Team Effort

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The first time I saw Jazmine, I just knew I had to have her. Who is she? Well, Jazmine is a fellow manager for a sister company within FEM Inc., and a sexy one at that. At her first meeting at our office, I couldnít help but to inappropriately undress her with my eyes. I noticed that her well-kept locks that dressed her shoulders reached down to her full breasts, which were cradled by a black-laced brassiere.

Maybe she needed another button or maybe I leered at her enough to develop x-ray vision. Either way, the objective of our meeting was to discuss how this all women work environment could work better as a team, and I had an instinctual feeling that this issue may be resolved quicker than anticipated. As I went through the motions of our weekly pep talk, jolts of pleasure rushed to my clit every time her gaze met mine. And from that moment, my interest was peaked. I thirsted to discover her taste, her scent and all the passion hidden behind her deep brown eyes.

If Jazmine only knew how many orgasms she has been responsible for over these past weeks. Since her office was on the same floor as mine, I had much imagery to inspire these fantasies. I had some reservations about relationships between coworkers, but it didnít stop me from admiring her from those soft, full lips and perfectly firm D-cups down to her thick thighs and pedicured toes. I could only imagine how soft her mocha thighs felt while pressed against my cheeks. Mmmm and I did; I visualized dominating her body in any and every way imaginable.

Despite my self-imposed work policy, fate seemed to have other plans. Working alone afterhours, as I usually do, I was alarmed to hear a voice far off in the distance. It was too far to identify the voice, yet close enough to know it was coming from our sister companyís office down the hall. So of course, I tiptoed to the voice and as I drew closer, this voice became moans. To my surprise, my curiosity led me to this beautiful locked goddess on her office desk, cupping one breast with one hand, while massaging her waxed chocolate mound with the other.

It was Jazmine in all of her ecstatic glory. Her fitted white dressed accentuated her curves so perfectly as her hips gyrated to a slow, seductive rhythm. It didnít take long for my animalistic desires to kick in; I wanted to devour her like she was my last feast. Jazmine was so into it that she didnít hear me walk up to her desk. I asked her if she needed any help and kissed her passionately before she got to utter a response. Her lips were just as soft as they looked. It drove me wild to feel her return the kiss with such passion as if she had been expecting me.

I told her to continue with her duties as I tugged on her hair. With her chin to the air and her back arched, her neck met my lips. I took a deep inhale of her scent and gently nibbled her earlobe. I applied pressure as my hands brushed over her neck. She gasps. I tell her to keep warming up her sweet pussy for me and she does. I trail my fingers across her collarbone, between her tits, down her stomach and back up again. Her breath shortened and her moans intensified. I lightly graze my tongue across her erect nipples, and then attempt to fit her whole breast in my mouth. She grabs my head and buries my face into her as if to help reach my goal. Her soft skin is driving me wild. I grab both of her gorgeous breasts and began to lick every inch of them. All I heard next was, "Iím about to squirt all over this fuckin desk!" And I took it as a cue to move lower. I planned to suck up all of her juices before it even left her body. I lightly caressed and kissed her stomach, skipped over her sweet spot and to her inner thighs as I wait for what Iíve been craving for weeks now.

Her juicy pussy looked like it was covered in honey glaze. I couldnít hold out any longer. I wrapped my arms around those mocha thighs and she wrapped her legs around my neck as my tongue took a deep dive into her wetness. At this moment, with her sweet feminine essence in the air and her delicious orgasmic juices on my taste buds, I felt my dripping pussy become a waterfall for her. I wanted all of her. I began to lick and suck on her dainty fingers as she continued to massage her clit, hoping that she would let me finish her off.

But Jazmineís moans got louder and louder. Panting and gyrating. Looking like she was in pain. "Squirt down my throat." I began to tongue fuck her again while squeezing her thighs closer to my face. "Let me suck all of your juices out." I felt her cumming hard. I moan as I closed my mouth over her tight opening and she screamed as she creamed so intensely onto my face and into my mouth. I swallowed every. single. drop. Yummy. My favorite meal yet. Still in the heat of excitement, she pulls me up to her face and kisses me gently.

I couldíve sworn I heard someone else moaning at the same time as Jazmine though. I look at the door to see an intern sucking her own juices from her fingers.

To be continuedÖ

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