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 I always wanted to have a sub but I never knew how to get one. In Iowa it is hard to find people not on farms or so far apart they don't have energy to be submissives. I kept thinking of the control I could have and what I would do to my sub. One day I was driving to the town store and I saw a woman putting groceries in her car. I did not recognize her and thought she may just be passing through this town on a road trip to somewhere on the west coast. I pulled into my parking space and got out of my car. I looked at her but she was looking into the trunk putting her bags in and I could no longer see her face. When I turned to walk into the fishing shop I heard a thump on the ground. I turned around to see what happened. HEr bag had burst open and some of her groceries fell on the ground. I ran and helped her to pick up her items. "Thank you", she said. Now I saw her face that I recognized earlier. She pushed a strand of her red hair behind her ear and looked up at me with her open full eyes. I told her it was no big deal and that I would like to buy her some more groceries to replace the ones that fell. She said that was ok and thank you for all your help.

I began to go into the stor again and stopped to ask her if I could take her out for coffee or something. She said sure and I got her phone number.It turns out that she had just moved to Iowa from Russia.When she told me that I realized what else I noticed about ther that was different from others in Iowa. She had an accent. I guess I overlooked it when I first spoke to her.

Anyway, I took her out to coffee one morning and we sat and talked. She said that in Russia her husband had been working in construction and got fired. He took all their money and left her without anything. Luckily she had a grandmother that lived here in Iowa. She told me that her name was Galina. When I asked her if she thought that she could ever be in another relationship, she looked down at her coffee and shook her head. "No...never again... now I want something different", she said. I reached across the table and put her hand in mine and told her to look up at me and notto feel bad. I would listen to her. She raised her eyes to mine and I could see her face begin to wrinkle as a tear came down her cheek. I wiped it from her chek with a napkin. I asked her "What do you want that is different?" She said that if she could come over my house and we could talk there because she wanted to be out of the public for a while. Also she could not go to her grandmother's house because it
was cold and she had no heat.

On the way to my house she glanced at me but never spoke. I smiled at her and reached to grab her hand again but she put it back on my lap and said "Remember I don't want a relationship sorry...but I do want something else... just wait till we get to your house". When we reached my house I got out and closed her door behind her. We went up the porch stairs and through my living room door. I told her to sit where she liked and I would get us some cofee. When I came back she had removed her coat and I could se that hse had on jeans and a nice sweater. She crossed her legs and I sat beside her. I asked her if she wanted to talk to me now. She took a sip of her coffee and said "I don't know how to say this because we just met". I told her to not wory and that we could talk about anything. She said ok and whispered "I told you before I do not want a relationship...I cannottake another one of those...but I always wanted to have a how do you say in english? Dom" "Dumb", I said not believing what I was hearing. "Don;'t call yourself dumb.. ou are smart". "I am not talking about intelligence but... Ok this is where you take this" she reached into her purse and pulled out a whip and collar with chain..."and put it on me and I do as I'm told". "Hold on you want me to be your master and you my slave?" She quickly put the items back into her purse and said "Oh. I am so sorry she began to look down.. you can take me home now." "No. I would love to do it. YOu are a beautiful woman and I would do whatever you want to make you happy it is just that I did not know if you were serious". She smiled yes you american men are so shy I thought you would not like to control me." "Not all american men are shy.. lots are hard. A smile came upom her face she stood up in her boots and said "I think you american men are so coote. I hear you have big caux. What about you do you have big cauc?" I told her to come see for herself. She walked over to me and I began to kiss her and pull off her sweater over her head. She had on a black bra with lace trim and they looked like c cups. I unclipped her bra and slid it off her arms to the floor. Her nipples were very erect, I guess from both the cold weather and her excitement. I asked her if she had been a submissive before. "No but I want to now...with you".

I started to lick and suck on her perky nipples they were bright pink and felt like thimbles across the tip of my tounge. She began to moan and I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. I told her t turn around and I could see her ass. It was firm and thick when I grabbed it. I don't see why her husband was so stupid as to leave her. I would play with this woman every night. Anyhow she is mine now. As her jeans came down I could see her black lace panties that followed and fitted the curves of her cheeks. I started to slap each one of her cheeks with the palm of my hand. "Ahhhhhhh!" she screamed after the first slap. "Ohhh this is perfect spank it me! spank it me again!" I keept slapping her cheeks they were now turning red. I told her that was enough for now and that she should turn around and pull off her panties and hand them to me. She slipped each leg out of them and handed them to me and waited. I smelled them. and told her to open her mouth wide. She smiled and opened he mouth I could see the back of her throat. I grabbed the back of her head and played with her hair then put her panties inside with the inside out. She mumbled "ummmmm hmmmm". I took them out of her mouth and asked her what she was saying she said "yum yum".

I told her that it was time for her to be dressed like a slave. "You want to be my slave". "Of course cooty" she smiled. I told her to crawl on all fours to her purse and get the whip collar and chain and bring them to me. She did and while she was walking I noticed her trimmed bush from behind.It was like a fat pear. Her cheeks partsed quite wide as her pussy had to fit between them. When she came over to me I put on her collar and attached the chain. I slappped he ass with the whip to test it. "yesh yesh", she cried. I then told her to start walking on her hands and knees and that is they only way she is to walk becasue she was my bitch. I patted her on the head when she started to walk "good girl" I said. "Thank you", she said. I pulled her hair for her to stop. I asked her if she wanted a tasty treat. "She said yesh please may I have a threet. I turned her head around to face me and told her to rise up on her knees. She did with a perfectly arched back. I told her to unzip my pants and pull them down.She then pulled out my cock. It flapped out and hit her cheek. Her face light up with excitement. "Your american penis is so bicg!" I told her she could enjoy it. "I want do mant tings with it master. I put in my mouth?" I told her it was ok.

She began to suck the tip like she was trying to get to the center of a tootsie pop in one long suck. She licked up and down the shaft slowly. My pre-cum oozed almost instantly and I had to tell her to stop. "Ummmm",She did not complain but I could see the disappointment in her face. I told her I wanted her to lick my balls instead. "Your balls sir where are theses balls?" I told her to hold out her tongue. I lifted up my cock and put it close to her face."These are my balls". "Oh these are your balls... I like these" I told her to smell them first. She obeyed and put her nose to the amd began to inhale. At the point of which her nose reached them her eyes widened "caha caha",she coughed. "Such a terrible smell" she said. I told her that is what they were and she was my bitch and to do what I say. I slapped her in the face and pushed her head back down to smell again. "breath in now!" She tried to pull her head back but I hel d it in place. Then I let her up. "Why do they smell so bad master?" I told he because I have not washed them in two weeks. I held her head under my cock and nose up to my balls. She came up from the and said "I love them. The smell is goot" I told her to lick them now. by this time pre-cum had run down my cock shaft and began to run down my balls. She now had cum bubbles forming from her sucking my balls and the suction of the cum.

I told her to lie on her back on the sofa with her head hanging off I put my cock in her open mouth, where my balls hung right under her nose. each time I drove my cock down her throat my balls compressed under her nose. My balls borded up her nostrils. Each time I pulled out of her throat she gasped for air. I made sure each time she gained her breath the first thing she smelt once she caught it was hot, sweaty, funky, unwashed, cum filled balls. After a while of this she began to cough up my cum mixed with her own spit. gravity let it begin to run up her face past her nose and onto her eye. The more we went on I began to twist her nipples and suck them.

I inserted my finger into her pussy and built up her juices and sucked my finger. Her pussy was nothing like my balls so soft and moist and clean. She had just showered I could tell because her mango body wash radiated off her stomach as I kissed it.I pulled out of her mouth again and thick wads of cum and spit mixed ran down her face. By this time a web of spit mingled pre-cum had webbed her left eye. I pulled completely out of her mouth and thick strings of cum mingled with her spit dangled from the tip of my cock and the her tounge and lips. I began to slap my cock onto her closed eye lids and some cum had gotten up her nostril and she began to choke and I removed it with the tip of my finger and put it back in her mouth where it belonged.

I then put the tip of my cock in her nostril ans had her smell the tip. She gagged again becasue she had no grown acustomed to the stench and funk of it. It did take her not long to grow accustomed to the musk of my spunk filled balls. The funk of my cock's tip was very pungent. I wanted her to inhale it all.

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