Sonu's Chachi

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Everyone has a sex-symbol like I have but maybe I was lucky.Ever since I have grown up and understood sex, there is one women who stirs so much desire in me like no one else.It is my aunty living with her husband in our place. She is about 10 years elder to me fair in complexion , has a mindblowing figure,neat arse and not very large boobs. She always wears a saree below her navel mostly revealing her figure. As time went I wanted her real bad,she is simply irresistible sexually, though she is conservative by nature but she knew how to wear a saree.Who knows if she knew that she had a good figure.

Frequently either while taking bath or otherwise I would fantasize her and shaag.This continued even while I had taken up an assignment abroad and she was not physically seen by me regularly.In the meantime she and her husband (my uncle) shifted to another city from our home city,owning their own place,not known to me far away where I was employed. When I came back home after a year on vacation I learnt the same, I had been desperate to see her but in vain. As luck would have it I was asked to go to meet them while I was here on vacation which I did.When I reached their place my uncle had been away for some work and would not be expected for a day or two.As I had traveled so far she asked to me to stay on. I had not planned a long stay in any case but agreed to her request. After I had gossiped with her for a while,she asked to freshen up and boiled water for bath as their geyser was out of order.

When the hot water was ready she arranged it in their bathroom and asked me to proceed for bath before eating our for lunch. I undressed in the bathroom and started fantasizing about her and massaging my bulli.She is gorgeous and very attractive,specially you feel like you should have sex with her on seeing her dressed up the way she dresses revealing her sexy figure in a saree. After I had ejacuated, I poured some hot water from the bucket on my bulli,I screamed on top of my voice! The water was boiling hot and I had burnt my bulli.On earring me scream she knocked at the bathroom door and asked me to open the door.As the water was boiling hot and I had just been very hot myself I had began to feel dizzy, so I quickly opened the door for some fresh air and let the steam escape. At that moment I did not care if I had been naked, she asked me what happed and I replied that I have burnt my err!, she then lead me to her bedroom and asked me to sit on the bed and switched on the fan.She quickly removed burnol cream from the first-aid box and returned to me.She sat next to me and started applying the cream on my bulli, momentarily blowing air from her mouth on my bulli and massaging it with burnol cream.This got me excited and I started to get a hardon.She continued her blowing and massaging cycle,by now my bulli was hard and long , with her shaaging my bulli for me I ejaculated on her hand.She was amazed by the size of me err!Being conservative yet she asked me was it the first time I was this excited and ejaculated. To satisfy her I told her it is the first time experience for me and told her she was too good at exciting me. She told me it is first time for her to see such an awesome er!.

I dressed up and stayed the rest of time till my uncle arrived. I met him and he told me how bad the financial crunch had been for them and requested if I could place him abroad,also how his health had deteriorated with time.I bid them farewell , returned home and after my vacation resumed my job abroad.

I learnt from a friend there had been a vacancy for a female receptionist in their company and the educational qualifications required matched my aunty’s qualifications,I gave the employer seeking employee my aunty’s contact , later I learnt through my friend that my aunty had been recruited and that she had accepted the work offer. Within a month she was here , I received her at the airport and took her to my apartment.I had been staying in company accommodation,1BHK flat with a combined bathroom and toilet in the bedroom.She freshned up , and we chit chatted a bit.I suggested her to claim housing allowance from her company and shift in my place as it was comfortable for two people and it would ease my cooking problem as she would cook for both of us.She accepted the idea.That night while I was ready to sleep in the bedroom watching tv ( I did not get all cable channels , only a few mostly sports and news) she came out of the bathroom in her night dress,wearing a petticoat , a blouse with her brassiere open ( both the end of her bra were hanging out from the back of her blouse). Soon after she left to sleep in the hall , I went to the bathroom for a shaag,she is so sexy.

Next day we both were on our way to our respective offices,she asked me to fasten her bra after which she wore her saree and we got ready to leave.She does no make-up she is naturally beautyful.That day I had borrowed a vhs tape from a friend to watch as I was already sick for over a year watching sports and news!. After our dinner she was in her usual night dress and I switched on the video.To my dismay it was a blue film,she did not know this and she joined to see.

This movie was about a couple and the husband was paralyzed,he had a huge estate and amongst a lot of servants one handsome horse keeper, it was a typical village scene. Since the husband had been paralyzed he could not satisfy her beautiful wife, she turned to this chap mostly visiting him in the barn.Her husband would satisfy himself watching his wife strip in front of him and she had got sick of this, the servant then offered her sympathy and they both fall for each other.
There is this one scene where the servant ties her to a wooden pole in the barn, she is stark naked , he begins kissing her on the lips and slowly moves to her boobs,sucking them,finally moves to her pussy licking and finally starts screwing her.

My aunt was watching all along, although being conservative she never moved out nor asked me to stop it.After the movie was over,without a word she moved off to her bedding in the hall.The next day I exchanged this tape with another one,and after dinner I started watching the movie.Again a blue movie.

This movie was about a women influenced by satan , she has a step son who has a lot of good powers which the satan wants to consume.So the satan orders this women to have an intercourse with her step son so that these powers will be transferred to her.Throughout the movie this women tempts and seduces this step son to have sex with her,she is mostly sexy and revealing and in the end has a good sexual session with this fellow only to be rescued by his girlfriend.
My aunt was watching all along, although being conservative she never moved out nor asked me to stop it.After the movie was over,without a word she moved off to her bedding in the hall.

The next day I exchanged this tape with another one.This evening we decided to go window shopping,after which we had dinner and reurned to my residence.On our way back when we got down the cab just outside the building she asked me to hurry up,she was struggling to walk and was holding her saree at her waist with both her hands.As soon as we entered the lift and the lift started to move up , flip her saree with her petticoat came down.It fell as low as I could see her buttocks,neat and smooth.She grabed it up and tied her petticoat along the front (she was with her back facing me),her saree was all coming out by the side of her hip.We went to our flat and she quickly removed her saree to tuck it back in along the petticoat very neatly.After this exercise was over she said we are very lucky we were alone in the lift.I replied ‘you are beautiful’.

She started blushing,she knew that I had relished the view of her buttocks.We retired for that day and as usual she wore her petticoat,blouse with her brassiere flaps hanging from the back of her blouse , I would usually wear nothing on top with a lungi below. I switched on the video,this was again blue movie.

This was about a couple who were very satisfied with their lives and their sex lives.The husband had been a professor at a college and had an aggressive admirer in a female student at the college.One day this student backmails this guy to screw her in the lab,and the innocent guy had to screw this student.As time goes by this student backmails him further to demand more sex out of him even after college hours at her residence.As the wife started to get neglected she goes on a spying mission to find her honest husband screwing this female at her place.She decides to teach her a lesson.She finds out about her family and friends,gets friendly to her boyfriend in college after introducing herself as a student.She finds out the time when the female student visits her boyfriend in the college hostel , just before that visit time she make herself appear at this boy’s hostel room.

She tells him that as her lectures are suspended for the afternoon and there are no other lectures till late evening she wanted to take a nap and requested the boy to share his bed.As soon as the boy agreed, she undressed herself ,and the boy , with the boy lying on the bed sits on his penis and jumps up and down like a jockey riding a horse.She gets him all excited,just then this female student enters her boyfriends room only to find he is in an intercourse with this women.She leaves him lamenting.Then the professors wife later befriends the female students father and joins his company as an employee.She seduces him to have sex with her and destroys him legally,emotionally and psychologically.

It was very late in the night and since next day was a working holiday we retired late that night to our respective beds.After she was out I went to the bathroom for an intense shaagathlon,the sight of her curvy lower half and her bare buttocks was still fresh.After a hot shaag I retired to bed and got a good night’s sleep.I got up late that morning, my lungi was over my stomach and I had a hardon with my bulli standing tall.I quickly coved it with my lungi and looked around, everything was quiet, When I opened the bathroom door I was in awe to see my aunt naked; sitting on her toes with her right side facing the bathroom door,her left hand was tickling her pussy and with the right hand she was tickling her tits.

Her eyes were closed. Observing this sight I noticed that she was ready to go for bath and had forgotten to latch the door.Then I wondered could she have seen me naked on the bed with a hardon while she was on her way to the bathroom,who knows but one thing is for sure I wanted to join her in this pleasurable moment. I could not control myself and I moved inside the bathroom,she opened her eyes,as soon as she saw me she stopped tickling her pussy and covered both her boobs by bringing her right hand across them and remained seated on her toes. She indicated as if she wanted me to leave and shut the door which I did.I waited my turn for the bath , later I freshened up,along with a shaag,day by day my emotions were getting more and more intense and I wanted now to enter her.She was preparing meal for us in the kithchen when I saw here in her petticoat and blouse,her bra was strapped as the flaps could not be seen hanging out from the back.Her figure was so inviting I moved close to her from the back and not thinking put my hands over her hips.

She was busy cutting vegetables,she did not move nor shook my hands off her waist,I then started to move my hands up , gradually down over her waist and hips.She did not resist.I slowly moved my head over her shoulder to kiss her.Before I reached for her cheeks I whispered ‘you are beautiful’, on saying this she turned her head to look at me,I gradually moved closer to her face,now we were face to face ,her lips were so inviting , I kissed them briefly then stopped.Not more than 3 secs passed and we both moved to lock ourselves in a kissing marathon.

Slowly I moved my hands from her hip,waist to her breast and then in front to her boobs,I pressed them delicately,I tried to get to her nipples but her bra cup was thick so I could not trace her nipples in the bra.We were still locked in a smooch , I opened her blouse from the back and gradually unfastened her bra, then moved my hands along her breast to hold her boobs,I held her nipples between my thumb and first finger and started twisting them,her boobs started to get firm,I got a hop and my bulli now had grown and was the only organ separating us.When our kissing marathon came to a halt,she moved away from me and went out of the kitchen, I turned and followed her to my bedroom.

She presented herself in front of the mirror,I sat down in the bed with an erect bulli.As soon as she admired herself in the mirror she came and sat bang on top of my bulli,Ouch! that hurt,my bulli was placed below her arse and I was very excited , I wnted to fuck her ,my bulli was erect and very hard under her bottom.She removed her opened blouse and bra,held my hands in her hands and placed my hands over her either boobs,I continued to tickle her nipples,now she was moaning a bit, I moved my head towards her side,she laid back a bit so now I could suck her boobs.I moved my hands all over her body,her thighs,hips,waist and fingered her pussy,her petticoat was still on her.

Slowly her moan turned into a sigh,she got up and moved across to the wall placed both her elbows on the wall and her head over her forearms,bent in a ‘7’ shape.i untied my lungi, naked now as I was I moved towards her,standing behind her I lifted her petticoat and placed it over her back exposing her buttocks,I held my bulli and guided it into her arse,she sighed, ’zhor se’,I moved up and down into her bringing both of us a lot of pleasure,she continued her monotone ‘ah!, aur zhor se, ssh’.As she sighed and moaned I could gather a strength of 100 donkeys to push even harder.

Eventually I ejacuated ,some over her arse which she spread all across her body.When we were done we stared into each other’s eyes,she is a mature sexy women and I was so intense about her I could have done this all over again. She admitted in all her life she did not have sex with anyone except her husband till he was healthy , this was the numero uno sexy session and that I had the longest bulli she had seen.I told her I could go on doing it to her again as she drives me crazy,she asked me to take a break so that I will be fresh later ,saying this she gave me a naughty smile.

To be continued...

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