Sophie's Hot Story

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‘My cunt is me, some one please help me...I want your flesh inside me...make love to me...any body....please love me....I want to be laid....I am dying for it…....’ 

I was sitting on the couch waiting for the token number to flash on the indicator. Usual stuff, visiting in morning hours in bank once in a month, to credit the funds remitted by my husband working in Dubai. Life routines.. kids, Shopping, cooking, household work, relatives & festivals. It seems that I always took care of time & people, but time & people never cared for me.

‘What am I doing.... Sophie?’ ‘Where is the excitement you always thought of, before getting married ?’

Before marriage, My friends always used to tease me that I shall drive my man nuts. All except the true friends were jealous of my looks & body. There were many other good looking girls in the college, but I was someone very different,..someone very special. I had asked one of a very close friend of mine who was a guy happened to be with us for only one year, after which he left for foreign education. Yes...I remember him,…..Marc, he told me, that the only difference between me and the other girls was frankly & simply "Sex Appeal" !

‘Oh god….when the fuck shall my number flash?’…..’Gotta go home soon, kids are waiting to be prepared & sent to school’. 

I don’t know what happened today morning, but suddenly my cunt was extremely wet, lubricating love juices. While sitting on this couch, I had crossed my legs tight & am feeling that the lower part of my body is on fire. If any one tells me now, that he wants to fuck me, I am not going to argue a bit at all. 

‘Masturbate, Masturbate, Fantasizing, & Fingering that’s it.. Sophie, that’s it’ ‘That’s all you have done so far within these PAST THREE YEARS’.’I just don’t know, are there any sexy females on earth who remains Un-fucked for 3 years !!!????’ 

My Husband left to Dubai for Work after five years of our Marriage. I was left with my New-born Twin daughters. If you ask, me I’ll tell frankly, that I am living here only for them. Or else, swear on god, I would had ran away…and had settled for some one else. Did I tell you that I am one of those women, who are crazy to get laid & fucked day and night ?

‘C’mmon Sophie, hook-up with someone. You badly need it. Someone trustworthy. Someone lonely like you. You need a man don’t you?’ ‘Wow, that guy on the counter …what a manhood he is having…..’ ‘Oops he is looking at me….’ 

I saw met him ….Michael… for the first time here. 

‘Oops, he is still gazing me’…..’look at him’ ‘look at him & give an angry look’…..’Ohh, he got flushed….’ ‘he is not looking at me anymore’ ‘Sophie, you shouldn’t had done this’ 

I stood and went to the queue where he was standing, Probably he had a number previous to mine. 

“Excuse me, please, what number are you having”

“its 90, Ms.”

“Oh no, Mrs please, its Mrs. Reynolds, Sophie Reynolds. Hi how are you”

“Nice to meet you Sophie, I mean Mrs. Sophie, by the way I am Mike. Michael Mathews”

“Pleasure to meet you too. Can you help me Mike? I have my kids to be left to school & am already late before I could rush home….and you see, there’s no one else in my house to take care of them. If you could exchange the token, and if that’s convenient to you? My number is 94”

“No Probs Sophie, here you have it, my token”

We exchanged the tokens and he took opportunity to rub my hands. Soon I withdrawn the cash and when was about to leave…

“Well, thanks for this Mike…..I am grateful…..”

“It was my pleasure”

“Alright then, Bye”…

I said that word ‘BYE’ with a passionate length….with a smile, he shall never forget. I was at the corridors, when he came from behind… my surprise !

“Wait, Sophie, Hello, Sophie,,,,,please wait”

“Oh tell me Mike”

“I was just wondering if we can meet somewhere again….may be..may be…just for a coffee? Or…. If that’s convenient to you….and if not,….. please tell No without any heart feelings”

“Yes sure Mike, that’s not a problem for me. Sure, don’t worry “

‘Sophie… slut, aren’t you getting too bold……?

“Oh, thank you……well can I exchange numbers.. or may be you can call me when free.?”

“Give me your number, I shall call you”

He gave me his Mobile Number & I wrote down in my diary. 

“I’ll call you mike whenever I’m free, See you then”

I never spoke to some stranger like this. I was too bold & open. I was a bit fast indeed. But that’s my desperation. I needed some one to be my friend more than a sex partner. I went home, send the kids and did some house hold jobs. I kept thinking about him, he looked like kind & honest gentleman. He respected me while talking, as he never focused on my curves. He saw straight in my eyes and was eager to establish friendship. He must have got attracted by my looks, but I was still wondering, what he would want me talk with a coffee. 

‘Its 5.00 pm, let me call him’

“Hello Mike, …”

“Yes, Mike hear”

“Oh, Hi its Sophie…”

“Oh hi there, its pleasure to hear you, Sophie”

“So whats up?”

“Nothing much, I am working in an Ad Agency known as ‘Max Adworld’ as a Photographer…I am almost done with my work…wanted to meet you”


“I am in south, were do you stay….”

“I live near Roxy cinema… know?”

“Yes, ofcourse not so far from my place…….do you know Cladius Cafeteria?”


“Can we meet there…..may be at 5.30 pm”

“Make it 5.45… “

“Done, ill be there at Cladius sharp at 5.45 ”

“Ok then, bye”

I wore a Long Skirt & a Sleeve less top. I am 5 ft. 11 inches & Slim with perfectly shaped Boobs. Some of the best part of mine at close-ups, are My lips which are voluptuous & when highlighted with a Red lipstick, looks very sexy, my nicely shaped spotless legs, hands and very seductive sets of fingers. 

I was excited but also bit tensed. I don’t know, but something about Mike made me secure. I felt that he was a generous person. I went to the cafeteria and he was standing there. He looked fresh, in his tight Jeans, T-Shirt, with sunglasses inserted in between & wearing a Cap. He was not clean shaved but the slight grown beard made him look smart & sexy. He just looked like Brad Pitt. 

He saw me and gave me a very sweet smile which reflected his innocent excitement. He greeted me, took me to a table, pulled the chair & offered me a seat. 

“It’s a pleasure in meeting you again sophie”

“So, what made you want to meet me again?”

“Nothing….I don’t know, but just wanted to meet you” “you can call it as an intuition to make a nice new friend” & he smiled. 

“So tell me something about you” 

“See, I work in an Ad Agency….as a Photographer” “I enjoy my Job, I have good friends, I am unmarried, am 24, I leave alone, I have a messy house (laughed), like to make friends and am self-contained personality”

And our talks started like this. We shared our interests, I told him about myself and about my husband. He took a great deal of care for me, asking for various coffees, suggesting me some good tastes. He had nice sense of humor. He gave me very good attention and always stared directly in my eyes. Sometimes, I thought to place my mouth immediately giving him a passionate kiss. I wanted to tell him I liked him. 

“I like you, Mike, you are very friendly” “You See, Mike you know I am lonely….but its nice to have a friend, a caring friend”

“Sure Sophie…..I understand your feelings”

We left the cafeteria and I gave him my numbers. Days went by, he used to call me, we went to movies, go to dinner. He even used to come during my Kids school programmers. My kids liked him and he too took very good care for them. 

Once, he told me that he wanted to shoot me. I was excited. 

“Where, Sophie, can I shoot you at the beach”

“No, at your house !”

“Really, can you come to my house ?”

“Yes” (That was a Bold attack)

I was dying for this day. I had made up my mind, that I am going to laid for this Man. 

I wore a Knee length skirt, with a Short sleeveless top exposing my flat tummy & deep naval. 

“You look beautiful Sophie!”

I walked close to him….

“Don’t I look S E… X Y….?”

“I didn’t knew whether you could acknowledge that compliment, but shall admit, you look a like a Sex Bomb Shell”

“Thank you Mike, I am flattered” (Both of them Laughed) “You are a Photographer, you must have many Girl Friends, don’t you?”

“No Sophie, you must be surprised, but its true, I never had any”

“What you define a girl friend?”

“Well some one whom you aspire to be so close to share all your feelings and there is true love and ……”

“Stop that Mike, you know that concept sucks! Wife is the only true Girl Friend. Whereas all relationships before marriage are just for having sex !!!!!”

“Goodness, you are Bold today…..thanks for reminding that Sophie !” (both laughed) “Lets get going with the Photography….”

“But on one conditions, the poses shall be of my choice”

He fixed the camera and was ready. 

So I was standing near the Sofa. I slowly raised my skirt and placed one leg on the sofa. I turned my face seductively, led my hairs from side of the shoulders lying on of my left breast. I parted my Lips which was glowing red. I raised my hands and inserted in my hairs. The Pose

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