Harry potter 2 years later

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Chapter 1: life after Voldemort

It was two years after the death of voldemort and nearly everything had gotten back to normal Hogwarts was almost fully repaired, all of the shops in diagonally were fixed and back in business, gringots roof main foyer and roof had been repair, Kingsley Shakelbolt who had been named temporary minister for magic was now in his first full year as minister, Harry was now and aura having pasted his aura’s course with flying colours, Ginny had just finished her 7th year at Hogwarts and has moved in to Grimmauld place with Harry, Ron had accompanied Hermione to Australia to find her parents which took the better part of a year and were now living in a reasonably sized London apartment, Gorge having only recently gotten over the death of his twin was a massively successful business man still running his wizards joke shop in diagonally, both Arthur and Percy weasley were back working at the ministry, Neville had gotten a job as a teaching assistant at Hogwarts, Luna who was now going out with Neville was still living with her farther and producing quibblers, professor McGonagall was the new headmistress at Hogwarts, bill and fleur were expecting their first child, and all was well in the world.

Chapter 2: Harry and Ginny

Ginny was unpacking the last of her boxes of thing at Grimmauld place, she bent over to get the last small thing from the bottom of the box just as Harry entered the room, harry walked over to Ginny as she got up and wrapped his arms around her waist, “you know you’ve really got a lot of stuff considering how small your room at the burrow is” said harry before kissing her on the cheek, Ginny smiled and turned to face him “well you don’t have much stuff at all so I think it balances its self out quite nicely” ”you’ve got a point” conceded Harry “what’s for dinner im starving” said Ginny “I think kreecher’s making leek stew” replied Harry.

After having dinner and thanking kreecher Harry and Ginny headed up to the sitting room past the spot where the portrait of Mrs Black had been, “I still can’t believe you used a blasting curse on her portrait” said Ginny “well she was really starting to get on my last nerve waking me up in at all hours of the night” said harry smiling they entered the sitting room and flicked on the TV Harry had bought because he was getting sooo bored with the books, papers, and magazines he had read and re-read and only kreecher to talk to which wasn’t very interesting, unfortunately Harry had stayed up after Ginny the previous night and left the TV set to and adult channel, quickly changing channel hoping against hope Ginny hadn’t noticed what had come on harry sat back and began to watch the nature show he had put on Ginny cleared her thought loudly and harry turned his head to look at her with a grimace on his face “what was that harry?”

“Nothing” “nothing? Im pretty sure that a naked woman pole dancing isn’t nothing!” ”Im sorry Ginny but your still legally under age and I needed to get off. If it’s any consolation I was thinking of you whilst you know” “Harry by wizarding law the legal age is 17” Ginny said whilst rolling her eyes, “it’s not that I mind you masturbating to porn but why do it alone down here when we have a nice comfy bed upstairs” “god Ginny I’d forgotten that muggle law and wizarding law are different” Ginny just smiled and lent forward to kiss harry, harry kissed her back and by the time they stopped kissing Ginny was straddling harry “harry” Ginny giggled “is that your wand I can feel poking me” already knowing the answer she just wanted to make him blush “sorry Ginny but your just so god dam sexy” this time Ginny blushed before kissing him on the cheek and getting off his lap “where are you going” asked harry “where do you think genius” joked Ginny before leaving the room and running up the stairs.

Harry practically jumped up from the sofa not even bothering to turn off the TV and ran after Ginny catching up to her just inside their bedroom, Ginny spun round and standing on the tiptoes kissed harry while they embraced each other. Whilst still kissing each other harry started to unbutton the lilac blouse Ginny was wearing whilst Ginny was unbuckling his belt, having successfully unbutton Ginny’s blouse he tore it off her and began trying to unhook her bra, having eventually gotten her bra off harry stooped and began to suck on Ginny’s perfectly formed C cupped tits electing moans from Ginny, after 5 minutes of tits sucking and moaning Ginny stun Harry around and pushed him back on to their bed and got down on all fours and began to crawl towards him, when she reached him she undid his pants and tugged them down as fast as she could revealing Harry’s tented boxers, Ginny giggled, “what?!?”

said harry “is something funny” “it’s not you Harry” giggled Ginny “what is it then” asked harry “you’re a lot bigger than Ron is” she said still giggling “how do you know how big your brother is” asked harry “I walked in on him masturbating over a picture of Hermione a few weeks ago just after I got back from Hogwarts” they both started laughing. Ginny without warning Harry who was still laughing tore his boxers down making his fully erect 8 inch penis catapult back smacking him on his stomach; she immediately grabbed hold of it and started tossing him off, after about a minute of this she moved her head towards his cock looking him straight in the eyes began to suck on it making him moan her name, she began to getting faster and deeper with every suck until harry said “Ginny you’d better stop or im guna blow my load already” standing up in front of him she turned around and dropped her pants revealing her tight firm ass and her frilly white panties which she began to wiggle down her ass while harry rubbed his cock, she turned back around walked over to him and straddled him just as she had done earlier, “I want you inside me Harry Potter” she said in her most seductive voice.

Harry took hold of his cock and positioned it at her extremely wet slit and pushed upwards her being so wet helped a little but it was still an extremely tight fit just for his head, he carried on pushing into her slowly, harry looked at Ginny who was in obvious pain due to it being her first time but she was getting a little impatient at how slow he was pushing in, she knew it hurt at first but got better after she had gotten used to it being inside her so she sat back very fast slamming 5 inches of his cock in to her making her scream in pain and harry groan slightly having not expected her to do that he carried on pushing in until her hit her maidenhood “keep pushing harry I want it all the way inside me” she begged so harry obliged pushing harder and Ginny began pushing down again until harry broke through and he could feel the blood trickle out of her pussy and down his cock and he also felt a tear hit him on the chest.

Ginny had begun to cry with the pain so harry pulled out slightly and then pushed back in beginning to fuck her after a few minutes of slow fucking harry began to quicken his pace until he was slamming his entire 8 inches in and out of Ginny making her moan like a whore, Ginny sat up and started to bounce up and down on his cock making het tits jiggle, and if possible seeing this made harry even harder eventually Ginny began to pant louder and louder saying “yes yes keep fucking me im sooo close!!!” with her bouncing up and down harry began bucking his hips up in to her again until he felt a rush of fluids burst out around his cock Ginny stopped bouncing up and down and collapsed on to harries chest breathing hard with Harry’s entire cock still inside her pussy “keep going harry I want you to cum to” “ok” harry said hoarsely and he began pumping his cock in to her again, after another 2 minutes he began to feel that familiar sensation in his balls so he got up with his cock still inside her and flipped her on to her back and kept slamming in to her until he was about to cum and pulled out in the nick of time and sprayed 3 large loads of cum on to her stomach and tits after finishing Cumming he collapsed next to her on their bed and fell asleep where he was, Ginny got up went to the bathroom washed his cum off her after tasting it and then spitting it out down the toilet, went back in to their room rolled harry over so he was facing the right way on the bed got in next to him still naked and fell asleep hugging him.

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