The plowing of Tilley

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

When she woke up it was almost dawn. Tilley heard her mom make strange noises. She opened her mom's bedroom door a crack and saw her father fucking her. She went back to bed and played with her cunt. It disturbed her that she was still a virgin. All the girls made fun of her. The next day at school she told her girlfriend about it.

"You're lucky, my parents lock their door" sighed Mary.

"Are you still a virgin Mary?"

"No" she giggled.

"Who did you do it with?"

"Larry Tate"

"Oh my god, why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought the whole school knew" she laughed.

"Do you still do it with him?"

"No, he's got Becky now"

"Becky's a slut"

"That's what he likes"

Tilley told her girlfriend that she was tired of being a virgin and wanted to have sex.

"I have a horny brother"

"God Mary, he's almost thirty" she gasp.

"Chuck is twenty seven" she replied.

"Why would I want to do him?"

"If you let a boy at school have your pussy he will blab it to everyone"

"Maybe you're right" she sighed.

"I'm going to see my brother this Saturday, do you want to come with me?"

"Yes" replied the girl.

Saturday Mary picked her up in her car.

"You need a new car" said Tilley.

"Why do you say that?"

"The front end shakes"

"Oh that, my brother is going to fix it"

Tilley was surprised to see that Chuck had a nice house. She thought that all bachelors lived in dirty apartments.

"What does he do for a living?"

"He is a computer programmer"

Mary knocked on the door and introduced her girlfriend.

"Is your car still acting up?" he ask.


"Pull it in the garage and I will take a look at it"

When Chuck found the trouble he told his sister it would cost three hundred dollars.

"I don't have that kind of money"

"Do you want me to fix it for free?"

"Maybe I could make payments"

"I want to pay for Mary's car" said Tilley.

"Do you have the money?"

"I'll let you fuck me"

"Oh my god!" gasp Mary.

"What makes you think your pussy is worth three hundred dollars?"

"I'm a virgin"

"I've never had one of those" he laughed.

"Let's do it in your bedroom" said Tilley.

When Mary followed them to the bedroom her brother said.

"I don't need an audience"

"I want her to watch"

"My sister is a pervert" laughed Chuck.

Mary helped to undress Tilley and lay her on the bed. Then Chuck took his clothes off. Mary was surprised to see that her brother had a huge prick. He stuck his fat dong in the girl's cunt and fucked the shit out of her. Tilley had the first climax of her young life. Mary had her panties off and was finger fucking herself. When Chuck filled the girl with sperm he rested and did her again. This time Tilley climaxed so hard she squirted pee.

"That's it, pee on him" giggled Mary.

When he was done with the girl he said.

"That's the first payment"

"Do you want to fuck me again"

"Every day after school until I say the bill is paid"

Tilley was delighted. She kissed him and said.

"Fuck the bill, you can have me any time you want"

Mary took her fingers out of her pussy and said.

"I'm horny"

"Why don't you ask your girlfriend to eat your cunt?"

The girls looked at each other and giggled.

"Do you want to do me?" ask Mary.

"Why not"

Mary undressed and hopped on the bed. When Chuck saw his naked sister he wanted to fuck her but he was afraid she would say no. Tilley kissed her girlfriend and sucked her breasts. Then she ate her cunt. Chuck got excited and jacked off on them. The girls giggled when the cum covered their bodies.

"My brother sure has a lot of love juice"

"I know, It's leaking out of my hole now"

Then Tilley sucked on her girlfriend's clit and made her climax. That night Chuck called his mother and said Mary's car wouldn't be ready until Sunday. The girls slept with Chuck and that night when the girls were sleeping he played with his sister's pussy. The next morning when they woke up Chuck said the car was fixed. The girls kissed him and said the would be back Monday after school.

The next day at school Mary ask.

"Do you like my brother?"

"He is dreamy"

"If he weren't my brother I would fuck him to death"

"That's my job you slut"

That evening Mary and Tilley went back to Chuck's house. He was waiting for them completely nude and playing with his prick.

"God Chuck, you're a horny son of a bitch" said his sister.

"Get your clothes off and I'll show you how horny I am"

They went to the bedroom where Mary undressed her girlfriend.

"She's ready brother, make her happy"

He took his time so he would last longer. Tilley climaxed so many times she felt faint. Mary had her clothes off and finger fucked her hole like mad. Finally they were done and Mary got in bed and kissed her brother.

He kissed her back and said.

"I love you sis"

"I love you too" she replied.

"Why don't you too make love to each other" giggled Tilley.

Chuck stuck his finger in his sister's cunt and said.

"Do you want too?"

"You might make me pregnant"

"I thought mom got you pills"

""I ask for them but she said I didn't need them and to keep my legs crossed"

"That never works" laughed Tilley.

"Do you have them?"

"Mom got them for me when I turned thirteen"

She watched her girlfriend rub her pussy on her brother's leg until she got herself off.

"You can fuck her asshole, she won't get pregnant that way"

"No way" said the girl.

"Let me do it sis"

"Will it hurt?"

"Do you care?" he ask.

No" she giggled.

Mary got on her hands and knees so her brother could stick his prick in her butt hole. He spit on his prick and shoved it in. Tilley watched with fascination and wondered if it felt good. She soon found out. Mary climaxed so hard she pissed on the bed. She looked at Mary and said.

"I'm not the only woman that pees when they have an organism"

"Oh god it felt so good I couldn't help it" she gasp.

"Does sex with your brother turn you on?"

"I should have let him fuck me a long time ago" she cooed.

When Chuck filled his sister's asshole with sperm he rested. Mary lay on one side and Tilley on the other.

"If you marry me your sister can live with us"

"What if I get pregnant?" ask Mary

"Do you want to have your brother's baby?"


"I'll quit taking my pills and we can both get pregnant"

"What will mom say" ask Chuck.

"I'll tell her to mind her own business" replied his sister.

When the girls graduated from high school Chuck married Tilley and the already pregnant Mary moved in with them

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