Early Teen Wanking Story : Part 1

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100% fiction!

I cannot remember at what age I started wanking my little white cock. Probably when it first got strange and stiff and I found it pleasurable to stroke it. What I do remember was that I started wanking well before I started ejaculating. There are lots of slang terms used to describe the masturbation of the male penis, but for the sake of this missive I will be using the “wanking” term.

Like other young boys I wanked my cock in the shower, in the toilet and in bed and yes I was caught by my sister and my parents. But most of all I enjoyed wanking outdoors. For this I would go behind the shed in the woods and wank. It gave me greater pleasure and was more daring adding to the risk of being caught factor to remove all my clothes and wank naked. It seemed so natural and liberating. The best part when I grew up a bit was squirting my cum onto the moist soil behind the shed.

We lived in a rural agricultural village, our neighbors had three sons. The eldest son, who I shall call “Denis”, was about 18 months older than I was. Living in the country we went to boarding school from an early age. The neighbor's boys went to a different school to me so we only saw each other on school holidays. Denis would always come over to play and if the weather was bad we would end up finding shelter in the barn. We would go up the ladder into the hay loft to hide out and get up to boy mischief.

Denis and I would lie in the warm hay and tell stories of our experiences during the school term. We always just wore cotton shorts and tee shirts. I never wore underpants until I was much older. I must have been about 18 years old then and my friend Denis about 19 and half years old. Anyway, the routine was always the same when we were in the hay loft and we both knew what was going to happen. Denis would slide a piece of hay up my shorts leg and then say “Look what’s up here. I had better get it out” He would then push his hand up my shorts leg forgetting about the straw and finding my very erect cock.

“What’s this?” he would say in surprise as he pulled my shorts down to fully expose my erection. “We will have to do something about this!”
He would then take the lead and start slowly gliding his hand up and down my very erect and very eager cock. I did protest but enjoyed the attention only interrupting to remove all my clothes.

“I think my cock is also swollen and may need some attention from you.” Denis would say. This was the green light for me to put my hand into his pants. He wore underpants so I had to push my hand down and grab his cock.

“I think I better take my clothes off too” he would say and would strip down and by pulling his underpants down also pulled his erect cock down letting it jerk up once freed. A dramatic entrance. Now Denis was 18 months older than I was but I was taller so I rather expected his cock to be bigger than mine. It was indeed both longer and much thicker so it was a great thrill for me to wank an older, longer and thicker cock. Mine was only 4 inches when fully aroused and I guess Denis’s cock must have been close to 6 inches long.

We would lie in the hay, naked and wank each other in almost slow motion, prolonging the pleasure. You could feel the shuddering and involuntary jerking begin in both of us as we approached orgasm. Denis being the older and with a bigger cock always came first and I was fascinated by the volume of cum that his big cock could produce and how far it could squirt. I loved the chlorine smell of fresh cum. When we first started wanking each other I still was not ejaculating but would just shudder to orgasm, so it was great thrill for me to make another boy come.

This became a high school holiday routine always finding an excuse to go up into the hayloft and wank each other’s cocks off until we both came. We never indulged in blow jobs or attempted anal because we never knew about those things then.

All the village boys had wanking partners and I was no exception. What we all knew was where Denis was a wanking partner with me, he was also a wanking partner with the bakers son, ”J” , who was a year older than Denis. J must have known that Denis wanked my cock, and I knew that Denis wanked J’s cock as we used to discuss this in the hayloft. Denis said that J had a real mans cock as he was much older. I with my small cock would ask for details and Denis said it was much longer and thicker than even his cock and he battled to get his hand around it, which in my book was huge. Likewise, I’m sure Denis would discuss the details of my small 4 inch cock with J. Now it would not have been right for me, despite my curiosity, to attempt to wank J’s cock as he was so much older than I was. I too had other wanking partners that Denis did not have access to.

Now there were three neighbor brothers. Denis was the eldest. Nick was the middle boy about my height with blonde hair, tall and good looking if anything on the thin side. Nick was a year younger than me. Yes, he had heard about the hayloft and whenever his elder brother was not around he would plead to go up into the barn hayloft for some fun. Nick had a different approach to his brother as he would immediately remove his pants and show off his hard on. He was very proud of his cock which was long and slender, about the thickness of a forefinger. The slenderness of his erect five and half inch cock gave the illusion of being much longer than it was. Nick always wanted to compare cock length as an opening gambit and would say.

“Take off your clothes and let’s see how long your cock has grown since we last compared” I’d gladly strip naked for him being fully erect and ready for the measuring ceremony. Despite the fact I was older my cock was always the smaller. We would measure with him pushing his hard long cock up to me the tip touching my belly just above my cock and I could never get my cock to touch him. Nick liked to wank using lubricants, anything that slid, from cooking oil, butter, and even hair lotion. He would bring these along and took great pleasure in applying the lube to my cock. I did not mind. Then he would instruct me to put some on his cock always wanting more than required.

We would begin the mutual wank. He used a totally different grip on my cock when wanking compared to his elder brothers technique. But it was good and we would both try and come together spraying first precum then cum onto each other’s naked stomachs. Again there was no thought of me sucking his cock or he sucking my cock. We would lie in that post cum daze, naked in the hay and it wasn’t long before we both had erections again and would start fondling each other’s cocks which would lead to a second wanking session. With his long slender cock Nick did ask if he could slip it into me which I was not to keen on so we would just lie in the spooning position and he would rub his cock against my bottom until he came for the third time. I did not reciprocate. He said that he had a friend at school that allowed him to slide his cock into his anus using a lube, and it was a great sensation and that I should try it some time.

Now just like the other xxx boys Nick had other wanking mates in the village. I know that he wanked with “A” the postmaster son and that they did this in their favorite wanking hideout behind a large overgrown hedge. Nick said that A’s cock was much bigger than mine and even longer and thicker that his and he enjoyed wanking big cocks. That put me in my place with my 4 inch offering.

Now one weekend my parents were going away to a funeral and I had to overnight at the neighbors. They did not have a barn or hayloft so after showering we were told to sleep in the double bed in the guest room as “M” the youngest of the sons was sick and needed peace and rest. Yes you’ve guessed it I slept in the middle of the double bed with just a tee shirt on, Denis on my left side and Nick on my right side. After lights out with a bit of under the blanket hand exploring I discovered that Denis had a hard on and Nick also had a hard on as I had expected. I could not miss this opportunity so started wanking them both one in each hand. They both lay on their backs very still pretending nothing was happening.

They both knew that I also had a raging hard on but neither were brave enough to reach across in case the other brother had got to my cock first. It was great to feel the difference of both these cocks in my hands. The one thick and long, the other thin and long. I wanked them both until they came making a mess in the sheets. It was a real power trip having two cocks in hand and at my mercy. I celebrated my achievement by pulling down the sheets and making a flagrant display of wanking my own little cock exhibitionist style while they both watched. It added to the sensuality of the moment having my two wanking partners watching me going sexy solo on my smaller instrument. I added my twink cum to the mess on the sheets.

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