Sorority Wars

(Part 1 from 1)

It was my first year of college. Naturally, i signed up for a fraternity to help me fit in. Little did I know it was going to be the worst mistake of my life.

Me and my fellow pledges stood in a straight line. In front of us were the fraternity leaders. There was Dan, the president of the fraternity, who stood 6 feet tall, brown hair, although he had a buzz cut, and had the body of a tan, Greek god. He stood next to his two right hand men, Brandon, a 6 ft, light skinned, ripped athlete, and Ryan, a thin, tall, blonde, runner. Dan spoke first saying "It is time you learn the origins of this fraternity and the troubles you will face in the upcoming years". Brandon then spoke. "As you probably know there are 3 main fraternitys on this campus.

The Alpha House, a frat filled with ignorant jocks from both the soccer team and the basketball team. There the Beta house, the whores from the woman's softball, soccer, and cheer squad. And us, The Charlie House, the mismatched group of athletes who wanted nothing to do with the other frats." Dan picked back up with "we've been at war with the other two houses for some time now. From toilet papering their house all the way to kidnapping members and leaving them in the forest to walk all the way back, we have proven a fierce competitor between fraternities. As pledges you will be out "front line infantry" until you proven yourself a valued member of this frat. Ryan will show you to your rooms. Get some sleep tomorrow will be a long day."

Ryan pointed to the room on the very end of the hallway. "That's you" he said. I thanked him and continued on to my room. It was the size of a walk in closet with a cot and one drawer. I knew i had to do whatever the leader said if I wanted to improve my situation. With that, i went to bed.

I awoke to the sound of fists banging on my door. I walked out and fell into line with my fellow pledges. "Its time for your first mission" Dan said. I then looked at the clock and realized it was 4 am and pitch black outside. Each of you will be taking a disposable camera and heading over to the Beta house to get some... Images if you will." They handed all the pledges a ski mask and a camera. "There only 2 rules, 1, Don't come back empty handed. And 2, don't get caught."

We headed out right away and walked 2 miles down the road to Beta. We approached the house windows as a group and decided to fan out around the house. I soon picked up on the fact that there where no girls in any of the rooms when all of a sudden I heard "ITS A TRAP!" The other pledges ran down the street and I went to do the same but as I turned around all i saw was the bottom of a shoe and then i was out.

I woke up unable to move my feet or hands. I yelled for help and just then the 3 Beta leaders walked in and flicked the lights on. I noticed i was tide to a bed and bound by my ankles and my wrists. Olivia, the captain of the cheer squad, was a petite dark skinned beauty with black hair. Sophia, the captain of the softball team, was tall, curvy, and was a sexy brunette. Finally, Brynn, the captain of the soccer team, was a thin girl, with blonde hair.

"What the hell is this? Let me go!" I screamed.
"Oh wouldn't that be convenient?" Said Bryn.
"Please I don't want any trouble!" I said.

"Well you should've thought of that before you came down here to take pics of us you perverted freak! That's an all new low for the Charlie House!" Sophia said in a bitchy voice.
"What do you plan to do to me? Please just let me out!"
"You wont be leaving these walls for a long long time there buddy. First were gonna break you... Then were gonna take embarrassing pics of you... Then were gonna send them campus wide if you don't do every little thing we say for the rest of your college career!" Sophia responded.
"WHAT?! No you cant do that!" I said.

Olivia yanked down my pants and boxers and then snapped a few photos of me onto her iphone and said "We cant? Really? Well if you don't want the whole school to see your tiny little penis you'd better listen up."


"Good boy! Now that we have you where we want you its time to break the bad news. Your fraternity signed you over to us in order to keep us from reporting them to the police. Your now Beta property! Your now our slave!"

They then untied me and handed me collar.
"Remove everything except you boxers and put that on now slave" Olivia commanded.
I did as i was told in fear of the pictures being released.
"Now come here slave" Sophia said.

She grabbed a leash out of a drawer and attached it to my collar. "DOWN" she commanded. I dropped to my knees and she began to walk me to the door. The other two girls were behind me recording me with their phones. I walked through the door and into the living area of the fraternity. All of the girls had emerged in the room to witness what was happening. I looked around as the most athletic and prettiest girls in school all laughed and pointed at me" the Sophia began to speak.

"Ladies I would like you to meet Beta's new slave! He will be living here with us for awhile and will follow every order any of you tell him! If he does not comply feel free to inflict punishment on him yourself or report it to your teams captain! Us three will hold onto him today in order to break him in but after that he is open game! That's all ladies have a wonderful night!"

I was too worried about the words "break him in" to pay attention to anything else then i over heard the three captains speaking. "Ill take him first! The cheer squad has practice at 6 am and we could always use an extra mat to practice on!" Olivia offered. Sophia then said "perfect the softball team should be finishing up out game at around 10. Can you drop him off in the girls locker room?" "Sure thing" "ok and then Ill take him after soccer practice back here at around 4!" Brynn said. Sophia concluded with "Sounds like a plan ladies" and they went their separate ways.

Olivia grabbed my leash and pulled me out the door. When we arrived at the gymnasium it was only the cheer squad there. I had hoped there would be an adult or a coach of some sort who would be able to put a stop to my misery, but I had no such luck. For 3 hours i was stomped on, used as a landing mat for the flyers, and even just slapped around by the girls for pure entertainment. After practice I was dropped of at the girl's locker room as promised.

I sat in silence for 15 minutes when finally i saw Sophia walk in with the team behind her. They were wearing black cleats, light blue softball socks, black softball pants, and a light blue shirt. The girls where absolutely drenched in sweat. Sophia walked right up to me and slapped me hard on the face saying "THAT'S FOR US LOSING YOU bitch!"

The girls all sat down on the benches circling my position in the room. Sophia pulled a chair over and sat down right in front of me. She grabbed me by my hair and said "Your in for a real treat today slave you get to go in a line and attend to every players feet after they just busted their asses on the field!" I gulped and she said "Well start with me of course! Now i want you to start by licking all of the dirt of my cleats." I've been pretty compliant so far but i couldn't help yelling "NO WAY."

She just kicked me in the nuts as hard as she could and pointed at her cleats. I stuck out my tongue and as a tear fell from my cheek began to lick her cleats clean. The taste was a mixture of rubber and dirt. I went in for about 20 minutes on each cleat when she finally said "Enough." Sophia then said "Take off my cleat! Its been a rough day and i think my toes need a little foot massage!" I did as i was told and i peeled of both of her shoes. The stench of her socked feet hit me like a ton of bricks. They were the rankest feet I've ever smelt and i almost gagged. She said "RUB!" And stuck her foot straight out almost hitting my nose.

I quickly grabbed her foot and lowered it as i began to caress her soles in a desperate attempt to get them away from my face. "Mmmmmmmm" she moaned as i ran my fingers up and down her sweaty feet. Her socks where soaked with sweat. After rubbing each foot for 10 minutes she said "I don't think I'm really doing my part in breaking you in... I think we need to step this up a bit... Why don't you go ahead and move closer." I shuffled forward and she immediately shoved both of her feet in my face. I almost puked and she commanded "SNIFF THEM LET ME HEAR YOU" I began taking big breathes through my nose and the smell burned my nostrils.

She rubbed her feet up and down my face paying particular attention to my nose. She suddenly said "hmmm my socks got pretty dirty today too. Slave? Lick my socks clean!" She then stuck her foot straight out and stretched her toes back. I stuck my tongue out, closed my eyes and began to lick them. The taste was of sea water and rotten cheese. I was told to lick every inch of her socks and the second i was done she said it was time for me to suck the sweat out. She mashed her toes into my mouth and I began to suck. She was sweaty enough for me to be swallowing drops of sweat.

She switched feet and as I began to suck those toes she removed her sock off the other foot. When finished she said "Here now you can get in-between the toes and shoved her other foot back in. This went on for another half an hour when she finally said "Ok im done with you." She stood up and walked out and i was so relieved to be done... Until another girl sat down in the chair and stuck her cleat out.... That's when I looked around and realized the entire team was still waiting for their turn. I died inside at that moment. That is when i became a slave. That is when I was broken.

Later that night i had to do the same for the soccer team. I was abused, tired, hungry. Days passed and a routine began to form... Girls fought for slave time and the ones who lost originally were even meaner when they finally got to me. I became used to the taste of feet and sweat. I drank more sweat from feet and armpits everyday than water. Night time was a nightmare. Every girl had to have their feet massaged before bed.

After they were asleep I began doing laundry. If their clothes weren't finished and folded by the time they awoke i was whipped brutally with a belt. On average i get about 4 hours of sleep a night. They gave me a closet to sleep in and filled it with old socks and underwear that had to many holes or where just too dirty. Its also were they store their cleats over night. Overall I didn't think my situation could have gotten much worse. That is until it did when Beta decided to throw a party with Alla.....

End of Part 1! Id be happy to write a part two if I get enough positive feedback! Thanks for reading!

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