! We won't mind at all! Not at all!! The more the merrier!" Tooby said: "I bet you wouldn't Mr. Z or whatever your name is. I bet you wouldn't mind at ALL!" Sooby walked over to her sister and told her: "Come on sit down with us for a little while, have something to eat and lets talk. I'm telling you baby, Mr. XX is a very good friend of mind. I very much like him and he likes me right Mr. XX?" I smiled at both women and said: "Yes, Sooby I like you very much." She said: "He is a very good lover Tooby. He can please any woman and solve any sexual problem they may have. Come on let's get a drink and talk in the other room in front of the fire. Come on babe!" Tooby sighed and looked at me and then my cock and then walked into the living room with her sister. She was taller, and lighter in color than Sooby. They both had a great ass! As far as I could tell with her clothes on, Tooby had a set of tits as big as or bigger than her sister's. She was much thinner than her sister, and as I understood it, 4 years younger, making her around years old. I came in carrying drinks for all three of us. I handed her the drink and then gave Sooby her glass. Sooby reached out with her other hand and took hold of my semi-hard cock and held it. I stood there looking down at both of these beautiful dark women. Sooby said : "Tooby!! This cock has pleased me like none I have ever had before in my life. Mr. XX is a great lover. Very gently and generous to me, I have had so much pleasure with him that I would like you to try him. I want him to be your first lover. He's wonderful." Tooby yelled at her sister: "Shut up! You know I have never dome that before! You're embarrassing me!" Sooby said: :"I know and that's why you should let Mr. XX help you. He will work to please you baby, take my word for it. He loves to give, and get, oral sex. I think you would really enjoy him! Would you like him to show you what it feels like? You told me you were really interested in trying that. Would you like to try it with him?" Tooby wasn't looking at my cock any more, she was looking down at her hands on her lay. Sooby began to tell me again about Tooby, and that she had not had any sex except to masturbate her! Tooby again yelled at her sister that she was embarrassing her!! And to shut UP DAM IT!! Sooby continued to talk about sex and masturbation and that everyone does it, even after they have sex with a man or woman." I said: "It natural Tooby nothing to get upset about. Anyone who tells you they don't master bate is a lair!. And everyone has to start sometimes baby!" Finally Tooby spoke. She began to say she had masturbated, but stopped, I came over and sat next to her and said: "Everyone has a first time Tooby, there's nothing to be ashamed of, it's just natural. Everyone has done it. Everyone has a first time." Tooby said: "I'm not ashamed I did it!! But, I just wonder what the real thing feels like? But I'm a little scared to do it!!" You know, scared it will hurt or I might not like it." I smiled and so did Sooby. Sooby told her sister: "Oh I'm sure you will like it Tooby! In fact, I'm sure you will love it, not just like it!" I told her: " Everyone likes to have their sex licked and sucked. I'll tell you what, I promise that if you want to try, and you don't enjoy it, I'll stop. And your sister is here and will stop me for sure if you tell her. Tooby looked up at her sister and then to me saying: "You'll stop if I want to? And it won't hurt? And, we'll just do that? No fucking?" I told her: "We
I'll only do what you feel you want to do Tooby. I wouldn't force you to do anything you don't want me to do. Right Sooby?" Tooby spoke first saying: "Well! What, how would we do it?" Sooby said: "Well that depends on you. We can start with oral sex, and if you want more we can do more. Mr. XX and I will show you everything to do and how to do it, first. Then you can try it. How does that sound?" Tooby looked at me and asked: "And, it won't hurt! Right?" I smiled and told her: "Well oral sex won't hurt at all. Intercourse may hurt a little since you're a virgin." Tooby told us she wasn't a true virgin since she had used a hairbrush and other things to please herself a few times. I said: "Then none of it will hurt. Would you like us to show you what to do first and then you can try it?" She looked at Sooby and asked if she could talk with her w/o me there?" I got up and walked back into the kitchen to make all of us another strong drink. When they called to me, I came back into the room and saw both women completely w/o clothes sitting on the couch. I smiled and said: "Oh man anyone could tell you two were sisters! You're both beautiful! God you two are so beautiful! Just look at you two! I love it!" The girls smiled as I walked towards them. My cock was soft when I first came out of the kitchen, but now it was rising, and fast! Sooby smiled as she saw it growing. She told her sister: "Look at his cock sis. You can always tell if a guy thinks you're sexy when his cock grows as fast as Mr. XXs cock is growing right now! See!" Tooby was watching it as it grew and moving straight out from my body. Sooby told me: "Come over here and let us see it up close and touch it!" I smiled now and moved in front of the two beautiful dark women. I handed them their drinks and Tooby said: "God it looks so big!" Sooby held her hand under my cock and slowly and very evilly wrapped her hand around it. She told her sister: "Now you feel it! What do you think?" I smiled and asked: "Is this the first cock you have even held Tooby?" She smiled a little as she wrapped her smaller hand around the shaft too. She said: "Yes the first white one. I held a black one once and he let his cum all over my hand as I tried to jerk him off. I didn't do a very good job of it. And, he never called me back." They both took turns stroking and rubbing my cock, the cock head and my balls. Sooby showed her sister how to stroke it to give a man real pleasure. She slowly stroked the hard shaft back and forwards. Then she had her sister do it! She showed her how to cup my balls and very gently squeeze them; how to rub around the top of the cock head using her nails and the palm of her hand, and how to use just the right amount of pressure as they squeeze the hard shaft. When they had it sticking straight out hard as a rock, Sooby said: "Now push your hand at the base of his cock. Here! And you can see how tight the skin has gotten around the top under his head. See! See how it sticks out further and harder? Now you try it. Tooby did just great and my cock was screaming for attention, actually it screamed to be sucked or fucked. Sooby saw the discomfort I was having and told her sister: "Now do what I do. OK?" She covered the cock head with her mouth and sucked in her jaws. Tooby was scared to do that, so I told her she didn't have to do anything unless she wanted. Sooby took the cock and licked it just like she had done to make me cum while Tooby hide in the closet watching us. Sooby sucked and licked and then tried to get her sister to do it. Again and again she would try to get her sister to suck or just lick the top of my cock. I was so fucking hard! Finally, Tooby told her: "Oh fuck!! OK! OK!! OK!!!! God will you shut up then?" Tooby took the head and covered it with her full lips. As she held it in her mouth, I gave her instructions on how to suck or lick it! She followed them and suck me off for a few minutes. I know some of my pre-cum got into her mouth, but she didn't realize it or didn't care! When my entire cock head was in her mouth, I moaned as she sucked it. Sooby was stroking my cock's shaft and cupping my balls in her other hand! It was heaven!! Two beautiful black woman making love to my big white cock! As Tooby sucked I could feel the cum building in my nuts. I knew Sooby could feel how tight my nuts were getting too. I told her: "OK Tooby, now suck on it hard! Yes, just like that! OK now take it out and lick it like an ice cream! That's it!! Oh yes!! Oh that's good! You got it baby You're doing real good!" She continued to suck and lick it following her sister's or my directions until I told her: "I'm almost ready baby! I'm going to cum!!! She pulled the cock out of her mouth and let go of it. Sooby took the cock and told her: "Girl!! You never let your man suffer like that! You suck him off, jerk him off, or fuck him once he gets this close to cumming! It's just fucking cruel not to get him off after working on him like we just did. Here, just pump his cock back and forth until he cums if you won't suck him off!" Sooby began to stroke my cock real nice. Tooby sighed and began to stroke my cock too! Sooby moved to my balls letting her sister jerk off the long hard shaft! We both knew she wanted her sister to learn how to jerk off a cock and make it cum! I told her: "OK Tooby, now do it faster baby! Pump it faster! That's it! Oh yes!!" I smiled at Sooby as I began to cum and it shot out all over the two women's arm and hands. Tooby jumped as she felt the cum fly out the shaft and on to her hands and clothes. But, she didn't let go or stop jerking the big cock in front of her! Sooby was rolling my nuts around in her hand and telling Tooby: "Right baby! Faster!! As fast as you can pump it! That's right, good! That's real good! See all the cum you got out of his cock?" I moaned and moaned and pumped my hips as I stood there in front of them cumming! They kept rubbing my cock and it kept on cumming! The faster I shot my cum, the faster Tooby's hand would pump my cock! As the cum hit Tooby's clothes, Sooby told her: "That's why we take off our clothes off before we start! Don't worry, it will wash out." Sooby finally moved in and took my cock and put it in her mouth to sucked me and finish me off ! She sucked until she was sure I was finished my orgasm completely! My knees got weak and I almost fell down. God she was good at sucking cock. Tooby just watched her sister work her mouth and hands on my cock. I was wondering what she was thinking?" I finally moved between the two women and sat down. My cock was still jumping with excitement. I had to sit, they got me of so good my knees were weak! I pulled Sooby close and kissed her long and hard. I pulled Tooby to me and kissed her long and hard. My tongue slide in her mouth and she sucked on it! I moved my hand to her breast and cupped her breast. God her breasts were much larger that her sister! I could just get my hand around her tit. I felt her hand on my cock and knew this was going to be a good day!

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