The Complete Submission 6

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100% fiction!

That evening we filmed a porno movie called “Teacher Teacher.” Here is a summary of the eventful evening.

My mom was dressed in a red sweater, black skirt just long enough to mostly cover the top of her stay-ups when she was standing, but not enough to hide the fact if she sat down. She had on a black thong and 3-inch heels. Her hair was in a ponytail. She looked like a teacher.

Mom knew a movie was being filmed tonight, but I think even she was surprised by the participants and the location. We drove to my school and was let in by Mrs. Walters, a teacher that had been between Carla’s legs many times. Carla and I both kissed her and followed her in. We got to a room and the cast was already all there. They included her son Mark, his best three friends Wally, Dave and Sam, and three girls’ from our school, all cheerleaders, Beth, Kari and Star. We also planned a special end with Mrs. Walters playing the principal.

Mom looked at them all and blushed. She knew all the boys, although the girls were unknown to her, for now. Mom went to the desk and sat down. I went behind the camera and pressed record, Carla called action and the movie was underway.

Mom sat at her desk as the bell rang. She stood up and walked around to the front of the class and began her sex ed lesson. She talked about precautions and how one time of intercourse can get you pregnant. Mark put up his hand and asked, “Well what if I shoot my load up the girl’s bum?”

My mother blushed and said, “Well I suppose that is true, she will not become pregnant, but most girls don’t take it up the bum.”

Wally then blurted, “Or what if we shoot our load in a girl’s throat?”

“Yes that is true, but I think you are missing the point.”

Dave then said, “Mrs. Kendall, I think we need an example of safe sex, so we can all do it right.”

“Yes ,” chimed in the other boys.

Beth then jumped in saying, “Yes, I don’t want to get pregnant, but if I don’t please my boyfriend he will dump me.”

“So is taking it up the bum safe maam?” asked Kari.

“So Mrs. Kendall, you are saying we should suck off our boyfriends and swallow their cum, rather than taking it in our vaginas?”

“Actually, I am saying you should not participate in sex at all.”

“Do you have sex?” asked Mark.

“Well umm, yes I do, but that is not the point.”

Beth asked, “Do you take it in the bum?”

“Do you swallow?” asked Kari.

Mark finally said, “Mrs. Kendall, the only way we will totally understand is a demonstration.” Mark then walked over to his mother and pulled down his pants, “Show the girls how to perform safe sex.”

Mrs. Kendall began to protest as the girls said in unison, “Yes Mrs. Kendall, teach us.”

Each boy then stood up and pulled down their pants and walked over to one of the cheerleaders. My mom then simply leaned down and took her son’s cock into her mouth. The cheerleader’s followed and soon the four boys’ were getting sucked off in unison. My mom would stop on occasion and say, “Now remember to use variety, go all the way down to his base, go fast, slow, tease, make him so horny that he won’t want to use your vagina. Make love to his penis with your mouth. If you are good, he will be willing to shoot his seed down your throat every time and you can stay a virgin till your wedding.”

Mark then grabbed his mother and said, “fuck that bitch, you are going to take my cock in your cunt.” He then pushed his mother onto the desk, lifted up his skirt and slid his pecker inside her. My mother feigned protest, but the resistance stopped as soon as his strokes picked up the pace.

The cheerleaders kept sucking the boys and within a couple minutes all three were sprayed with the sticky juice. The boys then all came over to my mother and took turns shoving their cocks into my mother’s mouth.

A variety of words were beckoned including, “Get me hard again teach”; “Suck me slut”; “Show the girls how to really suck a dick”.

Mark then pulled out and my mom moaned, “Oh don’t stop, keep fucking your teacher.” Mark then had Wally lay on the floor and had his mother straddle the teen’s cock. After mom starting riding the cock, Mark went behind and rammed his rod into his mom’s ass.

The other two boys took turns in my mom’s mouth until Kari said “You two, that looks like fun, double fuck me. Dave and Sam were not going to argue and Sam lay down on the floor and Kari climbed on his dick saying, “Mrs. Kendall, is this how you ride a cock?”

Mrs. Kindell looked over and said, “Yes Kari, bounce up and down, take every inch of his cock inside you. Now lean forward so Dave can get his cock into her tight ass.” Kari obeyed and soon the four cocks filled the two girls. It was fun to watch and hard to tape. Luckily we had two cameras taping the action.

Beth and Star had stripped down and had their heads in-between each other’s legs. Beth had three fingers plunging in and out of Star’s gaping wet hole. Star was a screamer and demanded, “Shove in your whole hand, fist fuck me.” Beth obeyed and soon her whole petite hand disappeared into the slut’s cunt.

Mark grunted and said, ‘I’m cumming Mrs. Kendall, I’m cumming in your tight ass.”

My mom moaned, “Oh yes, fill my ass with your cum.” My mom then got off of Wally’s cock and somehow, I do not know how, straddled his cock again this time taking it in the ass. It was a sight to see. After a couple minutes of my mother riding Wally’s cock, he grunted and shot another load in my mom’s ass.

My mom then called, “Boys, get over here and cum in my ass, we don’t want any pregnancies. Dave moved over and pounded mom’s ass and soon shot his load too, followed by Sam who moved into my mom’s very well lubricated ass and began to slowly move in and out. He did this for minutes while the other boys had shoved their cock’s back into the cheerleader’s mouths. Just as Sam shot his load into mom’s ass, the other three’s cocks were again ready for action. They each bent a cheerleader over a desk and plugged their asses. The sight was hot as hell and I desperately needed a cock in me, but had to keep filming.

The boys already having shot a load, had more stamina and really banged these slutty cheerleaders for all they were worth. After about fifteen minutes, while my mom slowly sucked off Sam, all three boys shot a load into the cheerleader’s asses. My mom then left Sam and retrieved as much cum out of each of the cheerleader’s asses as she could.

As the boys rested, my mom and the cheerleader’s got into a circle and lazily lapped each other’s cunts. This went one for quite a while, until all four boys were erect again. A couple minutes later Mrs. Walters walked in and demanded, “What is going on here?”

My mom jolted up, “Principal Walters, I…”

Wally looked at the principal and said, “An orgy, now get your ass over here and suck my friend’s cock.”

Mrs. Walters acted shocked, but did as she was told, taking Mark’s cock into her mouth. Dave lifted Mrs. Walter’s skirt and pushed his cock into the principal’s ass.” Mrs. Walter’s moaned and soon was bucking back on his rather small cock. The next half hour was the same as all four boys ended up shooting a load into their principal’s ass, while the girl’s continued to munch and orgasm on each other.

The film ended with the cheerleader’s fisting each other and my mother sucking out as much cum from her principal’s ass as possible.

After Carla and I pressed stop, we each walked over to the group and said, “Fuck us now.”

Mark and Dave double banged Carla, while Wally and Sam double-teamed me. All four boys had amazing stamina as they fucked us hard, fast and forever. Carla demanded all four cum on my face and thus eventually I was coated with cum. Carla then had Mrs. Walters eat her just drilled pussy as all three cheerleaders pleasure me. My pussy was eaten, my ass licked and fingered, my breast sucked on and the cum licked off my face. I orgasmed several times as the cheerleader’s pleasured my whole body. Sucking my toes, my ears, my neck; licking my legs, my ass, my back. Finally I collapsed, exhausted.

Carla smiled and said, “That was amazing.”

“Yes it was,” I replied.

We looked and saw that Mrs. Walters and my mom were together just making out like two horny teenagers.

My mom would later tell us that she and Mrs. Walters would spend three more hours sucking each other’s pussy and just making out. My mom realizing she had no ride home, got one with Mrs. Walters, and they ended up coming into the house and fucked each other for another hour, before they both fell asleep cuddling in each other’s arms.

A week later, Mrs. Walters had left her husband and had moved into our house, sharing my old room. My dad had moved to the basement, where he was permitted to stay. Occasionally Mark would go and fuck him, or my mom, but otherwise he was the forgotten man.

That said, the idea of fucking my own dad still turned me on and I knew one day I would have to fulfill that fantasy.

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