Abused and Used.

(Part 1 from 1)

So this all started when my gf said she wanted to try new things in the bedroom. She specified about a threesome or something of the likes. I soon posted a free add "gangbang my horny slut gf.22yo redhead to share and violate. Devon from UK and waited for a response. My gf Lauren had no clue of what I was up to.. A week went by and I had chosen from the responses to my add the guys id like to come meet my gf. One of the guys jerry was about 56, well hung with quite a dad vibe about him. Grey hair but well built. He was very polite and friendly when we first met.. I'll come back to this.

The second guy called Andy was 46, no hair and a bit of a belly accompanied by a rather chubby penis. He was eager to meet Lauren and was a little bit nervous but nice. A bit of a dad type also. The third guy is Markus I didn't know at the time but it turns out he knew Lauren from uni, he was on the same course as her friend Kate. They had met quite a few times and we were all shocked and abit awkward for a moment when he first got to ours. But being me I said why don't we watch open for half hour together first to see how we all feel and within ten minutes Lauren had started to suck and wank Markus off in front of me and two other total strangers! I knew it was smooth sailing from here..

She would be happy I would be happy and three randoms get to fuck my beautiful redhead girl friend to their harts content. Everybody wins. So there we were me, jerry, Andy watching Markus unload hot cum into Lauren's mouth with a cry "oh fuck" Lauren swallowed it and looked at me as if to say "I'm ready!" Lauren was wearing a pair of black leggings with a tight white t shit on. You could see her thing through her leggings. She stood up in the middle of the room and said nothing, just started to get undressed in front of us as we jerked off.. I was getting really excited to see my gf be used and abused by strangers! All of a sudden jerry grabs her by her hair and says "your going to suck daddy's cock and eat all my big load like a good little slut" we had established a safe word and as she didn't say it I let it happen. He thrusted her head towards his cock and said "suck bitch!" It was hot seeing her take it but still give a bit of fight as she pulled away slightly..

He then grabbed her head with both hand and pushed her onto his throbbing cock.. She spluttered something inaudible and gagged.. A tear came to her eye as he pushed her down deeper until he was balls deep in her mouth! He jerked around and made her gag some more barely letting her breathe! When she did come up for air she said nothing just gasped so I let it continue. Jerry held her face, squeezed her cheeks in and told her he'd hurt her if she didn't do what he said. Lauren gasping for air gargles "yes daddy" and was then forced back down on to his cock again and again until he finished on her chin and in her mouth. Andy didn't hang around after that he moved in straight away prodding her face and lips with his chubby dick. She started licking it and slowly waking him off. I moved in so she could stroke my at the same time.

Markus also beating off in her face. I came almost the same time as the other two and we splattered her face and tits with hot sticky cum.. Lauren lay there for a moment covered in cum as beautiful as ever before jerry flipped her over on to her front and started rubbing her pussy.. He started to finger her as she moaned softly. Jerry then began to climb on top of her and rub his erect cock all over her wet little pussy teasing her. He was at this point a little bit creepy but she didn't seem to mind so I didn't think anything of it and let him continue to push his cock inside her tight pussy and start fucking her, pushing her flat to the ground as if to pin her down.

Wow I thought.. A 56 years old man banging my missus right in front of me 😀 what a turn on! He drilled away like a rabbit of a good ten minutes before he gave her first creampie of many to come that night. Markus began feeling her up and fingering her as cum dribbled out. Lauren was a stunning sight at this point, glazed from cum, hair and makeup a mess, legs witching and urging around like she could hold it in! Markus took her for round two. He propped her up into doggy style and starts fucking away.. Me and Andy start to wank off in Laurens face as mark is pounds her. She starts to suck my cock and immediately explode in her moth making her gag and choke a little.

Andy didn't hesitate and replaced my cock with his own cubby one. She could only suck the tip as it was so chubby. fat purple head squeezed between her pretty lips.. Back and forth making a slapping and sucking noise form the motion of marks fucking her. Andy said "oh fuck I'm going to cum down your throat you little whore" and pushed his fat veiny cock right the way to the back of her throat in one violent jolt. She threw her arms up to try to push him away but he had already delivered! He pulled out his cock leaving a trail of semen between her lips and his dick as she coughed and swallowed.. Markus then franticly tells her "turn around! I'm going to cum I'm going to cum" as as turns he hits her in the face with another warm load! Jerry then tells us that he want to have her alone for a half hour which she agreed to. I wasn't too fussed as we would only be just outside the room and we had agreed on sharing and each having time with her alone if wanted.

I could here him talking, he sounded calm so I didn't stress. I herd Lauren saying "I'm not sure" a few times then a little moaning began.. So I thought to leave them to it. Half an hour went by so i knocked on the door. No one replied so I went straight in followed by Andy and Markus.. There she was laying on the floor hands tied behind her back with a ball gag in the mouth!! With long around like crazy covered in all kinds of mess. Jerry stood over her muttering something under his breath looking down at Lauren. I ran over, removed the gag and asked if she was okay. I then realized what he had been doing.. He had a can of squirt cream in his hand.

As I looked down to Lauren I saw that he had inserted various objects into her pussy and ass.. He had filled her asshole with whipped cream and shoved a hand full of pencils up her ass. He stuffed half a dozen eggs in her pussy before crushing them up by fucking her pussy into a eggy mess! Wtf, Right? I was so confused and shocked. Lauren just lay there squirming around kind of moaning / crying. Me and Markus kicked Jerry out and told him we would contact the police if she felt you forced her. We went back to Lauren to clean her up and to my utter surprise she seems to have enjoyed the experience, eggs and all.

She then asked if we would all piss on her and fuck her some more. I don't know why but I love peeing on my pretty bitches face 😋 so we did as she asked and urinated all over her.. She showered after, then began giving us all blowjobs again in her shower robe. End of part one..

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