The Encounter

(Part 1 from 2)

He was lost. There was no doubt about it now. He started looking for a place to turn around, but the road was dark and narrow. Rain beat on the windshield with such ferocity that, even with the wipers on high, he could barely see the road ahead.

Just as he rounded a bend, lightning lit the road like noonday. That one instant of brilliance showed him a raging torrent where a bridge used to be. He slammed on the brakes, thanking the road gods that he was going slow enough to stop.

Now cursing those same road gods, he backed and turned, went forward and turned again, until he was able to head back the way he had come. He had only traveled a half a mile before there was another blinding flash of light. Suddenly, his windshield exploded, and everything went black.

When he came to, he was wet, cold, and his face was in pain. His windshield was gone, and just inches from his head was a huge tree limb. It was obvious that he could not remove the limb, so getting out of the worst of the storm became his first priority.

Because the wind was coming from the rear, very little rain was getting into the car, and what rain was getting in was confined to the front.

His plan was simple. Open the door, slide into the back seat, and retrieve the emergency kit from the trunk by folding one of the split seats down. If things got worse, he could even get into the trunk to stay dry.

Just as he was ready to get into the back, he spotted the lights of a house. He knew that he would get soaked getting there, but the promise of a warm house was infinitely better than the certainty of a cold car.

Scanning the road carefully, he found the mouth of a lane that looked like it ran toward the house. He spotted and lost the lights several times as he made his way quickly along the winding, tree lined drive. When he finally cleared the trees the house was right in front of him. Without hesitation, he mounted the steps. At last, he was out of the rain.

Crossing the deep, wraparound porch, he knocked loudly on the door. Pausing, he listened. Nothing, he rapped again, louder this time. Movement, thank God someone was home.


A very pretty young woman in a maid’s outfit opened the door.

“Yes,” her voice and the expression on her face were as cold as the rain he had just escaped.

“I’ve been in an accident,” he told her, “if I could just use you phone, or if you could call for me.”

“Oh my,” her whole demeanor changed, as she really looked at the stranger for the first time, “you’re soaked to the skin, and you’re bleeding. Please come in. I’ll inform the mistress.”

“Thank you,” he breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the warm hall.

He watched as the pretty maid scurried off to tell her boss. Even though he was cold and wet, he noticed that the maid had shapely legs and a nice ass. Maybe this night would not be a total waste.

A moment later, he heard voices. He saw the maid heading his way, followed by another. The woman of the house carried herself like a queen. Her regal bearing made her seem tall, even though she was only a couple of inches taller than her maid’s four foot ten.

The new comer was wearing a flowing, floor length dark robe. It’s true color impossible to tell in the dimly lit hall. All he could see of the woman was her long blond hair, and her face, which was almost startling in its beauty.

As the pair approached, the woman turned to her maid and said, “You’re right, he is hurt. Please fetch the first aid kit.” Smiling, she turned back to the stranger, “we will get you fixed up in a moment. There is a phone on the table here if you would like to use it.”

“Thank you,” he said, reaching for the instrument. He held the receiver to his ear for a second, and then with a heavy sigh, “but I’m afraid it’s dead. Thank you for letting me try. I’ll head back to my car now.”

“Absolutely not,” her voice was soft, yet firm and commanding, “I cannot allow you to go back out into that gale. We will fix your injuries, and find you something warm and dry to wear.”

After his wounds had been tended. The maid led him to an upstairs bathroom where towels and a warm comfortable robe were laid out for him. Pointing to a laundry shoot the maid said, “Please put your wet things in there. I will take care of them for you. The mistress would like you to join her in the library when you are done here.”

“Thank you,” he replied, “where is the library?”
“Bottom of the stairs, turn left,” the maid answered, as she turned to leave.

The man had forgotten about the storm raging outside, but as he reached the bottom of the stairs, there was a crash of thunder, and the lights went out. He stood still for a moment to allow his eyes to adjust to the dim light. The warm glow of a fire lit his way down the hall to the library. When he entered the room, he could see the woman seated in a large chair near the fireplace.

Indicating a chair to her right she said, “Please join me.” As he sat down the lady continued. “I am very sorry that you had an accident, but since it did happen, I’m glad it was here. Not only are we able to help you, but you give us some much needed company.”

“I am very grateful,” the youth told her warmly, “for your help and kindness.”

The pretty young maid entered the room, pushing a small cart. On the cart were a tray of meats, cheeses, breads, and a bottle of wine. “I hope this will do, mistress?” the maid asked with concern, “it is the best I could do with such short notice.”

The woman smiled at her servant, “I’m sure it will do just fine my dear.” Then turning to her guest, she asked, “would you mind if I have my maid join us? She gets very nervous when the lights are out, and does not like to be alone.”

“Not at all,” he replied, “I’d be happy to have her eat with us.”

The maid pulled a small chair near the other two and the trio ate in silence for several minutes. After they had finished, the maid cleared away the cart and returned. “Would there be anything else, mistress?” she asked.

“Yes my dear,” the lady responded. Then turning to the young man she said, “one of the things I have always liked about her is that she is always completely obedient. Aren’t you my precious?”

“Yes mistress,” the maid replied. Her eyes were downcast, but a small smile played across her lips.

“Tell me what you think of my maid,” the lady inquired. “Don’t you think she’s quite pretty?”

“Oh yea,” he replied warmly, “I think she’s a stone fox.”

“I’ve always thought that she has beautiful legs,” the lady informed him. “Of course, if you want to judge properly, you really need to see her legs without stocking, don’t you think? Would you like to see her naked legs?”

He did not know what her game was, but he quickly decided to play. “I must agree,” he said with a smile, “you do need to see a woman’s legs without stocking to truly judge how good they look. I’d love to see her take her stockings off.”

The woman turned back to her maid, “Well my dear, would you like to show this nice gentleman your sexy legs?”

“Yes mistress,” the young maid was starting to breathe more heavily, “should I take my shoes and stockings off?”

The maid sat in the small chair that she had used earlier. After kicking off her shoes, she hiked her skirt up past the tops of her stockings, exposing the pale flesh of her upper thighs to the leering eyes of the watching pair. Both the man and woman watched intently as the maid slowly rolled first one and then the other stocking down her beautiful legs.

“Stand up please,” the woman directed her maid, “turn slowly so we can get a good look at your legs.” Looking back to the man she asked, “what do you think?”

“Very lovely, ”he replied, with a lecherous grin, “but her dress is so long that it is hard to really tell.”

“True,” she responded, “I could have her raise the hem of her dress higher.”

“Yes you could,” the man returned, his excitement and his cock growing. “However, the pose would be all wrong. I think it would work much better if she took the dress off.”

“You’re right,” she replied, her own desire also growing. To her maid she said, “please take your dress off.”

The maid, who clearly enjoyed obeying these commands, turned her back to the horny pair, reached behind herself, unzipped the dress, and turned again to face the leering couple. Crossing her arms, she pulled the dress off her slender shoulders. Then one at a time pulled each arm free, while still holding the dress up in front of her. Finally she let the dress fall, revealing a black half bra, and matching bikini panties.

“Wow,” he exclaimed, “she has a gorgeous body. God, I’d love to see her without her bra and panties.”

“Tell me my dear,” the lady asked her maid, “how do you feel about taking off the rest of your clothes?”

“I’ve never been naked in front of a man before,” the maid exclained.

“But you’d like to be wouldn’t you?” her mistress queried.
The maid merely nodded. She quickly removed her two remaining garments, and stood proudly erect, before her mistress and the handsome stranger.

“Don’t you think, “ the woman asked, “that her tits are too small?”

“No way,” he replied, “I like them small. Besides, I’ll bet yours aren’t much bigger.”

“They’re not,” piped up the maid, “but they are very beautiful. I’ll bet she will show them to you if you tell her to. She likes obeying men almost as much as she likes commanding me. She loves showing off her naked body as much as I do.

Deciding that now was a good a time, he smiled at the woman and commanded, “Stand next to your maid, let your hair down, and remove your robe.”

Without a word, the woman did as she was ordered. A moment later her long blonde hair was free, and she dropped her robe to the floor.

“Hot damn,” he shouted gleefully, “she’s right, your tits aren’t much bigger then hers, but they certainly are beautiful.”

“Perhaps,” the beautiful blonde said, “now that we are both naked, you would like to take your robe off, and show my pretty maid what a naked man looks like. She has never seen one.”

“I’d be delighted,” the man responded as he stood and dropped his robe to the floor.

“Oh my,” gushed the excited maid, “his, his cock is so big, are they all like that.”

With a slight chuckle, the more experienced woman put her arm around the maid’s waist, and drew her closer. Lifting a hand up to cup the girl’s tit, she blew in the maid’s ear, and said, “He is a little bigger than average, but he’s more then enough to take care of your almost virgin pussy.” Then she whispered something in the maid’s ear. The maid nodded. Walked up to the still standing young man, dropped to her knees, looked up at him with mixture of fear and excitement, and quietly asked, “I have never done this before, but may I suck you cock.”

“Christ yes,” he panted, “I’d love to see my cock in your sexy mouth.” Looking at the blonde, he said, “but since she has never done it before perhaps you should come over here and show her how.”

Smiling slightly, the woman strode up to him, kissed him lightly, sank slowly to her knees, gently took his hard cock in her dainty hand, and looking at the maid, explained, “Now this my pet, is how you suck a cock.” Her tongue flicked out, and licked all around the blood-engorged head of the young man’s cock.

He sighed with pleasure as the beautiful blonde’s ruby red lips wrapped around his throbbing erection. The woman slid several inches into her hot sucking mouth, then slowly withdrew. Then pointing his cock at her maid, she said, “Now, my sweet, it’s your turn.”

The maid wrapped her dainty fingers around his pulsation erection. Leaned forward, and following her mistress’s example, licked all around the head of the man’s cock. “Put it in your mouth,” the youth moaned. “Show me you can suck cock as good as your mistress.”

Her eyes shining with lust, the pretty maid slid the bulbous head of the stranger’s cock slowly in and out of her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” groaned the horny young man, “take me deeper, suck my cock deeper into your sexy mouth.”

“Yes,” breathed the mistress, her hands busy. One hand cupped one of the firm small tits of the maid. The fingers of the other were sliding quickly in and out of her dripping snatch. “See how deeply you can suck him in baby. God, you look so hot with a hard cock in your mouth.” Obediently, the young woman slid more and more of his ridged member into her willing mouth.

“Sweet Jesus,” the young man panted, “who would believe that someone this good was giving her first blow job.”

“She’s loving it too,” the lady informed him, “I just fucked my finger into her pussy, and she’s dripping wet. Would you like to taste her?” she asked as she withdrew her finger and stretched it toward the stranger’s mouth.

“I’d love to taste her honeyed pussy juice,” he breathed, as he took the lady’s finger in his mouth and licked off the maid’s cunt cream. “Baby, if you don’t’ stop sucking now, I’m gonna cum in your beautiful mouth.”

“Do it,” the woman cried, “do it, cum in the little slut’s mouth. She wants to swallow your cock cream. fuck her mouth; shoot your jizz right down her slutty throat. You want to eat his cum, don’t you baby?"

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