Glorias glory hole

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

She was the town whore. Old men gave her jewelry and money for sex and young men used her cunt for a sperm dump. One day when she was leaving a liquor store with her daily pint of gin a group of high school kids recognized her.

"Do you want to have a gang bang?"

The car had three boys in it.

"I would love it" said the girl.

When she got to the motel she drank the gin and took her clothes off. The boys groped her breasts and felt her hairy cunt. Then they threw her on the bed and took turns fucking her. Sex with three high school boy made her so hot she climaxed big time. When they were done she ask their names and phone numbers so she could call them for repeat performance. Their names were Brad, Tony, and Jessie. When Gloria was in her house needed money so she called a man she knew. He was old and liked kinky sex. He loved to eat pussy and be pissed on. Jack Hart said he would be over soon. When he arrived she threw her arms around him and kissed him.

"I'm almost broke Jack, what nasty thing do you want?"

"fuck my asshole with something and pee on me"

He took his cloths off and headed for the bedroom. Gloria got a long handled wooden spoon from the kitchen and smeared it with Vaseline.

"Get your fucking ass in the air old man so I can ram this up your shit hole"

Jack got on the bed and said with a trembling voice.

"Do it"

Gloria fucked his rectum with the improvised dildo as hard as she could. She watched his prick grow and ejaculate on the bed. Then she took her clothes off and claimed on top of him and released her bladder.

"Well, aren't you going to lick the pee off my pussy?"

When Jack cleaned her with his tongue Gloria closed her eyes and rewarded her with a squirt of pee.

"I loved that" he gasp.

"What about my money?"

Jack took five hundred dollars from his billfold and put it on the nightstand."

"That's great, now fuck me"

He mounted the woman and lasted for fifteen minutes. She thought was good work for a man of sixty. The next morning after she peed on Jack she took his money and his car keys and went shopping. She went to a sex shop and bought the biggest dildo she could find to stuff up the pervert's ass. It was four inches thick and nine inches long. When she was driving home she saw the high school boys and waved at them. They followed her home and parked in her driveway.

"Can we fuck you again?" ask a pimply faced boy.

"I'm with someone but I don't think he would mind if you joined us"

When the teenagers saw the old man one of them ask.

"Can he get a hard on?"

"Yes, he just fucked me"

"Who are these people?" ask Jack.

"He likes things stuck up his shit hole" giggled Gloria.

"I want to watch that" said Brad.

She got the dildo and greased it up. Jack raised his ass and she pushed hard until his hole swallowed it.

"My god, I didn't think that was possible" gasp Jessie.

Jack ask Gloria to take it out because it was too painful. When she did it his rectum was bleeding.

"Fuck his bloody ass boys"

Jack didn't protest and let the boys take turns fucking him. When they were finished she pulled down her panties and pissed on him.

"Jesus Christ, I've never seen anything like this" gasp Tony.

Gloria pushed the old man of her bed and pulled up her dress exposing her cunt.

"Fuck my wet pussy" she begged.

Brad was the first to mount her. He made her climax and so did the other two boys. When they went home she ask Jack if he liked his ass fucking.

"I loved it but my asshole is sore"

Gloria licked it with her tongue and said.

"Next time I'll give your glory hole a warm water douche" she laughed.

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