Teleported Inter-Planetary Cheerleaders Suck

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“One, two... three, four...”

Standing at the head of the bus, counting students, Ms. Samantha Sexton was a study in contrasts. In one sense, she was the typical teacher... a stern look... her hair pulled up in a bun... dark-rimmed glasses... a white blouse and black skirt with black heels and light tan pantyhose... very professional. On the other hand, despite known for being strict, her students loved her because she listened to them, and actually WAS understanding and kind when she had to be. And because so many of them (especially the girls) wanted, one day, to be just like her.

“... five, six... seven, eight... nine...”

She was competent at everything she did... always organized... brilliant... well-read... and very athletic, as several trophies and wall pictures in her office attested. More importantly, she was gorgeous; 5 foot ten... slim but shapely, with firm 34-inch breasts and a very nicely-shaped ass... a model’s face... deep brown eyes that could melt the heart of any man... luscious lips... and shoulder-length, naturally blonde hair. Yes, the girls all wished they could be like her, or at least look like her... and the boys all wished they could either fuck her or be blown by her... or both... despite the dark-rimmed glasses and often stern look. And, by the way, that black skirt she was wearing right now was tight and rather short.

“... ten, eleven...”

Several of her male colleagues had tried finding a way to fuck her... or at least date her... but she displayed no interest in them. She was a loner. She dated outside the school on a regular basis ... but had no need for a steady boyfriend yet. She could have ANY MAN SHE WANTED... so why worry? It wasn’t that she was conceited about it. It’s just that she’d grown used to guys throwing themselves at her all through her mid to late teenage years and early twenties. She’d been a cheerleader in high school and college, and even briefly for a professional sports team. She’d been around lots of attractive, athletic men, and had fucked and sucked way more than her share. Now she was twenty-nine, and figured she still wanted to wait a year or two. Maybe then she’d start looking for Mr. Right.

“Hmmmmm,” she said. Two girls were missing and she knew instinctively who one of them was.

“Laura’s still with Rachel,” a red-headed girl at the front named Margaret said. Margaret was a straight, honest girl... a bit uptight at times... but generally helpful.

“Maybe they’re changing,” Stephanie said. Stephanie was a really sweet girl, a strikingly pretty blonde who always spoke the best of people. ‘If only more teenage girls could be like her,’ Ms. Sexton thought.

But Stephanie was wrong, and Ms. Sexton knew it. She’d known that this would happen. Every time she loaded the cheerleaders into a bus to chase after a boy’s team playing somewhere, this same damn scenario unfolded. Somewhere, Rachel (and presumably her new friend Laura) was on her knees. And, despite this being a Catholic school, she was most assuredly NOT praying.

In fact, Rachel and Laura were just outside the boys’ Home locker room, both on their knees and surrounded by big athletic boys, with big cocks... Rachel four of them, and Laura two. Laura had never sucked black cock before and Rachel had promised her some of that after the game. Sure enough, the opposing basketball team had five black players, and Rachel and Laura were sizing them out, with Rachel taking on the white captain and three black teammates. Laura had what Rachel would call ‘a chocolate cone to lick’ on either side.

“Shouldn’t we be going?” Laura gasped during one of the few seconds she didn’t have a huge black cock in her mouth.

“They’ll wait,” Rachel assured her.

The school was required, by law, to account for every girl before leaving. Invariably, Ms. Sexton would wait ten minutes and then send Margaret or Stephanie or one of the other girls to find them. Until then, they were okay. The school couldn’t suspend Rachel... she was the granddaughter of the man who’d contributed more money to the school than all others combined... and the granddaughter of a man who simply adored his granddaughter who, to him, could do no wrong, all evidence to the contrary. Nope... they were safe.

Sure enough, within five minutes, just as Rachel was swallowing her fourth load and Laura her second, Margaret showed up.

“Are you coming?” she asked Rachel, who was still on her knees, applying hard suction to drain the last cock of its last few drops of semen. Margaret’s voice dripped with contempt.

“Already did, baby girl” the 6 foot 4 power forward smiled back, toothily. “I just did.”

Margaret rolled her eyes in disgust... much like Rachel did as Margaret lectured her on the way back to the bus about how inconsiderate she’d been, holding everyone up. She did this every time. Just because she had a rich grandfather. Blah, blah, blah!

“Who paid for our uniforms we’re wearing” Rachel asked, “without which we wouldn’t even HAVE a cheerleading squad? Hmmmm? And who paid for the bus so we could come to the game today?”

Margaret just grumbled.

Ms. Sexton said nothing when Rachel and Laura arrived (the principal had nearly fired her once before for punishing Rachel), but she gave Rachel her patented ‘look’, and then eyed Laura as well, who was genuinely embarrassed.

“We’re all here now, Carol” she said finally to the bus driver, who just smiled back; she’d been dealing with Rachel all this year too.

The doors closed and the bus slowly pulled out. They had just under a one-hour drive to get back to school.

Though Rachel and Laura hadn’t taken the time to change out of their green and yellow cheerleading uniforms, the other girls all had, some into the school standard plaid skirts, most others into the standard camel-coloured pants or shorts that were part of their uniform, along with the required white blouse, green and blue sweater with the school crest on it, black socks and black shoes. One pretty light-haired brunette, named Meredith, had been given permission to change into jeans, because she was being dropped off a bit early to meet her mom at a gas station just outside of town and go straight to horseback riding lessons, so she wouldn’t be late.

But that was the exception. Otherwise, only Carol, the cute 27-year old bus driver – who was in many ways exactly the opposite of Ms. Sexton in appearance... five foot two, nice but slightly rounder build (though not at all overweight), nice best-friend’s-older-sister-like face, with dark brown hair in a ponytail - was dressed casual, herself in jean shorts and a red and white checkered blouse and running shoes... kind of a cowgirl look. Though the rest of them were “only cheerleaders”, they were a team, Ms. Sexton said, and “we dress like a team.” And she knew how important it was to Principal McCarthy especially that they all remember that.

But what Ms. Sexton did NOT know was that she had NOT been the only one who’d been checking out the girls and their uniforms as they had loaded onto the bus. Another set of eyes had, as well. And it was just one block from the point where Meredith was to be dropped off that those same eyes appeared again.

Carol slowed to a stop after she noticed the police officer put out his hand. She hesitated when he came around to her window and said he needed to come onto the bus. Carol was nervous, even though there WAS a police cruiser by the side of the road. Something seemed wrong to her.

“There’s a dangerous escaped convict we believe is coming this way, and we just have to make sure,” the officer said, flashing his badge.

“Let him on, Carol,” Ms. Sexton said. The sooner they got this over with, the sooner they could get back to the school.

In retrospect, she should have suspected something. Why would one officer alone stop a bus if he thought a dangerous escaped convict was on board? Why were no other vehicles stopped or even looked into? It made no sense. But by now, he was already inside and up the steps, walking slowly towards the back, his eyes scanning carefully side to side. He was tall and lanky, in fact inordinately so... The way he had to hunch over to avoid hitting the ceiling of the bus, Ms. Sexton surmised that he was at least seven feet tall. She’d NEVER seen a 7 foot tall police officer before. THAT was strange too.

Finally, slowly, the officer returned to the front and turned back towards Ms. Sexton.

“You will do nicely,” he said, smiling.

What? And it was then that Ms. Sexton noticed that the officer’s eyes were the oddest shade of green she’d ever seen. But it was too late. She grabbed for her bag and the can of Mace inside, but before she could say anything or open the bag, she was completely enveloped in an overwhelming flash of green light... and then all the lights went out.

Later, Ms. Sexton would surmise that, being closer to the source, the green flash that had transported them had affected her more... which is why she was the last one to ‘wake up’ in this strange new world. And it really WAS strange... she figured that out even before seeing anyone else. The ground was purplish in colour and there was a scent to it she’d never smelled before. And the sky above them wasn’t blue or grey, like it should be... it was, believe it or not, red. And was that THREE suns? She continued looking around. She and the girls and Carol were in some sort of holding cell; but again, it wasn’t a jail; it wasn’t a cage. It was rounded, like being in the bottom of a bowl. She was near to the side and put her foot on it to see if she could get any traction to climb out, but there was no traction at all... her foot just slipped like it was ice. It was scary, and it was weird.

But it was not as scary or weird as the creatures who soon came to get them. They weren’t men. Their skin was green and they had four extremely arms and five extremely big eyes, the latter totally encircling their head so they could apparently see in every direction. Their mouths were a single small hole, with no lips or anything. They had no discernible nose or ears. They were tall and gangly and wore no clothes. Though they had two legs, their feet were round and like suction cups, both in shape and function, so they walked down into the ‘bowl with ease’. And their eyes were the same strange shade of green that the officer’s eyes had been. And then they barked at the girls through their small round mouths and forced them all to stand. Several of the girls were crying. What was happening? Where were they?

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