The Beach Ride : Part 3

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Louie and his friends drove away, leaving me with Caroline and her stable help, Jackson. Jackson headed off to pick up Jasper, the horse we had left behind earlier in the day. Caroline asked if I would help put the horses away. Of course I would! As we brushed the horses down, we chatted about the farm and finance – which was one of my majors – and some of the plans she had for the place, which she owned along with her uncle.

The horses were put away and she walked over to me, “not how can I thank you for all that help?” I had not forgotten for a moment that she just had a t-shirt on. How could I, when her butt would show as she brushed the horses? Now here she was standing two inches from me and I just wanted this sexy woman. I started to grab her but she reached down and unzipped my shorts and in a moment I was naked again.

She threw a blanket over some bales of hay nearby and playfully pushed me back onto them, got on top of me, pulled off her t-shirt and looked down at me with a sensuous smile. From this angle her boobs were about as magnificent a sight as I could remember. “If this is the thanks I get…” I started, and she leaned down, starting a long, wet kiss. My hands went to her tits, feeling their outline and nipples, and then down her long back and to the ass cheeks I had been feasting my eyes on all afternoon. She liked having hands on her butt and pushed back against my hands especially as I wandered into the valley between these smooth hills.

She slid down and started to sensuously lick and suck my nipples as I caressed her ass, letting my fingers slowly slip down to her pussy. As one of my fingers slid around, touching her clit, she moaned and lifted herself up, giving my fingers more room. As she did, her glorious boobs hovered above me and I lifted my head up to lick her nipples, sucking each and softly biting them. That really got to her and she held my head against her boobs, looking down with approval as each got attention. All this time I continued feeling her cunt.

One of her hands had moved down to my cock. She slid her hand up and down its length. “Mmmm, that’s really nice,” she said. “I was hoping you would like it,” I replied. “And I was hoping you liked pussy as much as you seemed to like cock.” “I do, at least as much. And I’m glad you do too,” I replied. “You liked my show?” she asked sensually as she started to rub the tip of my rock hard penis against her pussy lips.

“Absolutely, but it looked like more than a show to me.” “I love sex,” she said, “all kinds of sex.” “Me too.” “Yes, I noticed. Jackson is a sexy guy. And what a cock!” she cooed. “Mmmm, it IS a great cock,” I agreed. “I’ll bet you’d like some more of it,” she smiled, still rubbing my cock against her cunt. “Caroline, I’d like it all,” I breathed.

With that she spread her legs a bit more and while still holding my cock against her cunt, slowly lowered herself onto me. The warmth of her pussy, wet with excitement, sliding onto my cock is a moment I’ll always remember. Had I not already cum twice that day I would have immediately shot into her. But happily, I felt her warmth surround my cock and as she started to slide up and down and I didn’t have to think about not cumming. “Ok, I can die now,” I mused. But she said, “mmmm, not quite yet.”

She had heard Jackson returning with the horses and as he tied them up, he noticed us fucking in the barn. At first I thought it might be awkward, then she called out, “Jackson, in here!” He came into the barn and after watching Caroline slide up and down on my cock for a moment he came over to us, smiling. “I need some more, Jackson,” she said reaching back to him. He slid his shorts off and there was that beautiful smooth cock again, growing at the sight of us fucking and her calling him over.

As he got onto the hay, she put her hand around his cock and pulled him behind her. She was straddling me with my cock in her and her gorgeous ass moving up and down. It must have been quite a sight from behind. She directed Jackson’s cock to her small ass hole that I had briefly felt before. She put some saliva on her hand and quickly put it on her hole, and I felt some drip down onto my cock. She then put her hand next to my mouth and said, “got some too?”

I couldn’t believe what was going on but got some onto her hand and she went right back to Jackson’s cock, making it slippery. With that he got comfortable behind her and as she held his dick against her ass, he pushed in. I felt the pressure of his cock on mine as he slid into her ass, adding some of his own juice, and Caroline moaned loudly as it went farther in.

It was indescribable to feel his cock inside her, sliding in and out like he was rubbing it against mine. He got his cock completely in her. I felt his balls brush against my cock. She held still and said, “that’s it. Both of you fuck me. I can’t tell you how good your cocks feel. Oh yea, I want to cum like this with both your beautiful cocks.”

The three of us fucked, me raising my hips to meet her pussy, trying to rub against her warm clit as I did. Jackson was leaning on top of her, his pelvis thrusting that huge dick into her ass. After a few minutes of us both fucking Caroline, she grabbed his cheeks and pulled him against her so his cock was way up her ass. This feels way too good, she announced. I thought she would cum right then, but instead she reached behind her and pulled Jackson’s cock out. “Now what?” I thought. In a flash she rolled over, pulling me with her. She pushed my legs apart so that my ass was sticking up, cheeks apart, offering my hole to Jackson. “Andy wants you too, Jackson. He told me.”

I smiled at this mischievous woman as Jackson, who apparently also wanted me, moved over and started rubbing his hard cock against my hole. Like Caroline, I put some saliva on my hand and got my hole wet, poking a finger or two in to make sure I was relaxed, then repositioned his cock to take my ass. He knew what to do. Slowly he pushed his cockhead in and it took my breath away. So big.

Caroline held me and whispered in my ear as he did, “mmm, yes lover, take his cock inside you. Oooo, cowboy, yea. When he pushes his cock up you I can feel you push into my pussy.” After a minute or so Jackson had pushed his entire cock all the way into my ass with Caroline’s encouragement. It was so thick but felt so good and was making my own cock tingle with arousal. I could feel his smooth balls against my cheeks. He started to fuck me, sliding that delicious cock in and out of my ass. He started to fuck me faster and each time he pushed in, I pushed into Caroline’s cunt, rubbing against her clit.

She started to cum, screaming wildly. And that started me cumming and squeezing my ass ring hard on the penis inside me. A few moments later Jackson came and I felt his cock orgasm again, this time inside me, with a strong lunge against my ass with each squirt. We all collapsed and he rolled off, his softening cock sliding out of me while Caroline held me on top of her, panting.

My cock was still in her and I didn’t want it to ever soften. But it did and after a few more minutes it slid out of her pussy. She raised my head with her hands as it did and looking at me, asked, “have a good ride, cowboy?” We all laughed. Jackson playfully smacked my butt and said he sure did, as he grabbed his shorts and went to attend to the horses.

After lying together a few more minutes, Caroline and I got up and went to the showers in the changing room. “Grab your shorts and walk with me,” she said, taking a last look at my cock and putting her shirt on and pulling those tight jeans on. I put my clothes on and caught up with her. As we walked back to the office she explained that Jackson was going to be leaving in another week, and if I was just hanging out for a couple months, she sure could use some help over the summer.

“You know your way around horses as well as Jackson and you seem to like them even more. But, I’ll be honest and tell you that sort of thing doesn’t usually happen,” smiling and nodding back to the barn. “And, the folks who come for the nude rides aren’t always so hot. But sometimes there’s some chemistry and it all clicks. You never know. Think of it as benefits. A job with benefits.” We laughed.

I hesitated because it was completely unexpected. When I didn’t answer right away she easily said, “Will you think about it?” “I will. For sure. I’ll be honest with you too and say it would be weird working for you after all that, especially if nothing ever happens again.” “I see what you mean. But look at it this way, I just had my farm hand fuck me in the ass and it wasn’t the first time.” At that we both started howling with laughter. “You’ve got quite a mouth on you Caroline,” I laughed. She continued, “…and it wasn’t the first time I saw him with one of my customers. Well, we won’t count you as a customer. I can’t charge you after offering a job.”

There was something very free and easy about her, as though I could just have fun with her, take care of the horses, chill and just see what happens otherwise with this gorgeous creature. “Give me a couple days. I’ll let you know one way or the other,” I said. At this point I figured it was time to take off. “Ok, cowboy. But come back and visit even if you want to move on.” What a woman. We hugged and I went off to say goodbye to Jackson.

“Did you take the job?” he asked. “She said she was thinking about it earlier. I’m leaving soon. Got a job up north.” He went on, “she likes you. She never calls anyone cowboy. And not too many guys can be cool about the nude rides.” “I’m thinking about it,” I said. “But I’m off for now. It was fun. You were fun.” We hugged and I headed off. My mind was spinning, thinking about how the whole day turned out. “Now what do I do?” I thought.

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