She's Wishing for What He's Wanting : Part Two

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Note : This story is completely fictional!


“Hi! Oh my God it’s really you. Ugh, you don’t even know how much I’ve miss you!” exclaimed Mackenzie.

“Hey sweet cakes. How you been?” asked Robby.

Lena quickly cleared up the dishes from the table and rushed to the front door. There stood four of the most gorgeous men she had ever seen. I guess you could call them boys, they weren’t even drinking age, but boy did they look yummy.

“Guys, this is Lena, my friend from high school. She and I are going to be spending this whole vacation here with you boys!”

“Hey guys,” Lena managed before she turned into a beet. The four guys looked amongst themselves, clearly pondering a thought…

“No. No-no-no-no!” screeched Mackenzie. At that moment poor Lena was plowed by all four guys. It was a welcoming gesture. These ‘men’ were very handsome, but very playful. Lena felt at ease, even under the 700 something pounds crushing her.

“Hahahaha-Hello to you too.”

The girls grabbed their bags with a few essentials before leaving the house to cram into the tiny black car. There was only room for five. Five seats meaning five butts able to grab a seat. The sixth? Was Mackenzie sitting in Joey’s lap. Robby was the driver, Mike called shotgun, Joey called Mackenzie, and Lena called for middle seat. Leaving her sitting next to Austin.

He was a curious figure. Brown hair and hazel eyes. He was pretty tall, very fit, and very attractive. But it was a different attraction. He had this childish feel to him. Just his presence alone made Lena feel calm and relaxed. She wanted to stare at him but that would get a big awkward considering she was sitting right next to him. Shoulder to shoulder.

While the five gabbed on about what they all have been up to, Lena sat and listened. She felt more comfortable listening them to talk, than to even try to chime in with stuttering gibberish. The windows and the sunroof were open, and hair was whipping everywhere. Lena was forced to tie up her hair, she felt bad about Austin catching all the long stands of silky brown hair in his face. It did however smell like lilacs. Poor Austin.

“So what are you majoring in,” shouted Austin over the howling windows.

“Who. Me? Oh, haha… Chemistry,” replied Lena.

The big doofy grin that was pleasantly smeared across his face slowly started to diminish.

“Chemistry,” he began to look like he was in a deep thought, “Power to you.” He began to laugh. Nervously, Lena joined him. She knew she was fooling herself. She didn’t need some hunk to tell her that.

They finally reached the beach they’ve been reminiscing over. Robby hopped out first, popping the trunk. Everyone followed, stretching as they crawled out of the tiny shoebox. Lena was last out, and before she got her second foot out, she stumbled, almost landing onto Austin, who thankfully caught her, by gripping her side and supporting her up. Her foot was snagged in a seatbelt. She was so embarrassed, and Austin could tell.

“Ha, don’t worry about it. That was Joey’s bad. Hey fucktard, watch where you put your seat belt next time. You almost killed poor Lena!” shouted Austin.

“What are you talking about? Mackie was my seatbelt.”

“It’s ok really, it was my fault. Ha. Clumsy me.” It was probably the most she’s said the whole trip to the beach. Even though she felt comfortable with them, they were all still incredibly gorgeous, and she didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of them.

“Alright guys, lets head up,” called Robby. They all marched up behind him. Mackenzie was all in a hype, finally catching up with her boys. Austin stayed behind. Almost to make sure that Lena was ok, but also to get to know her a bit more.

To Austin, Lena was an awkward one. But he liked that about her. He’s been in her shoes. He was unfit, even a bit pudgy. He was mocked at enough in his lifetime to make himself work out two, maybe three bodies into perfection. He managed to dodge the snickers once he built confidence. Something he saw that Lena needed.

So he started to strike small talk with her. Lena had to admit she felt most comfortable with Austin. She liked talking to him. It was like they’ve known each other for ages.

“What’s you’re favorite color?” asked Austin.

… Despite the beginners questions…

“That would definitely have to be green.”

“Oh well that makes sense. Your eyes are green,” he said, smiling down at her. It completely threw her off guard. But she managed to recompose herself.

“Gee thanks. Am I to guess yours is … yellow?”

“You could, but only if you wanted to. Mine is green as well though, for the record.”

Lena smiled to herself. She started to like Austin. But it really wasn’t the same as Rye. Austin was more of a best friend, that just so happened to be a guy, where casual flirtations were allowed. Rye was a heated desire to pounce him and ‘do it like they do it on the discovery channel,’ as Bloodhound Gang so nicely put it. But she new she needed a combination of both. She couldn’t have sex without the personality, and likewise, no personality without the heat and sexual tension. She just hoped she could get to know Rye a bit more. Maybe he did have that thriving and fun personality after all…


They all set up their umbrellas, towels and coolers. The infamous ‘Need help with that sunscreen?’ question popped up for both girls. As awkward as it was for Lena, not knowing these guys and all, she felt strangely comfortable allowing them smooth the creamy cocoanut scent over her body. Oddly enough, it wasn’t Austin who jumped at the chance. It was Mike. But that was only because Robby was lounging, catching the eyes of the girls strutting by, and Joey was all over Mackenzie. Austin, being the playful person he was, teased Joey by working on Mackenzie’s other half.

“It’s always been like that. Austin loves to fool around and stir up trouble. It’s a good thing we’re all like brothers,” said Mike.

“That’s really cool, you know, that all of you are so close. I mean, I still keep in contact with my friends, but we really aren’t this close. Maybe it’s because we’re girls.”

“Really? You would think girls would have stronger ties…”

“I think it’s the lack of piggy piles.”

“Piggy piles? What the fuck is a piggy pile?”

“The nice ‘hello’ I got back at Mackie’s,” replied Lena. Mike laughed.

“Yeah. Sorry about that. It’s how we roll.”

“Or crash. Hahah.” Lena gasped as the waves crash against the fine white sand. “It’s so beautiful here. You guys are so lucky to live here.”

“You’re welcome to them you know. After all, you live here with us.” He smiled. He was such a charmer. But it was a different charm. It wasn’t the kind where you could feel that he wanted “something more.” No, it was more of a settling in charm, and Lena liked that.

She looked at the lotion bottle. “It’s water proof right?”


“Race you!” She ran to the waves rushing back at her. Mike jumped to his feet and hollered, ‘Cheater!’ after her, which caught the attention of the fools hovering over Mackenzie. She squealed and ran after them too. Looking behind her, she smiled and told the rest to come on. Joey was quick to follow while Austin just tilted his head, admiring Lena as her sleek body, trimmed by the black two-piece, splashing around in the sweet waters. He soon snapped back into reality when she waved at him to come over.

She was having a blast, flinging water at Mackenzie while getting splashed herself. Her hair wasn’t completely wet, just the tips, which dripped of cool water, flying around as she spun her head with excitement. Robby, out of no where, grabbed Lena, lifting her up past his shoulders, and shouted ‘Heave, Ho!’ and down went Lena.

“Ah no! Lena, are you ok!” exclaimed Mackenzie. With that, Robby swooped her up, and tossed her into the next incoming wave.

“Just as much as you are,” replied Lena, eyes as wide as her smile.

Soon, the clear blue sky was tainted by a blush of pink. That quickly turned into a faint rouge, with an added fierce orange. The day was ending, but on a very good note. They decided to call it a day, start packing, then head back home where a bonfire was planned.

Lena dried herself off with her comfy green towel. She watched the sun settle down in the sparkling horizon, completely zoning out what was going on around her. Soon all the coolers, umbrellas, even trash was taken care of… All that was left was the zombied out Lena. Austin walked over quietly, tossing her clothes on her head.

“Oh my God. What happened to all our stuff?” Austin pointed to the car.

“All that’s left to pack is your lazy bum.”

“Aww, I’m sorry, I got lost in the waves.”

“It’s ok,” he chuckled to himself, “We all know what it’s like to stare at this beauty.”

She blushed. “Thanks.” He held his hand out, and hoisted her up. They walked to the car, playfully bumping into each other. And to think, it’s only the second day. She could only imagine what the rest of the break will be like. At this rate, she would drop school in a heartbeat, just for this. She made four really great friends, and spent a whole day at a gorgeous beach, having the time of her life. And the best part was the day wasn’t even over.

With all of that aside, the one thought that kept persisting in her mind, was now throbbing. Rye.


The back yard was filled with the aroma of fresh hotdogs and hamburgers. It was decorated with tables and chairs, a high net sided by a volley ball and rackets paired with birdies, and finished with a group of animated family and friends. Oh, and who can forget the huge fire that was roaring right in the middle, spitting reds and yellows, surrounded by lengthy logs made for reclining on?

Lena was walked around, being introduced to all the neighbors, and the neighbor’s neighbors. She had enough hugs and kisses to last her several family reunions, so she decided to take a break. She took her bowl of watermelon and sat next to the hissing fire. She looked past the blazing flames and could see the purples and blues that blended perfectly between the shimmering water and settling sky.

She sighed to herself, finally breaking away from all the commotion, and taking a breather for herself. To her left were the guys and Mackenzie attempting volley ball. Really, it was Mackenzie in the middle. Poor Mackenzie, couldn’t reach the ball even if she grew a few inches. To her right, the family was relaxing with smokes and a few drinks, sprinkled with jokes and laughter. She was lost in what she was watching, that she barely noticed Rye walking up from behind her.

He swung over the log next to Lena, looked down at her, and looked in the direction she was gazing at. A small smile crept across his face. She seemed so peaceful, just taking in what was going on. He admired that she didn’t have to be the center of attention all of the time, that she could just step back and listen.

“Why are we sitting alone?” he asked.

Startled, Lena peeked up at the breathtaking voice. “I uhm, needed a small break away from all the action. It’s like these guys are grown Energizer Bunnies, they never stop going. And don’t get me started on Mackie.”

“Believe me I know. But why don’t you sit over there by them?”

“For a few reasons: one, I really like my head, and don’t want it to turn up missing because someone decided to spike the ball in the wrong direction. Two, I’m a li’l chilly, and wanted to watch the sun sizzle out into the water. Is there a problem?”

“Oh no, not at all.” He smiled at her. She turned away, blushing of course. She could feel his eyes still on her. It drove her insane, but she absolutely loved it. She turned to look at him curiously, when it was Rye’s turn to blush away.

“You know what’s really good? This watermelon. You should go and try some.”

He glanced over at the table with a half-carved melon sitting in the middle.

“You’re right. I’ll go and get some now. Be right back.”

She watched him stride over to the table, grab a plate, and cut a few slices for himself. He turned to look at her, curled up and cozy by the blaze, smiling back at him, when he cringed, just hearing that voice.

“There you are baby! I was lookin’ all over for you!” exclaimed Nicole. She strolled over from the sliding doors straight to Rye. Sliding her hands up and down her chest, she greeted him with a deep kiss, not meant for everyone’s eyes. There she stood, next to Rye, in a too-small jean skirt, with a matching pink too-small tube top. It looked like she was about to keel over, spilling everything that shirt was supposed to hold back.

Rye smacked his lips together as if saying “Oh boy, here we go.” Nicole started looking around the area, seeing who was here. She saw everyone that was playing Mackie-ball, and the parents enjoying their peace-time. And then saw little Lena staring into the bonfire. Nicole took note on how she was sitting alone, meaning one thing, someone had to be sitting with her. Everyone else seemed to be busy; all that was left was Rye. But she wouldn’t make a scene about it… yet. She’ll remember this for later.

Lena sat quietly, straining her ears to hear everything that was going on between Nicole and Rye. She could only tell that Nicole wanted to be somewhere and that Rye was her only way of getting there. She could hear Rye’s reluctance to bring her, and then they were gone. Of course Nicole said her Hellos and Good Byes to Mr. and Mrs. Perretti. But as soon as that was over, they were gone.

Lena peered over at the table and saw Rye’s helping of watermelon untouched. She started to choke up a little bit. She really liked his presence. She liked talking to him. Even though it was a small chat, there would have been more. She brushed it off, got up, cleared her plate and walked over to the volley ball net.

She was greeted by a tap of the ball to the head, and a sweet hug from Mackenzie. It was as if she knew. And to be honest, she did. She saw it all. She saw the two smiling at each other. She saw the ease in Lena, the comfort the two shared. She even felt the anguish Lena felt when Rye left. ‘One day, it will happen. I can feel it,’ she thought to herself. She let go of Lena, and the group started up another game.



Rye pulled into the driveway. He was a bit on the irritated side. He endured an entire night trying to calm down Nicole. She was all over the place. Drinking whatever came her way, and bitching at anyone and everyone. He finally drove her drunk-ass back to her house, at 2:30 am. He was exhausted, and all he really wanted was a drink for himself, then to crash in his bed.

He took a shot of some whisky, and headed up to the bathroom. He hopped in and out of the shower. He wrapped a towel around himself before heading down the hall to his room. As he crept down the hall, he noticed Lena’s room was open, just a crack. Her window was open, and it blew a gust of air into the room, and out the door. It blew her fragrance into his face, stirring up all the feelings he had when he was talking to her earlier.

She smelled like sweet lilacs mixed with an even blend of vanilla. He took another breath in before heading to his room. He slapped on a pair of boxers before slipping under his covers. He sat there; wondering what would happen if he stayed talking to Lena all this time. Would anything happen? Nah, she doesn’t seem the type to help Rye commit adultery. She was too sweet in that sense. God, Rye loved everything about her. She barely did anything, and already she’s the only thing on his mind. Seriously, what if they spent a day alone, just talking, having fun, and fooling around? There was no doubt in Rye’s mind. He would make Lena his, whatever it took. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to spend a moment away from her. Even now he felt that way.

He took a deep breath, and tried to picture what would have happened today. Although sex as a first move really isn’t the way to go, it was the only thing on Rye’s mind, when it came to Lena anyway. Her slim lengthy body would fit perfectly over his body. Her perky breasts belonged in his hands, his mouth, all over him. He was craving her sweet scent of dripping lilac-y sweat.

He honestly could picture it perfectly right now.


He sliced the watermelon onto his plate, and looked over at Lena. Her feet were tucked closely to her body, arms wrapping around them. She had a smile slipping to the right. She tilted her head, pursing her lips together, pondering. Rye looked down, shyly, and walked his way back to her. He planted himself next to her on the sandy ground.

He took a bite into his melon, and made a sound of satisfaction. Never has watermelon ever tasted so sweet to him, and not to sound cliché, but he knew it was because he was sharing the moment with her.

“Mmm, this really is good.”

“Right? When I saw how red it was, I knew I just had to have a slice.” She took a bite herself. She giggled when she looked over and saw that Rye had engorged an entire slice in one bite. There was juice all over his perfectly framed mouth. Lena reached over for a napkin to pat him dry. She lightly dabbed his cheeks, smoothing over his chin, until she finally reached over his lips. She pressed the napkin lightly from side to side, making sure to get all of the juice.

Rye lifted his hand and rested it on her arm, and started to soothe it up to her hand, where he grabbed it, and kissed the palm. Lena looked a little shocked, taken aback. She bent her head smiling, emotions whirling through her head. She looked up at Rye, and saw he was studying her eyes. Looking left, looking right. He was in deep thought, and he tilted his head slightly. He was interested as to what would happen if he…

Kissed her.

So he did. He leaned down, watching her movements, being careful not to startle her. Her eyes, which started off as wide from anticipation, began to lightly close, letting everything just… happen. Nothing troubled her when their lips met. He cupped her right cheek, bringing her closer to him. She parted her lips, and his tongue lightly slipped across them. Lena made a light moan as her tongue felt his, sliding across each other. He tilted his head to the right, and so did she. His hand started running up her hair, becoming tangled by silky brown strands.

He took one more kiss from her before pulling back and looking at her, with grinning eyes.

“Hmm… Would you like to go upstairs? You know, before people notice and start making fun of us…” asked Rye quietly.

Lena thought for a moment to herself. Now, she knew she was slightly awkward and inexperienced to the blunt question that was proposed to her. But she knew she would never know what would happen if she never tried.

“Sure, let’s go.”

They snuck through the sliding doors, leaving everyone outside completely unaware of their business. The house was dark, with a few lights shining, so their steps were extra careful not to slip or bump into something. Lena reached the stairs when she felt Rye’s arm slip around her, pulling her close. He kissed her deeply, feeling her back with his arms, and her sides with his strong hands. Her hands slid across his neck, pulling herself up closer to meet his demanding lips.

He let go of her body, smoothing his hands up over her back, to her shoulders, and then gliding them up over her arms. She let go of his neck, meeting his hands, and wrapped her fingers into his, bringing both arms down. Her breathing started to get heavy. Her heart was racing at a high rate. Lust was being pumped with her rushing blood, filling her body with eagerness for what’s to come.

Rye broke their kiss, still holding onto her hand, and started up the stairs. Their steps were hasty, almost sprinting down the hall where they rushed through his door. When Lena stepped in through the door, he closed it by pressing her body against it. Their kisses became more urgent, hands were more aggressive, and the electricity between them became more demanding.

Lena’s hands traced down his chest, slipping under his shirt, and helped him lift it over his head. She moved her hand over his well defined abs, moving slower down, until her fingers were clasped around his belt. She slipped her thumbs past his jeans, even under his boxers, where she continued to follow the lines of his muscles. Rye’s hands were placed on the door for support as he watched Lena slide her body down the door, meeting face to face with his fully grown, and throbbing, trapped member.

She unbuckled him, unzipped him, and stripped him free of his jeans. Through the little peep hole was his aching dick, standing straight out, pleading for some attention. She admired his size, as he stood a straight seven inches. Lena grabbed the base, squeezing it before she placed her lips over his head. She ran her tongue in circles over the tip, and slowly started pumping his girth. Rye rolled his head back in shear pleasure, pressing back as her head started to bob, meeting every up-stroke from her hand. The saliva started to drip down from her lips, seeping in between her fingers which gave a nice layer of lube to the rest of him. Her left hand crept up his thigh, when she cupped his balls, and slowly rolled them between her fingers. She pressed her palm into them, while running two fingers over his gooch.

His body started to tense, and he knew he was about to lose control, so he pulled away, making a pop sound as the head slipped past her tight lips. She looked up at him, with perfectly round eyes, brushing away any excess saliva dripping from her lips. He pulled her up, so his lips could met hers. He picked her up, and carried her over to his bed, where he carefully laid her down. He began to kiss down her neck, simultaneously with his hands which were climbing up her stomach.

Her legs were still wrapped around Rye, so she sat up when he lifted her shirt. He popped her bra off, setting free her plump breasts, and erect nipples. He pushed her back down by kissing down her neck, and hand grasping her breast, rolling the pink morsel between his thumb and finger, making her groan in pleasure. His other hand slipped from under her skirt, sliding up her thigh, slipping under her drenched bikini bottom. He smoothed his fingers over her tender lips, spreading them lightly while stroking each side with eager but gentle intensity.

Lena’s other breast was occupied by her own hand, as she began to pinch her own nipple, squirming over both Rye’s and her own pleasure. He slipped a finger in between her folds, stroking the inside of her tight pussy. It was extremely wet, and very inviting. He pulled his finger out, and hooked it around the bottom of her panties, and slid them from her. The aroma of her musky bikini was enough to make him tick.

He reached his head down, spread her legs which opened her glistening pussy lips. He stroked his tongue over her lips, sucking them into his mouth, flicking his tongue against them. He was so hot from all that was happening that he didn’t waste any time in pleasing Lena. He slipped two fingers into her slippery hot snatch, while vibrating his tongue over her clit.

All Lena could manage were deep throated moans, and bucking her hips back into Rye’s hungry face. Her hands were tightly clenched onto the blankets, it was the only support she had. Her breathing got heavier, and the groans became louder, her climax was coming, and she knew she could no longer take Rye’s attack.

A soft scream came from Lena as the fingers deep in her cunt were rubbing her ridged walls, waiting for their release.

“I… I … Can’t take it anymore Rye… I… I…” she pleaded.

Rye pulled himself up and lifted her hips to meet his one swift thrust. She turned her head to the side as she let out a loud whine and grinded her hips back onto Rye’s needy dick. He pumped into her greedily, feeling every ridge and bump in her squeezing pussy. He groaned with each thrust, as his crotch slapped into hers. Her breathing started to quicken, becoming random… from holding her breath… inhaling deeply… holding… exhale very little… inhale… exhale… in… ex… in… out… went Rye’s pulsing cock. It was the last thrust that did it all.

Forcing his thick dick into her small cunt, he held her as loads of cum began to spew out, causing a tremendous orgasm which swept over his body, making him shake. Her body trembled beneath him as her own orgasm began to swim through her body. Her pussy walls grabbed his cock with such intensity, that it squeezed the very last drops of his cum out, and sucking it for its greedy self. Her silky snatch throbbed over his cock, grabbing and letting go… grabbing… letting go… stroking his member as she slid him in and out gently, to calm them both down.

Exhausted, Rye crashed next to Lena, giving her sweet kisses all along her ear, her neck, his hands smoothing over her moonlit body. His breathing started to meet Lena’s as it slowed down and began a rhythm.

“Now, wouldn’t it be a funny if this really happened?” Lena whispered to him. Wait what?

Fuck. It would be one hell of a dream. Too bad this was just a thought to get himself off. Rye sat there, realizing that he just jizzed all over his freshly showered body. He sighed, rolled over and out of his bed, and snuck to the bathroom to clean his fully satisfied cock.

To be continued...

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