The Game ... First Time Sex: Part 8 - Better Than Royalty

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Please read the chapters 1-7 leading up this point in the story to better understand the plot and get to get acquainted with the characters.

To briefly recap our story, after meeting Donna nearly two years ago, she played a quick game with me that ended my virginity. I was Donna's pupil and she was my mentor. She taught me not only how to fuck, but also how to use foreplay to extend and elevate every sensation in my body and mind.

A year and a half later which was about four months ago, she introduced me to Tonya. Because of Donna's meticulous preparation of Tonya which took the entire summer, Tonya wasn't a virgin an hour after we met, nor was my friend Marcus whose virgin dick was Donna's main focus that afternoon. The relationships between Donna and Marcus as well as Tonya and me increased in passion and desire to the point that we are completely obsessed with each other. We are silly in love. Even though others may think our youthful love is too inexperienced to be considered serious, I know that we are a perfect match unlike any other on the planet.

From the previous story, Donna came to my house yesterday to discuss a potential problem. Her cousin and his family will visit her parents next week. She and her cousin, Donnie, fucked each other for years until Donnie's family moved to another state about a year before I met Donna. Even though Donna is completely obsessed with Marcus, she feels that she may not be able to resist doing it with her cousin when he visits.

Since Donna tutors us well, we understand her inner desires and her openness. In other words, we know how she fucks. So for next week, Donna's dilemma whether or not to fuck her cousin and whether or not to tell us has been resolved. We resigned that Donna is free to fuck her cousin if the urge arises, and she owes no explanation to any of us. The problem is solved.

Donna and her cousin grew up together making the rules in a natural way. Since she was so close to Donnie, fucking him is nothing more than a long hug to most people. Donna and her cousin enjoyed each others' most erotic moments and have nothing to hide. Since he was the first guy to lay on her and insert his dick in her hot, virgin pussy and since he left due to no fault of his own, it is hard to fathom that something won't happen during his visit even though Donna is deeply committed to Marcus.

Deeply committed? That is an understatement. Marcus is her pet project, her work in progress, her focus of devotion, her cuddly naive playmate. Oh, I will stop beating around the bush. He is her main fuck. To use traditional language, she is in love, but Donna isn't traditional. Of the three guys who ever stuck their dick in her pussy, Donnie, Marcus and me, she gets the most pleasure from Marcus. Gawd, she loves him, and he feels the same toward her.

Donna is every guy's dream, but she has to choose you. You may think that she didn't choose Donnie the first time they played the game, but if she didn't want him to continue, she would have stopped it. So he was chosen too. I don't know how many girls in my school that are her age and with her beauty that I wouldn't even approach for a date, yet Donna chose me and now she chooses Marcus.

For me it was fantastic, now with Marcus, it is the lottery of heavenly desires. There is no one his age in the entire planet that has it so good. Seriously, no one. I would add that no one could work harder for Donna's attention than Marcus given his age and new found experience. While Donna characterized my time with her as magical, with Marcus a new level to Donna's erotic desires and devoted attention arose within her. Donna chose well, and Marcus lives up to her expectations. He is her prince.

I always wondered if teenage princes in the middle ages got to choose pretty girls to fuck. Then, in my history class last year, I put it all together. In medieval times, young princes could pick out commoners to fuck. Who would deny a prince? Fathers wouldn't object to allowing their daughters to visit a prince. They were rewarded with a few sheep for profit or pleasure.

Of course, the princes fucked the girls at an age before they could get pregnant because of the political ramifications of the rights of the crown and the inheritance factors. Also, it wouldn't be good spreading those inbred traits in the general population. Those genes could ruin a whole country in just a few generations.

The crown had absolute power, and its princes had absolute fucking privileges. Fantasize the free pussy he gets. The prince, the king's son, doesn't have to beat off like us commoners. Even if he didn't leave the castle to actually choose a girl for the night, just picture a dashing teenage prince having his handlers deliver a fresh girl plucked from the streets each night for him. The girls would be instructed to lay sideways on his bed with their feet hanging over the edge but not touching the floor. They would put on a blindfold so they couldn't tell who it was. Then the prince would simply walk up and lift their long dresses and insert his dick.

Even after royalty married, the practice continued. Have you ever seen pictures of some of the royalty in Europe? Geezus, that is why they only fucked to have babies. These poor guys could only endure a royal fuck once a year. Talk about a hard profession, having to slide you dick into those icy royal morons is a mental hazard if not a physical one. Sticking your tongue on a frozen telephone pole would be the same as sticking your dick into a cold, royal pussy. It is not pleasant.

The mental distress took its toll on the royal males. Take Prince Charles, for example. After hundreds of years of mental anguish and inbred genes from fucking their cousins, the result is Prince Charles who couldn't pass a middle school math test if he sat next to Einstein. Charles, after being given the most beautiful bride in royal history, fucks a woman that looks worse than his mother?

Oh well, such are the problems of royalty. The rest of us have much more to look forward to each night. Most of the world has it better than Charles. I am certain that Marcus and Donna as well as Tonya and I have it better. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bragging, but rather I am grateful for the opportunity that fate and karma presented to me. We should all be glad we are not descended from royalty.

Unlike Medieval royalty, Donna doesn't choose a new guy every night. In fact, she chose only three in her lifetime, yet she is a goddess of sensual pleasures. I am honored to be one of only three she has fucked. So if the thought even remotely entered anyone's mind that Donna is promiscuous, recall that she has only fucked three guys in her lifetime.

Hell, there are preachers who fuck more divorcees than that in a month to build their congregations. Think it over. Why do divorcees go to ministers for counseling? What the hell does a holy man supposed to know about being divorced? If he has been divorced, is he the one to be giving advice? Those women go to get fucked. Catholics, on the other hand, don't get divorced, so the priests take care of the women in those confessional boxes if their men aren't doing it to them at home.

My history teacher didn't teach that last year, but we are taught to synthesize our knowledge to construct new meanings, and the meaning of a confessional box with a "celibate" priest and horny woman inside is clear to me. Oh come on. Who do you think invented the glory hole? Glory hallelujah. If a high school kid can figure this out, it isn't a secret, but rather, it's just ignored.

As for Tonya and me, it should be more than obvious how solid our relationship is. While Tonya is nearly Marcus' age, she has an extremely mature demeanor. What I crave besides her pussy is her pleasantly positive personality. She is not a dramatic, confused, depressed teenager looking for a reason to rebel which makes me very attracted to her. In fact, my desire for Tonya is not second place to Marcus' desire for Donna. I wouldn't trade places with Marcus, as much as I love Donna, since the first time that I was with Tonya. Tonya and I fit perfectly.

Although we all seem to be dominated by Donna, Tonya is quite remarkable. Just think how you lost your virginity compared to Tonya's experience with me. Was it planned? Did you know exactly what to do? Were you able to do more than submit to your partner's lame attempts at performing? Were you mentally prepared? Did you enjoy it as much as any time afterwards?

Well, Tonya was more than superlative our first time. She combined an intellectual approach along with an erotic desire resulting in the most remarkable first time experience that anyone could imagine. It resulted in an instant melding of two spirits resulting in trust, respect, and mutual satisfaction. It was a great fuck for us too.

The first time that Tonya and I fucked she was as well prepared as someone trying to score a 5 on an AP exam, score a 2400 on the SAT, or more importantly score high enough to pass your drivers test the first time. Ok, maybe I didn't put those in order of importance, but she knew what to do in order to lose her virginity to my penetrating dick.

If you dream and fantasize your most erotic moment, it couldn't possibly be better than my first time with Tonya and every time thereafter. Although our personal conservations haven't been documented as well up to this point, believe me, she rocks me to my bone with every conversation that we have.

So last night, after Donna confided in me about her cousin visiting and after Marcus and me got our dicks sucked, I called Tonya. We talked and talked. Her diction is so precise and her intonation is as pure as an elf. She makes me melt when I talk with her. Her voice makes me melt. Donna wanted to tell her about the events in person, so I didn't bring anything up except at the end. I told her Donna would talk with her about the plans for next week.

I didn't mention to her about getting my dick sucked? Damn, I know. We share everything, but I wimped out. I didn't think I did anything wrong, but it does feel funny to explain it since, this time, Tonya was not out of town. So maybe I shouldn't be having sex with Donna? Whatever, I deferred to Donna for the explanation. Donna has finesse, diplomacy, and balls, well, figuratively speaking.

Maybe the incident shouldn't be brought up? After all, we decided that whatever happens between Donna and her cousin Donnie is supposed to be none of our business, so it seems that whatever happens between me and Donna should not be discussed, explained, or defended. Except that I feel she was left out yesterday. If I hide it this time, I may hide everything that I do that doesn't include her. Oh geezus, now I have a dilemma. I hate drama.

So, now it's Friday evening. I have been waiting all week to feel Tonya's naked body touching mine. Donna and Tonya are driving to my house. Donna's Kia Soul is bubbling with music of Coldplay. 'Strawberry Swing' is one of the songs she plays for us frequently. It fits us well.

...I remember we were walking to strawberry swing
I can't wait 'til the morning, wouldn't wanna change a thing
People moving all the time inside a perfect straight line
Don't you wanna curve away?
It's such it's such a perfect day, it's such a perfect day

Ah, now the sky could be blue, I don't mind
Without you it's a waste of time
Could be blue, I don't mind
Without you it's a waste of time...

Donna asks Tonya, "So, did you guys talk last night?"

Tonya explains, "Yes, for about an hour."

"I was dying to talk with you about yesterday, but thought I would just wait until we were together face-to-face," offers Donna.

"What happened yesterday?" asks Tonya.

Donna says, "Well, we have a long drive, so I'll explain everything."

Tonya echoed my original thoughts, "Is there anything wrong?"

"No. Here's what's coming down next week. My cousin Donnie and his parents are visiting. They're staying at our house Tuesday and Wednesday nights," she explains.

"OK. I see a problem," Tonya says wisely and laughs.

"Well, I didn't want to tell Marcus," she continues.

"Because he will feel rejected, hurt, crushed, suicidal, depressed, melancholy, and pout?" laughs Tonya.

"How about gloomy, despondent, and rejected?" adds Donna.

"Where's a thesaurus. I bet there are more states he will pass through when he finds out," she smiles.

"Well he knows," explains Donna.

"So what's the conclusion?" quizzes Tonya.

"Whatever happens is no one's business, and the four of us will get together on Thursday night," she says.

"I agree. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It's your sole business," Tonya nods her head.

"Then, it's unanimous. Well there's more. I drove over right after school to talk without telling Marcus," Donna confesses.

"And without me too," Tonya pushes the point.

"I just meant to talk it out before I went to Marcus' house, and besides I was on my period," explains Donna.

Tonya is keenly perceptive and laughs, "OK. Let's not go back and forth. Did you suck both of them off or just Marcus?"

"Both," laughs Donna. "Marcus arrived at the door just after we finished. He got his share after we talked."

"Phooey. I could have saved you half the work if you had picked me up first," laughs Tonya.

"I didn't have any intention of doing anything with either of them except to talk, but the opportunity rose up, and so did their dicks," laughs Donna.

"I would have done the same," laughs Tonya as the girly talk ensues.

Donna replayed the events from yesterday and the descriptions made Tonya extremely hot. Donna explained that I got so hot when she told me about Donnie and her fucking the first time, that I had to be relieved. Between telling Tonya about the game that Donnie and Donna played the first time and how wet I got with a measly towel draped around my waist, Tonya got more and more aroused as they drove to my house.

Donna has a way of bringing out the best in people and making them want to fuck too. If Tonya is hot from the five days waiting on me since we last fucked, she now has double the desire to wear me out.

Tonya has an idea, "What if I play the game?"

Donna says, "Go for it. Making the guys a little nervous elevates their desire afterwards. I know."

Tonya plots her game, "Let me out before you go all the way up the drive and say I went ballistic when I heard that you sucked both of them. Tell them I refused to come."

Donna gives her approval, "Oh gawd, that's great."

Tonya continues, "I will stand just out of sight at the door."

While Tonya and Donna are driving to my house, I am getting out of the shower. Marcus is spiking his hair using a little gel. He can't help it, but he always looks like a kid trying to look a couple years older than he is. I don't know why because the way he looks is what attracts Donna to him.

"Gawd damn. Were you hammering your dick? I thought you were never going to get out of the shower. The mirror's all clouded up," Marcus fakes a protest.

"Geezus, what a little pain you are becoming, and that mouth. Where did you learn that?" I laugh.

"You, you, and you," he laughs. "Since it takes so long for you to shave your nuts in the shower, this place looks like the fog in the Bay area," he kids as he uses the hair dryer to blow off the mirror.

I observed the towel around his waist and remark, "Whoa. Where's that big hard on tonight? Did Donna wear you out yesterday?"

Marcus laughs, "I got your hard on right here."

I goad him, "Not yet."

Marcus gets hard like 50 times an hour. OK, that's exaggerating, but he does get hard spontaneously a lot even before he met Donna. I never said anything about it until after he and I bonded that first time that Donna brought Tonya over. After that, we were free to laugh at each other, tease each other, and let go of our inhibitions about our dicks. Since Marcus has a long way to grow, his dick may surpass mine.

Girls got it easy comparing breasts. All they do is discuss bra sizes, but us guys have to get a hard on and then take a ruler to measure our dicks. Anyway, I'm not using the ruler on Marcus, and he's not gonna touch my dick either. So far, we are both just a little over 6 inches.

Since self-measurement has a way of being favorable to the guy doing it, Marcus thinks I exaggerate. I am about a quarter of an inch longer than he is, but Marcus highly disputes that fact. I know mine has stopped growing because that has been my size for the last year. So the little twerp will probably be gloating soon.

We haven't measured our tongues.

After we finish our bodily preparations from head to toe, I slip on gray Billabong Malice Denim pants and a sealed zip fleece hoodie over an engine flannel shirt. My intention is to make it easy for Tonya to take my clothes off. I figure if the girls suffer through short skirts in the winter winds to give us free access to their pussies, I shouldn't make it hard for them to get into me either.

"It looks like you aren't letting your mommy dress you lately," I tease.

"Fuuuck you," Marcus playfully snaps back. "Geezus, if you guys would take me shopping I wouldn't have to go with my mom."

I laugh, "Hey. Tonya and Donna don't shop with me either, besides I hate to shop. I told you to get this stuff from the internet, but you are looking good this evening."

Marcus beamed. It's subtle, but I notice that he tries to copy me without looking like my twin. He is miles ahead of others his age, and like Donna, I kinda like him looking up to me. He's like the little brother that I never had, but don't get me wrong. If I had a little brother, we wouldn't be sharing dates or fucking in front of each other and doing shit together, yuck.

Marcus is wearing dark brown, button fly Stone Island pants with a Burmese tan custom fit trench rugby shirt and his now trademark green Nike 6.0 sneakers. Donna will have to pull his shirt off, but she likes the challenge.

"OK, smart ass, I got these on the internet. Just didn't tell you," says Marcus asserting his point.

"You have possibilities," I tease.

"I got your possibility right here," he teases back swinging his half hard dick.

"I told you before," I laugh, "don't be flashing that thing when Donna isn't around. I don't want cum all over my walls."

Marcus is complimented by the thought that he can shoot cum that far. He's a great friend. I never thought I would be best friends with a kid younger than me, but age isn't important in relationships. I treat him as an equal, and he is free to be himself around me.
The doorbell rings, and my mom answers the door. We hurry down the stairs.

"Hello Donna," says my mom.

Well gawd damn. Is this my dream? No way. I see Marcus looking at Donna's skirt.

"Where's Tonya?" I ask.

"She's out there," she looks back out the door. "Tonya?"

"Hello everyone," says Tonya walking into the foyer.

My mom, Marcus, and I say hi.

OK. This is weird. I'm not in a panic yet, but if my mom asks us to sit down, I'm walking out the door. I don't want a repetition of my dream where my mom does an interrogation.

"Where are you guys going tonight?" my mom asks.

I'm not saying a gawd damn thing. In my dream, the more I tried to manipulate the conversation, the more I lost control. I think I will just let this play out.

"Just driving around and listening to music," Donna answers first.

"We may look for holiday light displays too," adds Tonya.

I'm thinking, OK, enough of the small talk. It's not safe to let three women continue talking to each other. The conversation will get girly and shit will start to happen, so I open the door. We all say bye and get into the car.

"Well, your mom doesn't say much to us normally," says Tonya.

Marcus can't wait to push my buttons about my freaky dream, "Just so she doesn't ask about anyone getting pregnant or if we are having safe sex," he laughs.

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