The Impotent Chauffer

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I have always had a healthy abundance of secret sexual fantasies that I’ve stored in my spank bank for years and many are similar to the stories described on your website by your followers. The thought of my lovers (past girlfriends and current wife} sleeping with other men has always been a huge turn on to me but I had never really pursued these desires with any kind of true passion for fear of being ostracized. The closest I ever came was with an “on again/off again” girlfriend I dated fifteen years ago. At the time we were clearly on the outs when she told me that she had had sex the previous night with a guy I had gone to high school with. I remember having to coerce the details out of her (she initially tried to play it off like nothing happened for fear of me getting angry) but of course just the opposite was true and the details seemed to get me off. We were on the phone while she was telling me and I secretly masturbated without her ever finding out.

I have read in numerous stories written here that many of you like to hear about your lovers’ past sexual escapades. Nothing gets me more sexually charged than hearing about my wife’s previous lovers. Luckily for me, this is something Julie doesn’t mind doing. She will describe sexual encounters from her past in vivid details (she has improved on her story telling skills) and it drives me wild. I really appreciate my wife for being willing to do this for me because I feel as though she will never judge me and isn’t so much of a prude that she isn’t open to new ideas. I love that about her.

I have been married for eight years and my wife is aware of my fetishes. One time, to spruce up our sex life, I went on line and found “The top ten sex fantasies of men and women.” I printed the articles out and had each of us independently rate which fantasies interested us on a scale from one to five with one being “not too interested” and five being “I really want to try this”. The next night we read one another’s results as well as any additional comments we may have added. One of the fantasies described in the article involved a woman sharing her bed with two male lovers at the same time and my wife rated this fantasy a “5”. Unfortunately, she also included a side-note that read “It’s never going to happen!” - “Why not?” I asked. She looked at me with wide eyes and said “Are you crazy?” - “Come on, It would be fun. We could arrange it so we were on vacation or something - where no one would know who we were.”

“You are out of your mind,” she said while shaking her head in disbelief “Like I said, it’s never going to happen.” And that was the end of that. But there was another fantasy depicted that she was much more open to. In this scenario the couple would go to a dance club separately and the wife would flirt and dance with strange men as the husband watched from afar. Just when things got hot and heavy, the couple would sneak out of the dance club and fuck each other’s brains out. I rated this fantasy as a “5” and she said “This is something I could do if we were somewhere where we knew we wouldn’t run into anybody we knew.” Although this got me extremely excited, it never materialized because there was never a chance to get away anywhere without having our two small kids in tow.

On Valentine’s Day two years ago I dropped the kids off at my in-laws and then aimlessly roamed around a mall in order to kill some time while my wife gussied herself up to be my Valentine’s Day slut. I had asked her if she could make herself look as slutty as possible (which is just the opposite of how she normally dresses) and she really went above and beyond. She caked on the make-up, used bright red lipstick, had on a blonde wig, and was wearing silver arm bracelets around her triceps. When I arrived at the house she was standing there to greet me with a smile on her face and her hand on her hip, looking killer in her high heels, garter belt, and stockings and said “Maybe I should earn the family some extra cash by picking up some John’s.” With a big grin I said “Let’s go!” She shook her head and said “You are something else!” but she was smiling ear to ear and I could tell she was turned on. It was the first time she ever brought something like that up and I was pretty sure she did it on purpose. It was only a minor comment but in my mind I rationalized this to mean that there was a chance (albeit a very small chance) that maybe someday she would sleep around because it was something she had thought about and it intrigued her. Hey what can I say - I’m great at rationalizing. Anyway, it made for great sex that night.

A half a year later (last September) we finally decided to take a long weekend without the kids and I reminded her of her promise of acting on my fantasy of flirting with strangers at a bar. She liked the idea but was a little nervous and kept asking what if she ended up sitting there alone looking like a complete loser? I assured her that this would never be the case and added “These guys will probably want to do much more than just dance and it’s okay with me if you let them.” “It’s never going to happen John, so get it out of your mind.”

We live in a northern suburb of Chicago, right by the Wisconsin border and we decided to book a room at a nice hotel/resort in the southwest suburbs because it was far enough away where we wouldn’t know anybody who lived there. I was very familiar with the area because I used to frequent it periodically years before when it was part of my territory for work. I knew of a restaurant /bar that had the reputation of being a haven for divorced women who were more than willing to jump into bed with you. That meant there would always be men trolling the dance floor. The resort we were staying at was only a couple of blocks from the bar and Julie fell in love with its five-star spa. I bought Julie the complete “spa package”; she spent four hours and $600 getting massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials (not those kinds of facials).

After the spa we ordered room service while Julie got ready for her big night. Julie is 5’ 8” and one-hundred and thirty pounds. She is a little flat chested but has a firm round ass and beautiful legs. She has brown hair and blue eyes and a medium complexion. She is thirty-two years old and has been told on many occasions she looks like a brunette version of the girl who stars in “The Big Bang Theory” – Kaley Cuoco. She decided to keep it simple by wearing a “little black dress”, black pumps with red bottoms, and a matching silver bracelet / choker set. No stockings, just pink panties with red trim. She looked beautiful but I would have preferred her dress to be a little shorter. She kept studying herself in the mirror while sipping a Jack-and-Coke and I thought to myself “she’s gonna chicken out.” But she didn’t; without warning she said “let’s go.”

The plan was that I would drop her off at the bar around 9:30 pm and would wait an hour and a half before coming back. If a guy approached her she would fabricate a ruse about meeting someone there for drinks and then pretend to get a text informing her that her date had backed out at the last minute. She would flirt with the guy, dance with him, sex it up on the dance floor, and just when he couldn’t take it anymore, she would text me to pull the car around and slip out the front door unseen. “I don’t know about the guy not being able to take it anymore John” she warned me. “Let’s not get our expectations up too high, let’s just have some fun and then go back to the hotel and make our own fun. I’ll see you in a little bit.” With that, she gave me a peck on the cheek, a quick wink and strutted into the bar. I went back to the hotel and took a shower and could barely keep my hands off myself. I got dressed and waited. Needless to say, I was beside myself with anticipation and the time seemed to crawl along at a snail’s pace.

I pulled up to the bar just before 11:00 pm and the parking lot seemed pretty full. I walked into the place and saw that the actual bar was shaped like a big “U”, with roughly twenty small tables filled with people in front of the closed end of the “U” and a 20’ x 20’ dance floor just beyond that. I saw my wife right away. She was sitting with her back towards me at the exact point of the bar where it began to curve near the bottom of the “U”. I had to walk right past her in my search for an open seat and found one at the bar, a mirror image of her seat on the other side of the “U”. I had been a little nervous for my wife as I entered the bar dreading that her worst fear would come true… that no one would approach her or show any interest. I immediately breathed a sigh of relief after seeing her engaged in an animated conversation with a well-dressed man who seemed to be in his late thirties.

The two were laughing and carrying on and he repeatedly put his hand on her shoulder to presumably make a point while she would respond by tilting her head back and batting her eyes, playing along in full flirtatious fashion. I was completely blown away. I didn’t know what I expected but I didn’t imagine Julie to be this relaxed and comfortable this soon. Maybe she had thrown back a couple of stiff drinks or downed a few shots before I got there in order to loosen up. Whatever it was, she was clearly having a good time. I ordered a Bacardi and Diet Coke and nursed it knowing that I would be driving and watched the two of them with voyeuristic glee for the next hour. He seemed to be a confident guy, wearing a black sports coat with a black shirt and faded jeans and had dark brown hair, almost black, with a little gray coming in around the temples. He was athletic, tall and handsome. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I could tell that he was charismatic and that he had my wife’s full attention. He motioned to the bartender and ordered my wife another Jack and Coke and a beer for himself and then Julie stood up and excused herself and started walking towards me. She gave me a knowing smile and a wink as she walked passed me and slipped into the bathroom.

When Julie had finished, she headed back towards her seat and her gentleman friend stood up and gestured towards the dance floor. My wife accepted his invitation and the two walked hand in hand towards the pulsating music. Again, my wife continued to impress me by bringing her flirty ensemble to the dance floor. She didn’t go as far as to “dirty dance” but for her it was pretty risqué; twisting and twirling so much so that at times her semi-short little black dress twirled high enough to almost reveal her panties. Needless to say… I was now hard! I was so excited that I was having a hard time breathing. I know this may sound stupid but I think I might have been hyperventilating because the harder I tried to control my breathing, so that people wouldn’t think I was a freak, the harder it was to breathe. I began to sweat, so I got up and went to the bathroom. I finally was able to catch my breath and I looked at myself in the mirror.

I put cold water on my face and wiped myself off with paper towels. I thought to myself, ‘Julie had gone further than I think she ever had intended to go’ and was anticipating her to text me at any moment instructing me to pull the car around. When I got back to my seat at the bar, there was a slow song playing and my wife and her new friend were lost in each other’s arms on the dance floor. She had her head buried in his chest and his hands would occasionally find their way onto my wife’s gorgeous round ass. They stayed that way for a long while and then it happened. He kissed her. A relatively short kiss at first and then… a long, slow, passionate kiss that seemingly lasted for minutes. I got butterflies in my stomach but I was enjoying myself… watching the two of them groping each other on the dance floor.

When the song ended they came back to their seats and continued much in the same fashion as before only now they sat much closer to each other and the intimacy between them was heightened. I couldn’t be sure but I’d be willing to bet that his hands were all over Julie’s body below the bar where I had an obstructed view. They locked eyes and their lips were inches apart from each other as they engaged in romantic conversation. My wife would periodically shake her head no and I could tell he was trying to get her to leave with him. They would then laugh and talk for a while longer but ultimately come full circle, back to the same intimate position, lips inches apart, whispering so that only the two of them could hear. My wife started shaking her head again while she was talking and then turned completely red. The man looked at Julie and said something I couldn’t hear and began to laugh. He had the “You are kidding me!” look on his face. Again my wife shook her head in embarrassment and then pointed across the bar right at me. The man looked in my direction and it was now my turn to turn completely red. He just stared at me with a shit-eating grin on his face shaking his head. I did not know what to do so I just sat there looking like a complete idiot.

After a couple of minutes of him staring at me (and me sitting there looking like a lump) they eventually began talking again. He didn’t look mad, in fact he looked more determined than ever despite having the knowledge that this beautiful woman’s dipshit husband was sitting directly across the bar from him. My wife finally began to relax a little again, but despite looking tempted, still seemed a little overwhelmed and embarrassed. At some point, after he had said something to her, she began shaking her head and rolling her eyes as if she were in a state of total disbelieve. She then picked up her phone and began typing with her thumbs and a minute later my phone buzzed. I looked at the text and my wife had written “He wants us to sit with him at a table”. I looked up and they were already on their way to one of the small tables. I stood up and walked over and sat down next to Julie and across from the guy.

His first question was directed at me “This was your idea, huh?” “Yes” I said. Then the three of us sat there not saying anything more for the next few minutes. He finally broke the awkward silence by asking me “What’s her real name?” “Julie” I said. “Okay, Julie,” he began “I don’t see any reason why we should stop now, I think the fun is just beginning.” Julie looked unsure and said “I don’t know”. Then I started to say “Honey, don’t worry about me because...” but the man cut me off. “What’s your name?” he snapped. “John” I answered sheepishly. “Well, do me a favor John and back off, I got this… Okay?” I nodded. He looked at Julie and said “Listen, sweetheart, I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking that Sally over here will change his mind and think badly of you, right?” This time it was Julie that nodded. “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do - we are going to let your husband decide where the night goes from here.” He looked at me and said, “Are you okay with that Sport?” I nodded. “Okay!” he said while clapping his hands and shifting his attention back towards Julie. “We are going to conduct a little test here tonight. I want you to reach under the table right now and put your hand on Junior’s crotch to see if he’s sporting a little “hubby-chubby”. If he is, like I suspect he most definitely will be, everyone here will know what a little pervert he truly is and that this is what he clearly wants. Okay?” My wife didn’t say anything.

She just stared at him for a very long time, searching his eyes. “Okay?” he repeated. She continued to stare for another long moment and then broke her gaze only to shift her attention towards me. It was my turn; she began staring me down for what seemed like forever. At last she returned her attention back towards him and once again took her time gazing into his piercing blue eyes - studying him. She never said a word; she just slowly began to nod her head yes. The man smiled and nodded back. She then turned back towards me, silently demanding that I continue to make eye contact with her, and slowly and deliberately reached under the table and gently rested her hand on my lap. “Well?” the man asked with arching eyebrows. Julie smiled and again just nodded her head. He laughed and slapped the table and said, “Good, it’s all decided then.”

The man seemingly got a burst of energy. “Hey, what kind of car do you drive, Sport?” he asked me. “A 2009 Altima.” I replied. “Good” he said, “Go pull it around front while the little misses and I finish our drinks.” Julie began giggling at this little comment, apparently getting a kick out of me being emasculated by this guy right in front of her. As I fumbled to get my keys out of my coat he added, “You think there’s a chance he’s gonna have an awkward walk to the car while sporting his little stiffy?” Again, Julie found this to be entertaining and I could still hear her laughing as I headed out the bar to fetch the car. When I got outside I started to realize that even though I hadn’t really been looking to be humiliated, it wasn’t part of my fantasy, I had to admit that I was getting turned on in a weird way. I was embarrassed beyond belief and yet I almost came when Julie had touched me. And he was right; it was an awkward walk to the car.

As I pulled up to the front of the bar I could see them making a spectacle of themselves in plain view of other patrons. His six foot-two frame nearly encompassed Julie’s girlish figure as he held her up against the wall, kissing her neck and groping her tits as other customers walked by. One guy yelled out “Do her up, man!” And he responded by giving the stranger a “thumbs up” sign. They got into the back seat of my car and he was immediately all over her. I awkwardly asked where they wanted me to go and he managed to say “Just drive” between kisses and groans. So I drove. And then drove some more. I could hear my wife’s moans and his heavy breathing and it was driving me crazy. I could hear them talking, trying to figure out how to get comfortable, adjusting and trying different things and at one point Julie kicked me in the back of the head.

Then I heard her go down on him. She was slurping, and gagging, and spitting, and licking and the whole time he was talking to her saying “Oh yeah, like that baby, just like that!” I tried to sneak-a-peek periodically but I couldn’t really see anything but the back of my wife’s head. It took everything I had to concentrate on driving and not crashing the car. He let out a thunderous groan as he was obviously about to shoot his load into my wife’s mouth and I could hear Julie gulping it down. She just kept swallowing and swallowing and I pictured this guy spraying a half a quart of cum down my wife’s gullet.

The moans quieted down for a few minutes and I could hear the two of them whispering to each other and giggling but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Julie kept moving around in the back seat, presumably to get comfortable and finally positioned herself with her feet over the back of the front seat. Her right foot was by the passenger side and her left one was next to my head. I heard her begin to moan, low groans at first, but then steadily getting louder and louder as the man went down on her. Before long her scent was everywhere, permeating the Altima and I could hear him slurping up her juices. After a few more minutes Julie shamelessly declared “I’m going to cum” and then kicked the car’s ceiling and let out a high pitched squeal.

Again their heavy breathing subsided and the car got quiet but now I was having a hard time controlling my own breathing for the second time that night. I concentrated really hard on breathing slowly and quietly because I was deathly afraid of them noticing and making fun of me. After a minute or two, I had more or less gained my composure when my wife’s new friend with benefits called out over the front seat “Pull up to this Quick-Mart Sport and get us something to drink.” He wanted a bottle of water and she wanted a Diet Coke and a package of Dentyne. When I got back Julie asked me “How you doing hon? Are you okay?” “I’m fine – I’m doing good.” I replied. “Good” the man interjected “Keep driving Sport, the night’s still young.” I pulled out of the parking lot and in a couple of minutes they were at it again. Up to this point they both had been more or less dressed, with the exception of my wife’s panties and the man’s pants being pulled down around his knees, but now my wife’s little black dress flew across the car and landed in the front passenger seat. My wife leaned over the front seat and at first I thought she was going to say something to me because I could feel her breath in my ear, but then she said “Stick it in” and I knew she wasn’t talking to me.

She then lost all inhibitions. He was behind her and I could still feel her breath in my ear “Oh God, put it in” she’d say. And he would tease “Is this what you want?” - “Yes” - “Tell me what you want.” - “Give it to me, please.” - “This?” - “Yes, stick it in me!” - “Tell me exactly what you want.” - “Fuck me! fuck me hard” – “Are you sure?” – “Give me that monster cock! Give me all of it!” And he did. For the next five minutes Julie was groaning and gasping for air. At one point, she grabbed me by the hair and used me as leverage. I fought to keep the car on the road. Finally, he yelled that he was going to cum and Julie told him to give it to her. They both collapsed in the back seat and the stench of sex was overwhelming. “How was that for you Sport?” he said, again showing off at my expense, and both he and Julie chuckled. “Good”, was all I could manage to say. “Awwww”, Julie chimed in, “poor guy, he probably has blue balls.” But again, she and her stud thought this was funny and had another laugh on me.

The two engaged in random conversation as I drove them back to the bar and when we finally arrived he gave my wife one last passionate kiss and then hopped into his car. Just before he pulled out he rolled down his window and said “See ya round Sport.” and then sped away. Julie put her dress back on and got into the front seat and leaned her head back and sighed. I was smiling and looking deeply into her eyes when I reached over and began rubbing her left thigh. Julie returned my smile with a sly grin, brushed my hand aside and said “Not tonight Sport, I’m way too exhausted. Maybe tomorrow.” I almost cried. Instead, I went back to the hotel and masturbated three times while watching my wife sleep.

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