The Perfect Thirty six.

(Part 1 from 1)

Judy and I met when she was thirty six ( You might say the perfect thirty six). The apartment where I lived, there were two neighborhood bars where everybody knew everyone in the bar. One Friday night I walked into one of the bars. Leaning over the pool table was a true knockout, yes, it was lust at first sight! She took my breath away. I sat down at the bar and my friend Jake, the bartender, told me she was new to the area and her name was Judy. She had just moved into the same apartment complex where I lived. He also told me every guy in the bar was hitting on her. I thought to myself, why waste my time.

I was on my third drink when someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I could move over. The person said, "I need some room to get my chair up to the bar." Oh! yes, it was Judy.
Judy said to me, "You are the only guy in here that has not offered to buy me a drink or just plain hit on me. Are you gay?"

Those are words you never say to me (Question my manhood)! I laid twenty bucks on the bar and said, "Jake I'm out of here." I then preceded to leave. I knew at that point, I wanted nothing to do with that bitch, no matter how good she looked. Out the door I went and did not look back.

The next morning my cell phone rang and it was Jake. He said, "What in the hell got up your ass last night, why did you leave?"

"She was a bitch and I was not going to set there and play her little game. Every guy in there last night hit on her and she got her cookies off, by shutting them down."

"After you left, she ask me if I knew you and I told her yes. I even tried hitting on her and it was a no go. She asked me for your name, phone number, and your address, I gave it to her."

"Oh, thanks buddy that's all I need, another headache."

"Hey partner, I think she has the hornies for you and it worth taking a chance to get into that."

I said to Jake, "I know you are just thinking with your dick but let me do the thinking for myself. Yes, I fell totally in lust, when I saw those big tits and so did every guy in there. Maybe I will be in tonight, you owe me one for this!"

Later that afternoon there was a knock on the door. I guy was standing there with two dozen red roses. He had a note that read, I am really sorry for last night, here is my phone number, please call, Judy. Judy and I have been together ever since.

After dating for two months we decided to move in together. We moved into my apartment cause it was closer to the swimming pool. Judy was the biggest tease, I had ever been with. Judy could put on the most innocent look, like I really need you to pay attention (those double D's attracted quit a bit attention). Judy did not like wearing a bra, but sometimes when we were out she wore a black pushup bra that showed a lot of cleavage. Most of her outfits were designed to go braless. Being a boob man, I really did enjoy.

We had been living together for three months. It was a Friday night and we decided to go to the bar, we met in. Judy had decided to wear a real tight black sweater, with her black bra and a skin tight pair of Levi's. She looked very hot.

When we got to the bar, there was a nine ball pool tournament getting ready to start, I really did enjoy shooting pool. It was a fifty dollar entrance fee, I plunked out the fifty. There were thirty people that had signed up. The bar had just put in five pool tables. The way the tournament was set up, one loss and you were eliminated. The final two players had a best of a three game play off, the winner won seven hundred, second place was three fifty and third was two hundred, what was left the house kept.

These tournaments usually took three to four hours to complete, this one started at eight. I was shooting OK but not great and I was going back and forth to bar. Judy was talking to Jake, when I noticed a young guy set down next to her. They struck a conversation and seemed to be getting along pretty good.

I was to infatuated with that beautiful body of Judy's, I never thought of sharing it. I had about three beers while I was shooting and on my forth game I lost. I was out of the money, all I had left was Judy and sex (Poor John, I know everyone feels sorry for me). I walked back over to the bar and Judy introduced me to the guy setting next to her, his name was Kevin.

We had been in the bar for about two hours at this point. My mind started working, I could see how Kevin was looking at Judy, my thoughts were, how am I going to get these two together? You have to remember Judy and I had never talked about doing these kind of things (story time had not been introduced to our relationship yet). There was a bar stool open on the other side of Kevin. I sat down and ordered a round for all three of us.

Kevin said to me, "I just turned twenty one and caught a ride to the bar, to celebrate. I just moved here and do not know anyone. I live about two miles from here." We sat there and small talked for another hour and I decided to leave.
I said to Kevin, "Would you like a ride."

He looked over at Judy and said, "What way are you headed."

Judy replied, "Why don't we all go over to our apartment and I will cook you a birthday breakfast? John can take you home later."

"That sounds great to me, I will take you up on that."

We lived about a half mile from the bar. We got in the car and headed for our apartment. When we got there, I went in and put some music on. I said to Judy, " Why don't you go in and put the bathing suit you just bought on, I am sure Kevin would enjoy watching you cook breakfast in that."

Judy gave me an evil look and said, "OK, that can be done."

Judy left the room and I said, " Kevin why don't you stick your head in there and see if she needs some help."

"Are you kidding, you want me to go in there with her?"
I said, "Why not, you don't like her, she doesn't bite much."

He slowly walked over to the door, opened it and looked in. I heard him say, "Do need some help." I watched him walk in, real timid. I really did wish that I had some security cameras in there, so I could watch what was going on. Oh well, this is my first time with Judy, doing things like this. I will have to get Judy to tell what happened.

Later Judy said, "He walked in and I had pulled my sweater over my head. I was standing in front of the mirror and he could see my boobs. He walked over to me and his eyes where as big as flying saucer."

Judy said, Why don't you unhook my bra, their were four hooks on it and I could tell that he did not have much experience with bras. I could feel his hands shaking. The bra finally fell to the floor and I turned around to face him."

All Kevin could say was, "Oh, my god, you are beautiful, do you think John is going to get mad."

"He is right outside that door, I don't think you would be here if he was going to get mad. I think this is your birthday present from both us."

"Can I touch them?"

"You do what ever you want. It looks like I am yours for a while."

He reached out and put both hands over my boobs and started squeezing them. Judy said, "By his touch, I could tell he had not been with a lot of women, I knew I was going to be his teacher. He was so good looking, I felt I was up to the task. I put my hands on his shirt and pulled it up over his head. My arms went around his neck and I started putting my tongue in and out of his ear, talking to him. I was telling him how good he felt, holding me against his body. My nipples were so hard, touching his skin."

He looked at me and said, "Why don't we go in the bedroom?"

Judy kept talking, "There was enough light to see each other, coming from the bathroom hallway. When we got in the bedroom, I unbuttoned his pants and he laid back on the bed. I pulled his pants and his shorts off and I took my Levi's off, we were both nude. Kevin must of had a good eight inches. I spread his legs apart and put my nipples on his thighs and was rubbing them up and down. I put my lips on his cock and got it all wet. I stuck his cock in-between my tits and started working it real fast, I knew he was about ready to explode. I could feel his heart in his cock pulsating in between my tits. I put it in my mouth, he couldn't hold it anymore. He had his hands on the back of my head and he was humping really fast. He let loose and it hit the back of my throat. I took it all down."

Judy finishes up, "We laid there for ten minutes, all the time I was playing with him, getting it hard again. It was probably hard in three minutes, I just gave him a break (Like a twenty one year old needs a break). I got up on top of him and I was still tight I had not cum. I started going down real slow inch by inch until that cock hit bottom. He quickened the pace, he reached up with his lips and started sucking on my nipples. It felt so good to have that cock inside me. That's when you heard me screaming, he also got off again. The whole thing was over in about twenty minutes. We clasped in each others arms and laid there for a short time, then rejoined you in the front room."

Judy took him home that night and did not fix any breakfast. She said, "They played around in the car, he sucked her tits and they made out."
We saw him two or three times in the bar. He came over two other times, he liked blow jobs, he never fucked her again to my knowledge. After that he just disappeared.

** Editors notes: I had to tell how we met and our first time we involved someone else. Before we got married. This is the names of the six stories I that I wrote about Judy and Myself (Judy Gives Into Her Desires), (Is Gil Really My Friend?), (Gil Comes Back For Seconds.), (Gil Finds Out He Was Not Fooling Anyone.) Just two more stories left for my Judy series. ( The Perfect thirty- six.), which is this one (Judy And I Fool around At The Other Local Bar.) Is the last. I have written a total of six stories about Judy and I. Five of the stories are true.

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