Sophie's Hot Story

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was ready.  I saw it……the erection in his pants…

“That’s a sexy pose Sophie….” He clicked it. 

Now I placed one of my hand on my skirt over the leg resting on the sofa. I raised my skirt more exposing my gorgeous thighs. With my other hand, I raised the Skirt over the standing leg. 

He clicked. 

Now I sat on the sofa, spread my legs wide. The skirt had partially covered both of my thighs. I leaned forward and pressed my forearms, squeezing the breast a little to pop out. I turned my neck up with my face facing the ceiling. 

He clicked. 

When I just was about to pose something else, he seemed to get disturbed and moved out from the camera. 

“I can’t concentrate…..I cannot”

“W..h..y…..dear Mike ?” I asked him seductively. “Are you feeling uncomfortable ?”

“You know that Sophie…don’t you?”

“You said you never had sex with any one? Didn’t you?”

I took his hands and we both sat on the sofa. I closed his eyes with my fingers, and placed my lips on his. I gave a passionate kiss and placed my palm on his bulge. I pressed the bulge, and he moaned. 

I whispered in his ears “You know, mike, I haven’t had Sex from Past 3 years. Do you have any idea what is like for not having fulfilled, the sexual desires for such a long time”

“Yes Sophie, I understand”

“So do whatever I say”


I removed my Panty from under my skirt. I took his hands and placed it on my left breast which ofcourse was covered with bra & top. I opened my legs wide. I took his other hands, slid it inside my skirt and placed it right on my Twat. I was in heaven. My god… Shivers ran through my body. I badly needed this sensation … a touch of a sensational hand on my burning hot love spot. 

“Now Mike, just keep your hands for few minutes like this… it hard”

I closed my eyes, rested my head on the sofa & enjoyed this sensation for more than a minute. Like a nice boy, he pressed his hands on my pussy and other on the breast squeezing it slightly. 

His fingers was all wet. My Juices poured out and dripped towards my thighs. Never in my whole life, I had such a load of vaginal juices pouring out so desperately. 

Now I turned and sat on his lap facing him, with my legs crossed on either side of his thighs. I Removed my top and exposed my breast covered with a fancy violet bra. 

“Have you touched a woman’s breast…mike my dear?”

“No sophie……you have beautiful pairs”

I unfastened the strap and asked him to remove the cups. There laid my beautiful spotless large sets of bangers hanging desperately for him.

“Mike, No one, I mean no one has touched this boobs for long time, baby”

He placed both his hands each on my tits. His eyes was desperate wide open without even blinking. 

“Wanna take it in your dear?”

He started sucking my breasts. I felt his erection. My ass was resting right on top his bulge. 

“Bite the Nipples mike, bite it hard”

He was careful, he bit it slow

“Bite it harder, mike, give me some pain”

He bit and sucked. He fondled and played with my breasts almost for another 15 minutes. I used to kiss him frequently. We had very wet kisses, leniently pouring out our saliva. Both of our faces were shining wet with saliva. 

I stood and unzipped his jeans. I pulled his Jeans and inserted my hands through his underwear and held the Penis. He was trembling passionately. His cock was mind blowing 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. I couldn’t believe it, that after so long time I am gifted with this monstrous dick. 

I removed his underwear and unbuttoned his shirt. I stood and removed my skirt. I was all nude in front of him. I laid on the sofa and he came on top of me. 

“Please enter me… please give your hardest fuck of life time” “fuck me”

I helped him enter his love shaft in my heavenly wet canal. As he slid his shaft in me, my body stunned tight like a statue for a second. 

“Remove it mike, renter it. I want this feeling more and more…..Remove and enter as many times you can”

He did it for several times. He removed and entered….And always I relished that heavenly feeling. Passionate currents shimmered by body and all my body parts was screaming sex. My Nipples were erect and my breasts were burning. 

“Place you hands on my breast. Squeeze it as much you can, mike, please squeeze it”

“Enter me now, and blow me with your hard thrusts” “Fuck me like a dog…fuck me”

My cunt was sort of alive and held his prick tighter and tighter. It seemed that my vagina just didn’t wanted to let it go out. When I looked down, I saw he used to enter only half his length. 

“Whats the matter Mike, Insert you dick completely. Deep inside…….slowly enter your entire flesh please”



“yes Deeper’

And to my surprise my pussy had eaten entire of his monstrous cock in to the canal. Wow what a feeling was that. 

I was close to rock an orgasm. But wanted to prolong. 

“Stop fucking mike. Just keep your penis inside me for sometime” “I want to enjoy that sensation”

He kept his dick inside me, while I rubbed my hands on his hairy chest, on his back, on his face and inserted one of my finger inside his mouth. He was hot inside. He started sucking my finger, and I got elevated to the final levels of heaven. 

He didn’t had to give me more thrusts. I exploded an orgasm. My body shivered and I felt multiple strokes of mind blowing muscular contraction. It was like fire crackers exploding in my lower body.

“Oh mike, my darling, that was wonderful…..this was the most wonderful experience of my life time”

He started stroking again while we climaxed together. He fired hot loads of viscous semen inside me and filled my poor hungry pussy. 

“Mike you know,…… the smell of semen…….its the best aroma in the world” “I was dying for this”

I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. I was feeling something extraordinary. 

“Mike you’re not a Photographer aren’t you”

“How do you know that”

“How could you not control yourself while shooting me?”

“You wanna know that, Why?”

He took his mobile and dialed some number. And spoke on the phone “ Well sir, I have accomplished. Sophie is feeling like the most satisfied woman in the world now !”

“Who is it Mike ? Whom are you talking to?”

He gave me the Phone and I was zapped to find that it was my Husband, Monty !

“Hi Sophie, darling, I wanted you to be happy. I knew that if I had asked you whether you like to have sex with someone else in my absence, you would say no” “So I experimented by sending Mike to approach you and possibly take care of you” “I am happy sophie now. I understand your feelings, and this way we also are not going to spoil our relationships”

“ Oh …Monty……I feel that I am the luckiest woman on earth to have such a great husband” “Please comeback to me soon, I want you”

“I will Sophie, but meantime, you may treat Mike as your husband. Just go ahead and enjoy your life”

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