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Sleepovers reviews

Posted by Kayla
I am young, I'm a lesbian and I enjoyed this story.
Posted by ranjit kumar
Too short to be rated high.
Posted by EJ
This was an awesome story! Would love to see it as a movie. You are one hot woman and obviously know how to please another woman, first time or not. My thnx for a great story that really gave me a woodie!!
Posted by JB
I love watching lesbian porn videos especially the one that piss and kick and tongue there anuses and the gangbanging ones are enjoyable to watch..After readying your story I got my crystal field dildo out and masturbated my anus and cock at the same time and pretended I'm a shemale and was masturbating with cum field panties and I just kept cumming and cumming for over a minute where did all that cum come from? IM JUST A WANT TO ME SHEMALE!!! Thanks for the story!!!
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