The Prisoner

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I woke up trying to clear the cobwebs from my head at the same time taking in my surroundings. The last thing I remember was having coffee with a very attractive, very nice man I met in the food market, in the food markets coffee shop. I remember starting to feel woozy in the coffee shop and now I was in somebody’s bedroom. I had no idea whose bedroom it was and as my head got clearer, I noticed there weren’t any windows in this room. Odd I thought, then saw two doors at the far end of the room, I also noticed it was furnished very nicely with Italian style furniture, my favorite. I got up, tried opening both doors and they were both locked, so I knocked as hard as I could for a couple of minutes without an answer. I started to check out what was in the furniture drawers and saw a small sign on the wall under what looked like a button type light switch. It said, “If you need assistance, please push the button” so I pushed the button and I heard the door lock being turned and in stepped the man I was having coffee with. I said, “Thank god it’s you, where am I and how did I get here, where ever here is?” He asked if I was feeling better and waited for an answer, so I told him I was fine and was he going to answer my questions? He said, “Well, you are in my house and I brought you here after you passed out” and I said, “I passed out, why didn’t you take me to a hospital?” He said there was no need to take me to a hospital because he had drugged me.

I shouted, “You did what?” and he said, “You wouldn’t have come here on your own, so I drugged you”, I replied, “Are you crazy or something, there are laws against this kind of thing, it’s called kidnapping and now that you had your little fantasy, take me home”. He told me he was sorry but he couldn’t do that, as I was now his prisoner but he would do every thing in his power to make my stay with him as comfortable as possible”. I looked at him in disbelief, said, “You are crazy, fucking crazy and they will find me and you will go to jail”. He smiled, said, “I don’t know who they are but I’m the only person on earth who knows you are here and here is in a soundproof room on what used to be a farm that nobody comes near”. I told him somebody will find me and he said, “We all live in hope, now for the rules, we live in a capitalist society where the barter system runs the society so we are going to do that here”. I said, “What the hell are you talking about” and he said, “It’s simple you want to eat, you have to work for the food or trade something for the food and since there aren’t any jobs available, you will have to barter for it”. I said, “You are crazy, I don’t have anything to barter with” and he replied, “You will be very surprised with what you have to barter with, now, are you hungry or can I get you anything?” I said, “For starters, I need to go to the bathroom’ and he said, “Okay, this one time I will let you use the bathroom as a goodwill gesture but here after you will have to barter for the privilege”. He unlocked the bathroom door and when I entered it I was very impressed with it, as mad as I was, because I would have thought I decorated it if I didn’t know better.

I finished in the bathroom, realized I was pretty hungry and figured I would eat before I tried to escape, so I told the crazy man I was hungry. He said, “What do you want to trade for the food?” and I said, “I told you I don’t have anything to trade, don’t you hear well?” He said, “I’ll trade you food for your blouse” and I replied, “I know you are God damn crazy now if you think I’m going to give you my blouse” and the thought hit me, did he rape me, so I asked him if in fact he did rape me. He got a very hurt look on his face, asked if I felt like I had been raped and answered him that no, I didn’t feel like I got raped. He said, “I will never touch you unless you ask me to or if you got sick and needed my help I might have to touch you but other then that, I will never lay a hand on you”. I said to myself, “Whew, at least I don’t have to worry about him raping me I guess” and then asked him about the food again. He said, “Your blouse” and I said, “I thought you said you wouldn’t touch me” and he came back with, “I won’t touch you, you will have to hand me the blouse” and I said, “You my man, are fucking nuts”. He shrugged his shoulders, walked out the door and locked it again. I started investigating the door to see how I could open it, found there were no visible hinges or door knobs and the whole door opening was framed so that when it’s closed you can’t see the opening between the door and the doorjamb. The bathroom door was the same way and I discovered all the furniture drawers were sealed shut. I said to myself, this wacko might be stone crazy but he is very through. After wearing myself out with all kinds of crazy thoughts I went to sleep.

I woke up, found a bottle of water on the nightstand, drank the whole thing and realized I was hungry enough to eat the proverbial horse, so I rang the bell so to speak. The wacko opened the door, came in, asked me what he could do for me and I went off on him, calling him every name I could think and even made up a few. His expression never changed during the whole tirade and when it was over, he said very matter of fact, “Is that it madam” which set me off again. This time when I came up for air, he turned to go out the door, I quickly said, “Not so fast buster, I want breakfast, now” and he held his hand out. I looked at him like he lost it, he said, “Blouse” and I said, “Fuck you” so he walked out the door. I sat down on the bed, had no idea what time it was, or for that matter even what day it was, my stomach was growling so loud I was kind of surprised somebody didn’t hear it and I started to cry. I cried myself to sleep, woke to find another bottle of water and thought, at least the bastard isn’t trying to make me jump through hoops for the water. The human body can go quite a while without food but water is a different matter, only a few days before you died from lack of water. I drank about half the bottle, my stomach was still making all kinds of noise and I now had to pee, so I rang the damn bell.

He came in, asked how he could help me, I told him I had to go to potty and he said one word, “Trade?” and I told him I’m not giving him my blouse. He said, “I don’t want your blouse for use of the bathroom but if you can’t think of anything to trade, you can touch me” I started to ask him touch him where, when the light bulb went off and I said, “If you think I’m grabbing your crotch, you’re even fucking crazier then I thought”. He told me that was his offer, I told him to go fuck himself and he walked out. It didn’t take long before it started to hurt from not peeing and I thought, I’ll fix this bastard and peed in the corner. After awhile the smell told me I made a mistake so I rang the damn bell again and he appeared. I told him I peed in the corner, he said he knew and what he said didn’t hit me right away, so I asked him if he was going to clean it up. He actually laughed, said, “If you want it cleaned up, clean it up” and I told him I needed cleaning stuff. He said one word, “Trade” and I replied, “Fuck off”, he walked out. I was already so sick to death of that word trade, I was ready to puke but then I thought it was probably the smell of urine plus I hadn’t taken a bath since who knew when. I was now really despondent, dirty clothes; hungry, rotten smell and I had to fight to keep from puking my guts up. I went back to crying and cried myself to sleep again. 

I woke to find a fresh bottle of water and I thought, fuck him; if I don’t drink I don’t have to go to the bathroom. My stomach now hurt from lack of food along with everything else, I felt like a caged animal and rang the damn bell. He came in and I attacked him, jumping on him, hitting and scratching like a little wild cat. I couldn’t believe how strong he was, he grabbed my wrists, pushed my arms up over my head and lifted me off the ground almost pulling my arms out of their sockets. I stopped fighting my body sagged in his grip and I started crying again. He put me down, said, “You made me touch you” and walked out. I went down on the floor still sobbing and had to go to the bathroom again. I thought about it real hard, figured if I went on the floor again the smell would probably kill me, so I wondered what he wanted me to do and rang the damn bell. He came in watching me like a hawk, I asked him what he wanted me to trade to go to the fucking bathroom and he said, “Hold my cock in your hand” I said, “That’s it, just hold your cock”. He shook his head yes, I told him to take it out, he shook his head no, I said, “What the hell” took it out and held it in my right hand. For some reason I couldn’t begin to fathom I found this very erotic, so I asked him what he wanted to trade for clean up stuff, and he told me same thing. I thought, okay this isn’t too bad; I can live with it so I told him to get the cleaning stuff. Then it hit me about food, so I asked, he said same thing and I told him I’d eat too.

I went to the bathroom while he went to get the cleaning stuff, he came back and said, “Your turn” so I took his cock out, still holding it in my right hand. This time I not only found it erotic, my pussy got wet, I was a little disgusted with myself but held on to his cock for a minute or two. He then said, “Okay, clean your mess up” and asked me what I wanted to eat. I love breakfast, so I told him ham and eggs with toast would be fine. I cleaned the mess up, he came with a really marvelous breakfast, or maybe I was just starving and he put it on the end table. This time I knew what I had to do so I started to take his cock out he said, “Trade, blouse”, I said, “Oh fuck it” and gave him the blouse, then he said, “Bon appetite” and walked out. I wolfed the food down, thought it would be nice to take a bath and maybe have some clean clothes so I rang the damn bell. He appeared, asked what he could do for me, I told him and he said the only thing he had in the way of clean clothes was a tee shirt and that he was sorry, but he hadn’t thought to plan for this contingency. I took his cock out, told him no problem, a tee shirt would do fine as long as it was a long one and when I moved my hand to get a better grip, I thought he was going to cum, but he held it for which I was grateful. I took a nice hot bath, washed my undies, dried and put the tee shirt on to find to my delight, it came down to my knees.

I wanted something to read, so I rang the damn bell, he appeared, I told him what I wanted and he went to get it. He came back; I took his cock out without even really thinking about it and while holding it, asked him if he was holding me for ransom or something. He assured me he was not holding me for ransom or something and one day he would explain it, but not now. I asked him if he planned on killing me at some point, he looked shocked and said. “Why in Gods name would I want to do something like that to you?” I said, “I don’t know but this whole thing is bizarre if you ask me” and he shrugged his shoulders mumbling, “I guess” He turned to leave, I thanked him for the book, especially since it was a love story, he asked if there was any thing else I needed, and I said, “Freedom”. He walked out telling me to sleep well so I retired to the bed to read when it hit me. He said he knew I had peed in the corner, which meant I was on TV, so I started looking for a camera. I searched high and low, couldn’t find one and thought maybe I heard him wrong. Now that I was clean, fed and watered and couldn’t find a trace of a camera I took of the tee because in my real life I always slept nude. I sprawled out on top of the covers, read too I started to fall asleep, got under the covers and went off to dreamland.

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