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Kelly was a typical 23 year old single lesbian living the dream. She wasn"t exactly stunning model material, but at 5"5 size 10 with a good set of boobs, light blue eyes and a warm cheeky smile she still managed to turn heads, and she knew it. She was a cheeky, flirty tease who would flirt with anyone for the challenge and always got her girl. She emitted a natural warmth that drew people to her and always had the rest home staff and residents where she worked in stitches with her jokes and pranks.*

Kelly was annoyed that it was Saturday and she was scheduled to work a double shift until she saw she was on with Vicky. Vicky was a 32 year old Mum of 3 and the easiest person in the world to make blush and she had an embaressed laugh that made Kelly work extra hard to make her giggle just because it made her chuckle. she would flirt endlessly with Vicky to see the blush that would rise up her neck, and in secret she had a little crush on her but Vicky never surrendered to her charms.

It was a normal shift get the residents dressed and help them with their breakfast then a singalong before lunch then an afternoon nap.
It was the afternoon, Kelly was teasing Vicky as usual.

"so i know you want me i can see the way you undress me with your eyes, come on everyone"s asleep" she pushed Vicky a little on the edge of the desk in a playful seductive way which made vicky giggle and bat her hands frantically at kelly to free herself, both were giggling as Vicky smacked kelly lightly on the shoulder.

"I can"t believe you, you terrorise me I"m old now a Mother and all that yet still you chase, right for that you can get betty up and take her for a walk in the gardens"

kelly didn"t mind she had looked after Betty for 6 years and loved her like a grandma, she had character and always gave an answer for everything. When Kelly walked into the room she knew something was not right, she just knew. Betty had passed away in her sleep. after all the family had gone and she had been taken to the funeral home she went into the stock cupboard and broke down. She could not and would not show cry infront of anyone else she never had being bought up in a military family. she never heard the door creak open and gently shut again. Vicky looked at her and Kelly tried to hide

"look just give me a minute leave me alone please" she almost pleaded

Vicky quietly but determindly made her way across the store room and pulled her into a tight hug. Kelly sobbed silently for a few minutes then slowly stopped until they were just silently hugging in the dim room.

Kelly"s heart nearly stopped as she felt Vickys breath on her neck, she was sure Vicky had just kissed her there but she couldnt move and was too stunned to speak. Vicky moved her mouth slowly to Kellys neck again as her breathing started to speed up and become husky her hand slowly carressed kellys lower back. kelly slowly came back to herself and slid her hand over vickys pert ass and grabbed and carressed in mirror image still in shock. vicky slowly kissed up her neck again and breathed slowly in her ear.
"you want me whats up cat got your tongue"

the husky commanding teasing voice pushed kelly into new heights of being turned on, she felt a shot of heat fly to her pussy and the wetness that had built up was now almost painfully overwhelming. she couldnt formulate an answer.
"come on tell me how wet you are" vicky forced her up the wall and put her lips an inch from kellys.
"but but but your married and and..."

vicky plunged her fingers into kelly soaked folds and both almost buckled with the rush that hit them

"but but" vicky mocked "god you are so wet, do you know how long i have wanted you, i cant go near my husband, i want to fuck you so hard you cant walk" she plunged her fingers into kellys hole without any resistance and kelly just moaned as her brain tried to find a way to take back control. vicky did a slow but deep rhythem in and out in and out as all that was heard in the ever smaller room was a swish from the wet pussy. just as kelly got some control back and pulled vicky in closer vicky pulled out her fingers licked them and smiled at a shaking kelly.

"you want me and i want you, but a quickie in the cupboard isnt enough, get us a room and let me have you all night if you can handle me" she smiled coyly
"you think we will only be able to do this once eh you know you will get an addiction to me" kelly tried to sound casual but vic had seen her at her weakest and most vulnerable and she had never ever been so turned on and this was evident in her shakey voice.
"i dont know if you will ever be able to walk out of that room when we do"

with that she smiled and left the room. Kelly stood there stunned and went home in a day dream. Then she woke up and found a nice motel room and started frantically searching internet shops for toys, if vicky thought she could dominate her she had another thing coming. she texted vicky in code "the works do is booked for thurs if you can handle the drink" she smiled at her comment. Vicky replied back instantly "oh honey i can handle the drink i may seem quiet but i am not ha, plus you wont hear me when your screaming my name"
kelly was wet again as she tried to go to sleep.

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