The Encounter

(Part 2 from 2)

Her mouth still full of cock, all the little maid could do was mutter a muffled MMHHMM.

Between the avidly sucking mouth of the beautiful maid, and the dirty talk of her sexy mistress the young man could hold out no longer. I’m cumming, baby I’m cumming. Oh god, suck my dry sugar.”

“Suck and swallow, just like with a straw,” her mistress admonished her, “keep right on sucking until he’s soft.”

Shot after shot blasted into the maid’s willing mouth, obediently following her mistresses orders the maid sucked and swallowed without gagging or spilling a drop. When she finally released the man’s limp prick, she smiled at the woman and said, “I came, when he shot in my mouth, I came. It was wonderful.” Smiling up at the man, she asked, “will you fuck me now?”

“Give me a couple of minutes to recover,” he responded, “and I’ll fuck both of you.”

Standing up, the lady kissed him, and said, “Let’s go the bedroom and get more comfortable. Perhaps we will give you a little show while you recover.”


As soon as the trio entered the bedroom, the mistress threw herself on the bed spread-eagle. “You’ve just had a mouthful of hard cock, now cum get a mouthful of hot pussy you little suck slut.” The maid had her head between her mistress’s creamy thighs almost before the woman stopped speaking. “That’s it baby, stick your tongue in my hot hole. Fuck my pussy with that long, talented tongue of yours.”

The young man sat on the bed next to the maid. He ran his hand across her ass, and down toward her sopping snatch. She moaned softly, not taking her mouth from the woman’s cunt; she spread her legs to give easy access to the man’s probing fingers. He slid two fingers into her dripping pussy, causing her to moan and buck her hips.

“You like eating her wet pussy, don’t you?” he coaxed, “I’ll bet she has a sweet tasting cunt. Would you like to share?

Lifting her head from the woman’s wet pussy, the maid grabbed the stranger and pressed her lips to his, sharing her mistress’s cunt cream with him. “I love the flavor of her pussy juice. If you want to eat her pussy, I’ll lick her ass hole. She will cum hard and fast if we do that.” In an instant, the maid had lifted her boss’s ass off of the bed and was licking around her puckered poop shoot. Following right behind, the man locked his lips over the woman’s swollen clit, and was sucking for all he was worth.

“My God, my God,” the lady screamed, “two mouths, my pussy, my ass. I can’t take it any more. I’m gonna cum already. Jesus Christ, I’m cumming. Fuck, I’M cumming so goddamn hard.”

Held tightly by two pairs of hands, the woman could only move the upper part of her body. She flailed her arms and tossed her head from side to side as she screamed out her intense orgasm.

When the woman quieted, the sucking duo released her, and kissed, sharing the flavors of cunt cum and ass.

“Sit on her face,” the man ordered the maid, “I want to watch her eat your pussy while I fuck her.”

“Yes master,” she breathed, adding the title without conscious thought.

Turning to the lady he added, “are you ready to eat pussy and fuck wench?”

“Oh baby,” she moaned, “I’ve wanted your cock from the first moment I saw you, and I always loved eating her sweet pussy. Fuck me with that big beautiful cock of yours, and make me cum again.”

He moved quickly into position between the beautiful woman’s wide spread legs. With a single thrust he sank his long cock all the way into her steamy love tunnel. Her maid’s pussy muffled her moans of pleasure. As the man’s cock fucked deeply in and out of her hot snatch, her tongue was doing the same to her maid.

“Oh mistress” the girl intoned, “you eat my pussy so well. I love you so. God, it is so hot watching him fuck you. Fuck her hard, fuck my mistress till she cums, I’m almost there too, make me cum mistress. Oh my God, make us cum together. I’, cumming Mistress, I’m cumming.”

The maid was grinding her pussy into the lady’s face as she came. Her mistress was sucking the maid’s snatch for all she was worth, and at the same time, had wrapped her legs around the man and was pulling his cock as deeply as she could into her spasming cunt.

As the women’s mutual orgasm abated, the maid begged, “Please fuck me now. I’ve never had a cock inside me, and I want to be fucked now.”

While the lady moved out of the way, and the maid took her position, the youth asked, “You mean that you really are a virgin?”

“In a way,” she answered him, as she spread her legs, and gently pulled his cock towards her cum drenched cunt, “I have been penetrated, but I have never been with a man. I’m ready now. Please fuck me.”

He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of the maid’s pink lipped pussy. Slowly and gently, he slid his ridged rod into her ready, wet womanhood. She moaned breathlessly. “Yes, yes, it feels so good. Fuck me darling, fuck me good.”

“Baby,” he gasped, “you’ve got an incredibly tight pussy. After all the fucking and sucking, and your tight snatch I aint gonna last long. You better cum soon.”

“Oh God,” she moaned again, “fuck me master, fuck my pussy hard, fill me with you cum.”

“Yea baby yea,” he cried, “here it cums. I’m cumming.”

As he shot his wad into her sucking snatch, the maid reached her own orgasm. “Fill me baby, I’m cumming too.”

The exhausted trio fell together in a heap upon the bed. They were soon all asleep.

When he awoke the next morning and went downstairs, the lady said to him, “Your breakfast is ready, and a tow truck would be there shortly.”

“Thank you,” he replied, as he sat down across the table from the woman.

While the man and woman were eating the maid came up to the table, “Will there be anything else mistress?”

“No my dear,” the woman responded, “oh, here don’t forget this.” The woman reached across the table and handed her maid a small square of white cloth. As it passed close to him, he detected the distinct aroma of lilacs.

Not wanting to miss the tow truck, he hurried through his meal. Said goodbye to his hostess, and headed out the door.

Just as he reached the bottom of the porch stairs, the maid ran up to him. She kissed him passionately, squeezed his ass, and said, “Don’t forget me.” Then she was gone.


Funny, he thought as headed down the lane and back towards his car, this driveway seemed much smoother and less overgrown last night. Oh well, must have been his imagination. Another minutes walk brought him to his car. As he was surveying the damage, the tow truck that he was expecting arrived.

“Good God,” the tow truck driver ejaculated, “were you in the car when that tree went through your windshield?”

“In the car!” the young man retorted. “Hell I was driving the damn car.”

“I’d of shit my britches if that happened to me,” the driver snorted. “Where did you ride out the rest of the storm?” the old man asked, noticing that the young man was clean and dry.

Pointing to a lane a few yards away, the man said, “A house at the end of that drive.”

“Must have gotten your directions mixed up in the night,” the older man informed him, “there aint been a house there in nearly twenty years. In fact, that land, and all the land on both sides of the road for a mile or more in both directions, is part of the State Park. There use to be a house up that drive, but it burnt down about twenty years ago. Aint even an outhouse along this road until you’re out of the park.”

“I don’t understand,” replied the youth, “I spent the night in a nice, warm house.”

“Okay,” the driver suggested, “why don’t you tell me what happened last night.”

“I was lost,” the stranger began, “ I was looking for a good place to turn around. Just as I came around that bend,” he pointed to a curve about a half a mile away, “lightning flashed, and I saw that the bridge was out.”

“What bridge?” the older man interrupted.

“The one just past that curve,” the stranger replied.

“But that bridge aint out,” the truck driver explained, “I used it to get here.”

“You came from the opposite direction,” recalled the now perplexed young man.

“Yes I did,” the older man informed him, “ I drove on down the road a piece to see if I could find you. Then I came back. Maybe the rain, and the shadows caused by the lightning, made it look like the bridge was gone.”

“Yea, I guess you must be right,” the young man agreed, “but it sure looked like it was out last night. Anyway, I hit the brakes, got turned around, and headed back this way. There was another lightning flash, then a crash. I think I was knocked out for a minute. When I opened my eyes, I saw that tree right next to my head. I was cold, wet, scared, and my face hurt. I remembered that I had an emergency kit in the trunk, so I decided to get into the back seat. It was still mostly dry back there, and I could reach the trunk by opening one side of the seat. Just as I was about to get in back, I spotted a light through the trees, and decided that a house and possible phone were better than the back seat.”

“So you never got in back?” the old man queried.

“No,” the youth returned.

Then I think I have your solution,” the truck driver said with a smile.

During their entire conversation, the tow truck driver had been busy extricating the tree branch from the young man’s car, and getting the car hooked up to the tow truck. Now the two got into the truck and headed for town.

“While working on your car, I noticed that one of your back seats was down, and that there was an emergency blanket and a first aid kit on the floor in the back. Most likely you got into the back, and either passed out from the blow on the head, or just feel asleep and dreamed the whole thing.”

“I guess you must be right,” the young man reasoned. “It seemed so real. But if there is no place that I could have been, and my emergency stuff was out, I must have just dreamed it.”

Several hours, and many miles later, the young man stopped to eat. When he reached for his wallet, a piece of cloth fell out of his back pocket. The item he retrieved from the floor was a white silk handkerchief that smelled of lilacs.

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