Totally Surprised

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Let me first say, this is how I discovered I am bi sexual. It was an awakening for me and a complete surprise.

To set the sequence and bring things into perspective, let me explain the circumstances. My Nephew and I are very close in age. I was the baby of my family and I had sisters and brothers 20+ years my senior. My nephew and I were very close and we did absolutely everything together. I thought I knew everything about him, I found out, I did not.

We often baby sat for my sister. She had an infant daughter and when they went out, we usually were asked to baby sit. We were always together, so it was not a problem. They usually stayed out very late and I would just spend the night, sleeping on the couch. But this night, everything changed.

This night, everything was completely normal. We watched several movies and entertained ourselves with popcorn and beer. The movies were good and had a lot of action.

The phone rang and my nephew answered it. His mother informed him that they were spending the night, out of town, in a motel. Seems they had partied a little hard and were too intoxicated to drive home. Very smart, on their part. Later, I realized this was just the situation my nephew had been hoping for.

It was getting late and I became drowsy. I laid down on the couch and drifted off to sleep watching another movie.

Something woke me up and I lay there just glancing around. It was semi-dark and I waited for my eyes to adjust. I suddenly realized, I was naked. When I went to sleep, I had on a pair of shorts. I also realize, I was very erect.
It took me a few seconds to take in what was going on around me. I then saw, what appeared to be, a girl kneeling next to the couch looking at me as I looked around.

I moved to cover myself, not knowing who or what this was. As I reached to cover myself, she reached and took my hard cock in her hand. I said something stupid like, "what the fuck." But, it felt very good and I did not remover her hand. It felt so warm and exciting as she stroked and fondled me.

As I said, I awoke already very excited and erect. I immediately started breathing very heavy and I know she could feel and hear my excitement. I just relaxed, laid back and thought how lucky I was to be getting lucky like this. I suspected my nephew had hooked me up, so I decided to enjoy it.

She fondled me for awhile, very expertly I might add, apparently admiring my erection. She began stroking my cock gently and slowly. She cupped my balls, caressing them at the same time, very gently. I remember I moaned a little with pleasure. I was really enjoying this.
I closed my eyes and was focusing on the pleasure. I then felt her take my cock in her mouth and she started bobbing up and down, giving me a fantastic blow job. She really knew what she was doing. She continued to fondle my balls as she worked her mouth on my cock, swirling the head with her tongue.

Needless to say, it took only a few minutes and I came in waves. She lapped and ate every drop of my cum. I thought it would never stop. What a fantastic orgasm.
After lapping up every drop, I felt her pull away. She just remained sitting on the floor beside me. She appeared to by fingering herself or something. I could make out her hand between her legs anyway.

I tried to make out her features in the dim light. She appeared to be very beautiful. Then I noticed she was not wearing the sexiest outfit. She only had on, what appeared to be her underwear. A bra, garter, and hose with high heels. I love garters and hose.
I could not stand the suspense any longer and I blurted out, "who are you?" "That was fantastic, I have to know who you are."

She leaned up, put her index finger to my lips, as if to shush me. The she stood up and slowly walked towards the kitchen area. But she then turned back towards me and kind of strutted around in front of me, showing off her body. I sure wanted the lights on. From what I could see, she had a great body.

After a few minutes of this, she stopped in front of me with her legs spread apart in a very seductive manner. I was already hard again. She kind of just stood there, swaying her hips around in a little circular movement.
I guess she could see my hard on in the dim light and finally she spoke. In a whisper, she said, "do you want to fuck me?"
After a short pause, I said, "by all means!"

She pushed me back and threw her right leg over me, facing away from me. She began rubbing my cock up and down on her cunt. I could feel her becoming very wet, mostly from my precum.

Slowly, she began pushing against the head of my cock and I slid in very slowly. God, she was so warm and so tight. She began bouncing up and down on my cock, fucking me increasingly faster and faster. As the momentum increased, she began moaning, as if in ecstasy.
As the pleasure increased, I began hunching harder and harder, matching her thrusts. I fucked her for what seemed like a very long time. After all, this was the second round.
Finally, I could feel the pressure and I said, "I am gonna cum, do you want me to pull out?"

In a very high pitched voice, she said, "No,give me all of your cum!"
I, almost immediately filled her with my cum. It had been awhile and it came in buckets. I could feel my cum as it ran out of her, apparently she could not hold it all.
Then, I heard her gasping and I could feel her apparently having an orgasm. When she finished, she just slumped forward, still holding my cock inside her.

We just laid there for several wonderful minutes. Finally, as my cock softened, it slid out of her. Even that felt good.
Finally she stood up and took a towel that was nearby and wiped me off.
I just lay there, completely satisfied. I was exhausted from the experience and like all guys, I just wanted to sleep.

But she spoke again. She said in a whisper, "do you still want to know who I am?"
I immediately answered, "yes, we have to do this again, soon!"

She slowly walked over to the kitchen area, reached into the kitchen and turned on the kitchen light. She had her back towards me. As I suspected, in the increased light, she had a great body!
I commented, "what a great ass!"
She then said, "are you ready?" "You will be surprised, I promise you!"

She stood there, with her back still towards me, swaying her hips in that little circle again. Slowly, she turned towards me. At first, I thought, she is gorgeous. She had beautiful features and great legs. With the light behind her, I still did not recognize who it was.
I told her to come closer, I could not make out her face in this light.

She started walking towards me, seductively. I was hard again and was seriously considering fucking her again.
When she got a few feet from me, the realization finally came to me. It was my nephew and he was gorgeous!

Needless to say, I was stunned! I took me quite sometime to process this. After all, I am straight. How could I have not known? Does this mean I am gay or something? All these thoughts were racing through my mind. What the fuck!!!
He stopped in front of me, standing there again with his legs spread seductively, holding his hair back so I could see his face.

I could not speak. I just sat there in stunned silence. I loved my nephew and I did not know how to deal with this.

Finally, he spoke. " I know you are shocked and confused. So I will try and explain. I have been this way for a very long time. I hid it from everyone, including you. This is what I am and what turns me on. Please understand, I have wanted you this way for a very long time, but I was afraid of what you might think of me. Please, don't hate me, I needed you in the worst way. This is the first time in my life, I have felt satisfied, you are a great lover, as I knew you would be."

I just sat there, taking all of this in. I went through a range of emotions. I said,"hold on, let me think about this." He started to move away and I grabbed his hand and signaled him to stay.
As I was thinking about all that had happened, I realized, I was harder than I had ever been. My cock was pounding with anticipation. I saw him staring at my cock and he was licking his lips.
Finally, I had to confess to myself, I loved this. I sat up and sat facing him standing in front of me now. I thought to myself, words might be misunderstood, so I decided to let my actions speak for me.

I reached out, grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me, placing his cock right in front of my face. He gasp in surprise. I could see tears rolling down his cheeks. He stared down into my eyes and I knew he was frightened.
I reached up, placed my fingers on either side of his panties and slid them down over his great legs. As they hit the floor, he instinctively knew to kick them off.

He had a magnificent cock. It was almost a carbon copy of my own. He was erect and obviously very aroused. He stared to reach out towards me, but I pushed his hands back.
A little concern showed on his face so I moved quickly. I reached out and grabbed his cock. Slowly, as he did, I started gently started stroking his cock and cupping his balls. He moaned and began gyrating his hips.

I said, "I guess we will seal this with it being your turn."
I took his cock in my mouth, I had no idea what I was doing, but it felt so exciting. I led him onto the couch and laid him on his back. I then got on top of him and as he did, I used his precum to make me wet.

Yea, I let him fuck me! It was like a consumation of our relationship. It hurt a little and he guided me through it, telling me to relax my anus and let it just slide in. It actually felt good, once it was in. He in turn, filled me with his cum.
We stayed together for quite a few years. Nobody ever knew. We experimented with everything. My favorite was bondage and discipline. He really was magnificent in leather. I was a most willing slave.

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