The Jaylynn Chronicles: The neighbors naughty secret 2 : Round 2

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This is not a story that picks up where the last one left off. This story actually happened a few months later. My first encounter with my neighbor is still my favorite experience ever. Not saying I didn't enjoy all the others but that experience was something new to me and I really liked it. So to better understand this story u need to read the first one, and with that being said I'll begin.

It was February. Cold outside. Sleet and rain fell from the sky stinging my uncovered teen face. I was walking home from a friends house and was chilled to the bone.

The streets were empty and being a small town I was taking alot of back roads to get home quicker. As I rounded a deserted corner the sun setting behind me I could hear a car creaping up on me slowly. Looking straight ahead I walked with only my thoughts. The car pulled up next to me and the window rolled down. "Jay Jay, what are you doing out here it's freezing?" I looked up to see my neighbor. "Hey" I said. He asked if I wanted a ride and I said sure climbing into the car with him.

Heading down the road I took off my Beanie and scarf releasing my red hair. not much was said as we rode down the road. Passing my house I looked at him and said,"you know you just passed our houses right?" He smiled saying, " I have a stop I need to make first." We rode for about thirty minutes more pulling into a driveway I have never been too. We got out and quickly walked up to the door. After knocking several times the door opened and an older guy stood in the door way. Walking in I was told to have a seat and they walked into another room.

After about fifteen minutes of silence I got up and started looking around the room. Pictures on the wall of grand kids, television off, books on a book shelf, just ur ordinary home. The quietness was kind of creepy. I didn't know who the other guy was or why we were here which helped creep me out. I opened the door that they went into slightly and glanced inside. It was a dark hall way. I felt alone, like I had been left here forever. The chilly feel along with The darkness gave it that feeling. Walking inside I said,"hello?" Only quietness came. I walked down the hall and passed a few doors headed for the only one with light coming from under it. Turning the handle the door creaked as I opened it and looked inside. There was a bed with pink sheets and light blue pillows, posters on the wall of Justin Berber and Hanna Montana. Thinking this must be his daughters bedroom or grand daughter I entered the room. The door closed behind me and when I checked it it was locked. Looking around the room I noticed another door that looked like a closet. Walking slowly to it I reached out and turned the handle opening it and looking into the darkness that seemed to go on forever. "Hello? Hello, is anyone there?" I said as I looked inside, but no one answered.

I turned to walk back towards the bed and I felt two strong hands grab me from behind and slamming me too the floor. The breath rushed from me and I felt pain inside as I turned to see who it was. Looking up through teary eyes I saw a man standing over me with a black leather mask on, no shirt, and black pants with spiked leather boots. Trying to scurry to my feet he grabbed me pulling me into the air with ease and throwing me onto the bed. Rolling to my stomach and trying to crawl away I felt him grab me by the hips pulling at my pants from underneath. I heard a ripping sound as they loosened and he pressed my face into the mattress pulling them down my legs and off, my shoes flying off in the process.

Wearing only my button up white shirt, a black bra, hello Kitty panties, and pink knee high socks, one barley on, he released his grip. I rolled over and looked at him standing over the bed looking hungrily trough the mask at me rubbing himself through his pants. slowly unzipping them he reached in and released his giant monster from it's confines. Looking at the long thick brown mass he calls his cock I asked, "what do you want from me?" Not answering he quickly crawled onto the bed and up on top of me. I tried pushing away but he was to big and to strong. Rolling me onto my stomach he slapped my tiny teen butt strongly.

The sound echoing throughout the room. Pulling my panties down and off he layed on top of me crushing me with his weight. I felt his rapidly growing cock on my little butt as he took my panties and shoved them into my mouth pulling my head back by the hair as he did so. Pushing my face back down and pulling my hips up I felt him spank me again harder this time. I tried screaming out as he growled and slapped me again. Spreading my ass cheeks I heard him unzipping the mouth zipper on his mask and felt his wet slimy tongue lather my brown round entering it slightly. Pulling back he smacked and stuck his tongue in again. Probing in and out. Even though I was scared and still sore from being handled so rough I was feeling a rush of excitement building up inside.

"Such a tiny little whore with such a tiny asshole", he said from behind me. "I have something for you", he said as he rolled me over so I could see the massiveness of his manhood. His cock was fully erect now and was the size of a baseball bat. A look of fright engulfed my face and he said, "scared? But we have so much more in store for you."

Crashing down on top of me and covering my mouth with one hand he used the other to pry my legs open. staring into his eyes that were filled with nothing but darkness and rage I felt him thrust and my little girl hole opened slightly. I tried screaming out but this encouraged him more hearing my muffled crys for help and he thrust again tearing a little deeper. Positioning himself on his knees above me, still covering my mouth he shoved again and plunged deep tunneling inside my little girl pussy hole. "That's it, that's the shot I was looking for." He said as he stayed deep inside me, stretching me wide. "It's only fair that we do this right though," he said as he pulled out a remote and hit a button. Sounds of slip knot the hardcore metal band started blaring from the walls, and with both hands around my neck he started slamming long deep cock plunges into my pussy.

My leg's spread wide, my tiny hole being turned inside out, the sounds of death metal and the squeaky bed, and the feeling of his large body demolishing me was my new world. his cock tore deeper and deeper. His sweat poured from his mask and dripped onto my face. I turned my head to keep it from my eyes and that's when I saw my neighbor with the video camera getting the whole thing recorded. The masked man looked over at him and started slamming harder and harder into me growling as he did so. With every thrust, growl, growl, growl, GROWL.

Sitting up and releasing my throte I felt a slap across my cheek as he worked his mammoth dick from the confines of my baby hole. Standing off of the bed yet he slapped me again and grabbed me by the neck lifting me high into the air. My windpipe was unable to grab any air. He walked me a few feet away from the bed and dropped me to the floor. Gasping for air he took me by the head shoving his dick into my mouth and fucking my little throte. My jaws were spread so wide tears rolled down my face. Shoving himself into my mouth and down my throne once again I couldn't breath. I looked at my neighbor as he came in close getting a good shot of the masked man's member completely filling me up but only half in me. Releasing me and exiting my mouth I gasped for air as I was yanked up by my neck again to a standing position. The masked man ripped my shirt open dropping it to the floor and released my black bra my teenybopper tits pointing out at him. Pulling the panties from my mouth he spun me around and used them to tie my hands behind my back, then spun me back around and pushed me down on the bed.

Unable to move my hands, my pussy sore and swollen, I stared at him stalking me. I looked around and saw my neighbor still filming going back and forth from me to him. Then without warning he sprung onto me slamming his heavy body onto mine. Sucking my tiny nipples and spreading my pussy lips he pulled my feet high into the air laying them across his shoulders. Spitting on the tip of his cock and letting it drip onto my tiny brown exit hole, he lined his spear up ready to distroy it. Looking deep into my young innocent worried eyes he thrust three quick times ripping into my asshole. A loud childish yelp escaped my throte as he began rapidly banging into me, pulling out on my butt cheeks to help his tree trunk dive deeper and deeper. I glanced down and watched as my tiny ass sleeve pulled out and shoved in, pulled out and shoved in, over and over.

The smell escaping my pulsating rapidly swelling, demolished asshole mixed with pussy juice spit and sweat filled the room. The man in the mask slammed harder and faster as his grunts grew louder. I could feel my juices building up inside and all of a sudden I screamed out, "I'm CUMMINGS, I'M CUMMINGS", as loads of girl juice squirted out spraying his still ramming body. Pressing my legs further down until they were laying on the bed on each side of my head he claimed higher slamming deeper and deeper into my teen butt hole. Screaming louder and louder as he drilled me to the deepest depths of my anal cavity he yells out, "here it is you fucking whore, open wide." And he releases me pulling his captured cock from my ass, grabbing my hair and aiming for my face. Opening my mouth the first spray blasted my check covering me with warm white sauce. The second blast came shortly after filling my little mouth with his baby batter. I tried swallowing but the third blasted before I could over flowing my throne and spilling out stringing from my chin. Pushing his cock deep inside my mouth I felt one last blast shoot deep down my throte and into my stomach.

My neighbor moved in closely getting the perfect shot of my cum covered face ,moving down to my stretched swollen asshole and up to the masked mans face before turning off the camera. The masked man moved off of me and stood over to the side staring silently at me as I tried getting up to put my cloths on. But before I could my neighbor slammed himself on top of me, releasing his cock and shoving it into my pussy. Thrust after thrust he entered me slowly sliding across the bed with each thrust. I wrapped my tired shaking legs and my small weak arms around him and moved back and forth with the motions. As we reached the other side of the bed we slid off onto the floor crashing onto the carpet. Still propped up on the side of the bed he pulled out and entered my asshole pile driving me hard into the floor. The masked man stood quietly watching this ordeal go on.

Looking up I could see the masked mans cock starting to harden more and more with each plunge and I reached out for him to bring it to me. Getting down to his knees by my head I opened my mouth and he entered my throte once again. With a fat cock slamming my little highschool asshole and another rapidly increasing in size in my mouth I could feel my juices churning once again. Muffled mumbles escaped the confines of my full of cock mouth as babygirl juice squirted from my pussy covering my tits and chin. Seeing this caused my neighbor to blow his load deep in my asshole and the masked man moments later while the other cock pulsated my child like brown eye, blew his cream down my throte for the second time.

The two men, slinking slowly out of my ass and mouth stood up as I fell to the floor. my stretched gaping girl hole tooted out blobs of cum as I layed there motionless. My neighbor spoke saying, "sorry my darling I would have told you what was up but that would have taken so much of the fun out of it." Smiling at him I said, "you sure do know what a little girl needs don't you?"

Helping me to my feet and walking my limping body to the bathroom I showered and dressed. Once finished I joined them back in the front room. We all talked for a bit and then me and my neighbor left headed for home.

We didn't talk much on the ride back and pulling into my driveway my neighbor said, "Jay Jay, I've never met a girl like you. You are by far the greatest creature ever created and I think we are gonna do alot of great things together." Smiling I said, "I'm all yours, and I always will be." I turned and walked up to the porch, and gave a childish little wave and a smile as he drove off. My dad was asleep in his recliner. I kissed his head and went to my room. Undressing fully I turned looking into my mirror and spread my butt cheeks looking at my swollen asshole. "You're gonna be a star one day Jaylynn. A big big star", I said as i climbed my nude body into bed and went to sleep.

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