Gil Finds Out He Was Not Fooling Anyone.

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My last two stories have been about my friend Gil. I have decided to finish the Gil era in mine and Judy's lives.

In my previous story (Gil Comes Back For Seconds), Gil called me on the pretense that he needed me to go to Monterey to help him fix his car, which was all a lie. After that happened we didn't see Gil for almost two years. Judy and I tried to find out what happened to him, but he was no where to be found. I finally made contact with his last roommate, he told me that Gil had gotten married and moved to another city. Gil married a girl named Cindy, who I had met. Cindy was a real bitch and we did not get along. Now I understand why he left without telling me. Judy and I went on doing our fantasies, which I will write about at a later date.

Two years had gone by and we had not heard from Gil. At eleven, one Friday morning the telephone rang, it was Gil. He ask me if I would go with him to get papers signed for his divorce. He told me that he had married Cindy and it did not work out, he needed me to witness the signing. Two redeeming in factors in Gil's favor, Cindy's father was filthy rich and she was a fox, but she was still a bitch. (I forgot to tell Judy that Gil had called me at work)

It was a Saturday morning, Judy and I had decided just to lay around and do absolutely nothing. Judy had on some sexy panties and her robe. She said,

"I am going to stay like this all day."

Judy really did looked great. I was horny and about ready to get some, when the phone rang, it was Gil. He said, "Are you going with me?"

I said, "What are you talking about?"

"You promised to go with me and be my witness when I sign the divorce papers with Cindy. Remember I asked you three weeks ago?"

"What time are you planning to do all of this?"

"One o'clock, I really need you to go with me, its really important."

"Alright I have to tell Judy, I will see you then."

I have known Gil since high school, and he has made a lot of mistakes, leaving Cindy was the biggest. He had no worries about how he was going to pay his bills. He really had it made, but yet he still had a bitch for a wife. Gil liked over weight woman, who's joking? Gil like sex, any size or shape.

Sure enough at one o'clock, he was at my front door with another guy. He had brought his friend Mike. Mike was the guy, that he wanted Judy to meet two years ago.

Gil said, "My car would not start and Mike offered to bring me over. I guess I could have walked, I only live three blocks from here. John do think we could take your car?"

I said, "Yes, but he was going to pay for the gas."

Mike was Gil's friend, he had planned to bring over before, but that was two years ago. Gil introduced us to Mike; Mike sat down in the recliner, he didn't say very much.

Judy said, "How long are you two going to be gone; and when can I expect you back?"

Gil replied, "About three or four hours, if everything goes okay."

I noticed that Gil and Mike could not take their eyes off Judy. Gil had no idea that I knew he was balling her before he got married. He thought we were still best friends. Today was the day that I would put him in his place. We said, "Our good byes to Judy and all three of us got up and left."

Cindy lived about an hour drive from my place. We got there and walked into Gil's triple wide mobile home. Cindy, her father and a lawyer were there. We sat down, Cindy poured me a cup of coffee and gave Gil a beer. What happened, Cindy's dad had bought the mobile for them, putting down thirty thousand dollars. Cindy and Gil were making the payments. The cost of the home was one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Cindy's dad offered Gil twenty five thousand dollars cash, and he would pickup all they're bills.

At first Gil said, "No, he wanted the mobile." Gil had already drank three beers and was not feeling any pain. I took Gil in the other room, he needed for some one to knock some sense into him. I said, "Take the damn twenty five, you are getting more than you should, and lets get the hell out of here."

Gil went back in and signed the papers. We had been there about two hours. We decided to leave for my place, we were almost there when Gil said, "Is it alright if I come in for a while, I am thinking about going to the bar later?"

I knew Gil wanted to come in and see Judy. I started thinking story time, remembering how good Judy looked when I left. I thought now is the time to really put Gil in his place. I needed some throat loungers, I told Gil that I had to stop at the 7- 11. I knew there was a phone inside, I had forgotten my cell at the house.

I called my friend David and told him to give me a call at home in about thirty minutes, it was going to be close to six and dark. I told David that I would do all the talking, just make sure you call me.

We got to the house and Judy was still sitting on the couch, still in her robe drinking a glass of wine.

Gil said, "Do you mind if I have beer?"

I said, "Sure I will get you one."

I noticed Gil couldn't look Judy in the eyes, I had never seen Gil act like this towards her before.

"Hey Gil, I was sure glad to finally meet your friend Mike. I was wondering what happened to him. Remember, you asked me if I would like to meet him. I thought you were going to bring him over back then."

Gil looked away from Judy and looked over at me, like he had got his hand caught in a cookie jar.

Gil replied, "I haven't seen much of him for the past two years. Cindy didn't like him, I thought he moved down south, and I just met up with him since Cindy and I split up."

At that moment the phone rang. Judy was setting right next to it so she answered.

She said, "John its your friend David, he wants to talk to you."

While I was talking to David, I watch Gil. I could almost read his mind, his tongue was hanging out, I knew he wanted some of Judy.

I said to Judy, "David found a Chevy the same year as mine and he thought I should go take a look at it. Its a Junker and I might be able to get some parts off of it."

I said, "Lets go to Gil, you said you wanted to go to the bar I will give you a lift. You go ahead and wait for me by the car, I will be out in a minute. I probably will be gone two hours."

I said to Judy, "I know as soon as I leave Gil will be back. I will fix his wagon tonight. Tease the hell out of him, don't be surprised when I knock on the door."

Gil and I left, I offered to give him a ride, he didn't want one.

I drove down the street and hid my car. I ran back to the house and jumped the fence. I left the doors unlocked to the bedroom. I had a hiding place that if anyone came in they would not be able see me. About ten minutes after I got there, I heard a knock on the door.

I heard Judy say Gil, "Your back, I guess you didn't want me to be lonely?"

"I didn't want to sit in the bar, when there was no one there. So I thought you might be alone and want to fool around."
"I think I have fooled around quite a bit today, don't you? You know who was here today? He told me you helped him set it up, I guess you don't love me anymore."

Gil replied, "I don't know what you are talking about."

Judy just put a great big smile on her face and didn't say another word.

It was totally dark in the bedroom and I had the mirrors fix so I could see everything that went on in the living room. I was not going to let Gil fuck her, Gil thought he was doing this on his own and that I didn't know. What I had planned was to let him get so far, then go to the front door and make a lot of noise when I opened it. That should scare the hell out of him.

Judy sat back down on the couch, her robe fell partially open. You could see most of her boobs.

Gil said, "Can I get another beer, I am really thirsty."

"Sure, you have had quite a few tonight, you must be nervous about something?"

Gil got a beer and sat down next to Judy. Gil wasted no time, he pulled her robe back and put his hand on her knee.

Judy started talking to Gil about his friend Mike and what a great guy he seemed to be. Gil, of course, try's to change the subject.

He starts running his hand up her thighs. Judy reached down and untied her robe and stood up. She moved away from Gil just beyond his reach, she started playing with her tits.

Gil said, "Come over here Judy, I want you!"

"Gil stand up and take your clothes off. I want to look at you while I play with myself."

He stood up and stripped down to the bare bone.

Now, is the time I decided to go to the front door. I put my key in the door and pretended that it wouldn't open, I called Judy's name out, while knocking on the door. I heard a lot of scrambling around, all I could do was laugh. I walked in and there sat Gil with no shoes, no shirt, with his pants unzipped.

I said, "Hey, Gil what's going on, what are you doing here?"

He starts stuttering, "Ah, ah, ah, I just came back to see if you had gotten home, there was nothing at the bar."

I said, "Sometimes you are an idiot and you can't see your ass from a hole in the ground!" He looked at me real puzzled.

"Didn't you realize, I set everything up? When Judy came over to your house, I set that up. I was in the closet the time you came over here, you thought you were doing this behind my back? You should know me better than that. I guess you just couldn't turn those big boobs and that shaved brazilian pussy down. Like who could,"

He looked up and said, "Are you pissed at me?"

I said, "Hell no you filled my story time, but now is the time you pull up your zipper and go home."

Like a flash Gil was gone.

Judy said, "You sure scared the hell out of him, I think he wet his pants. You really don't know what happened today, do you?"

I looked at her and said, "What are you talking about?" I thought she meant Gil, I did not know anything else.

"You got yourself a real good story time."

My dick started getting hard, I had no idea what she was talking about.

She said, "Let's go to the bedroom."

Judy went in and laid on the bed totally nude, she looked so good.

"Take your clothes off."

I laid down and started playing with her pregnant tits, her nipples were really hard.

She said, "You had been gone about ten minutes and there was a knock at the door, it was Mike."

He said, "I lost my wallet, did you happen to see it? I think it might have fallen out when I was sitting in your recliner."

We looked all around and sure enough it was in the side of the recliner.

At this time my imagination was running wild, I had to stick my dick in her, it was so hard it hurt. Judy's cunt was so wet I went right in. I knew if I moved before she started talking I would cum. She put her lips up to my ear and started talking real slow.

Mike sat back down in the recliner and I said, "I was just getting ready to fix myself a sandwich, do you want one?

Mike said, "No, but I sure would enjoy a beer."

I said, "Sure, I will get you one. Gil told me that you had some serious problems, do you want to talk about them."

He said, "I really didn't come over here to talk about my problems, since you are such a good looking chick, I will tell you a little. I have a son who is sixteen, he got himself in some trouble and got thrown in jail. The last two years I have been down south, hiring attorney's trying to keep him out. I spent all my money."

"I could tell this was upsetting him so I walked behind the recliner and started messaging his neck. He stood up walked around to me, putting his arms around me, pulling me in close. He looked down at me, we started kissing. He put his hand on my boob, pulling it out of my robe. He put his lips over my nipple flicking it with his tongue."

I stepped back, "Mike I don't think we should do this. I really do love John."

With a smile on his face, he said, "You have a great body and I don't want to stop, I won't tell him if you don't."

I had to pull my cock out of Judy, I was about ready to cum.

Judy put her hand on my cock.

I said, "Don't move I need a break, I am going to cum and I want to hear the whole story."

Judy leaned back over me and put her mouth to my ear and said, "I was so turned on to Mike and he loved playing with my tits. It felt so good when he was sucking on them. Mike reached down untied my robe and it fell to the floor, all I had on was my panties. He pulled his shirt over his head, I undid his belt and unsnapped his pants, they fell to the floor."

"We went back to an embracing, I was pushing my boobs into his chest and we were kissing. You know how horny I get when I'm making out. I put my hand down on his cock and started squeezing it. I ran my boobs down to his it, spiting on the head of it. I took my boobs and squeezed his cock, between them. His cock was sticking straight up and I was stroking up and down. I could feel his heart in his cock and it was pounding against my tits. I couldn't resist anymore, I had to make him cum. I put my mouth on it working my tongue around that large head. He started getting off and I put it all the way in my mouth, he shot a large load, I swallowed it all."

Judy said, "Mike is thirty four, so I knew it wouldn't be long before it was hard again. Mike picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He pulled my panties off, he laid me on my stomach running his dick up and down my crack, his cock had already gotten hard. He went to the back of my neck and started lightly licking the hairs, it sent goose bumps all over my body. (Judy is still whispering in my ear and stroking my cock) He ran his tongue down the middle of my back running his finger on the sides of my boobs. Mike put his knees in between my legs and pushed them apart, putting his tongue in my ass. He stuck two fingers up my cunt working them in and out, I was so wet. He picked my hips up putting me on my knees and he put his cock up to my pussy and started teasing me.

I cried out, "Please Mike put it in, but he kept teasing me. He would stick it in a little ways and then pull it out. Finally he pushed it all the way inside of me and I could not stop my self from Cumming. I fell to my stomach and he picked me back up, I was on my knees again."
He said, "I'm not through, I haven't cum. I felt his fingers playing with my pussy. (I couldn't stand it any more, I had to stick my cock back inside her) He stuck his cock up to my cunt started working it real slow, I was so wet it went right in. It felt really good going in so deep. He kept working it in and out real slow, leaning over my back playing, with my tits. Finally he stuck it all the way in, working real fast, I could feel him getting off inside of me, we got off together."

"At that exact moment Judy and I got off really hard."

"Mike and I laid there for a few minutes and decided to take a shower together. He could not keep his hands off of me. We held each other close, he stuck his fingers inside of me working them really fast, he dropped to his knees and put his tongue on my clit, then stuck his tongue inside of me. Yes, I came again. After we dried off we got dressed and sat around playing with each other.
I looked at the clock and said, "John and Gil are going to be home real soon, you have to get going, I have had a great time. He stood up, held me real close and we kissed."

Mike said, "I really do want to see you a lot more."
I said, "Mike I would really like to say yes, you can leave a phone number if you want, I really do love John and it will be up to him. This will have to be our one and only time, unless something happens."

Mike answered, "What will be will be." He walked out.

I said to myself, "Now, I know that Gil was no longer in the picture. I guess Mike will fill the void, I will have to think of something new. John, you have a dirty mind, but what a story time."

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