Slechts Groot : Part 3

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*** M+/F, Intr, slut wife, Size, Exh, Brothel, Orgy, SM, Pre-Viral and (caution)Torture

***** Please read parts one and two first.

Prelude: 'all too real'

The fine line defines so much of life's experiences. The fine line between sanity and insanity is a very famous one. The interpretation as to which side of that line is in action can then lead to a cascade of domino effects upon uncountable experiences. A young beautiful woman, who chooses to work within a business that depends upon limits that any semi sane male might apply to himself, is walking an exciting line. When the males just barely stay on the sane side, and adjust their actions accordingly, then life in an upscale brothel is exciting and rewarding for the female worker. If a male were to stray far to the other side, to the insane side of the line, then the female's life might actually become even more exciting. But the danger absolutely increases, and does so by many multiples.

Story: (continued from part two)

NOTE: use extreme caution - this last section includes a shocking and, unfortunately, real possibility.

Stressing only the positive? Seeing the best for our player(s)?

You may wish to end your Slechts Groot journey with part two. However, it is reiterated that all these sections, or parts, existed long before posting, a single total story.

*Part Two ended with Jaimie deciding that she enjoyed her job.

Kees enjoyed his job too. Making a lot of money, in a strange way, kept him fixated on all associated goals. One associated goal was to get Jaimie over to Slechts Groot. He was just waiting for her to be properly prepared. The earlier reference to men tenderizing her meat was not exaggeration. In a way, that is exactly what was happening. Her rectum and vagina were being purposefully poked, prodded, twisted and mildly burst past their limits, just to get Jaimie ready for next door. The last time that Arman came to Aardbei in order to fuck her, Kees had gone to the floor above and entered one the rooms that they kept for overflow from downstairs. There he removed a cover on the floor near the restroom area. With his room's lights off, he was then allowed to peer unseen through a fine mesh.

"Excellent." A mutter that reflected the quality of his view, right down the center of Jaimie's legs as she lay in missionary position.

From his nest, he was able to not only see well, but hear well. What he saw was Arman smoothly slide into Jaimie. In only a few strokes, the 14.25 inches was buried into her, with her bucking, shaking, and then almost throwing her muscles into seizure strength.

Kees noted that Jaimie was actually pulling on Arman's hips, which then helped push his penis deep into her pussy. What he heard from her own mouth were sensual moans, squeaky little yells, heavy breathing, all in a very controlled, very sports like rhythm. What he heard from her body were deep thunks, as from a human drum, very loud sloshing of many fluids inside and around her vaginal vault, and loud snaps and pops directly from her opening.

Another low level mutter that was easily masked by the fuck sounds, "Ready. She's ready!"

"That's my girl. All ready for a big time with the big bad boys. 'You' sweet little stretchy thing. En nu Slechts Groot." All said with that perverse fatherly type pride in his voice.

He watched them workout for a while longer. With her black pony tails flying, her feet digging into Arman's rear as if both feet had cowboy spurs, she got her over-stretching. To Kees, it was very significant that Jaimie did it all as a wild woman, one who now appeared to be intent on making her pussy fit whatever might be the next challenge. Oblivious in her pursuit, she was totally unaware that the bucking, the lunging of her pelvis forward and the grinding of herself on Arman's post resulted in another almost mandatory small tear. His observations confirmed that he had helped train one hell of a sexual gladiator. "En nu Slechts Groot!"

That same late night, after Arman had left the club, and as Jaimie was dressing for street travel back to her apartment, Kees entered the dressing room to deliver her nightly cash payment. As he gave her the envelope, he asked if she could come in early tomorrow, perhaps even 2 hours early. She had no problem with that. All the day time activities were long over by then anyway. She arrived at 7 PM, changed into a little purple top, purple thong and purple 6 inch heels. Jaimie left her hair without tails, rather it was puffed up to its fullest extent. Just as she was going to go to the Aardbei lounge, Kees stopped her. "Come with me, Jaimie."

Instead of into the Aardbei lounge, he walked her across the hall to the large wooden doors of Slechts Groot. When he pulled back one side for them to enter, it was the first time that Jaimie had ever seen the doors open. Amidst all the gothic wood with fancy carvings, there was one lone sign on an inner door. And it was in its own separate wood plaque form, with bold letters carved into it. It read: 'Geen penis minder dan 22 centimeters'. After the carved letters, someone had stuck up a purposefully inappropriate yellow smiley face. Jaimie could now do very basic translation and had no trouble understanding that the sign said 'no penis less than 22 centimeters'. Whether bragging, a basic rule, or a light hearted combination, she still thought that it still appeared in questionable taste.

Kees opened that last set of doors, and revealed a lounge that was generally less luminated than Aardbei. Higher ceilings, hanging chandeliers, vertical wood posts demarcating the few booths, and a more open area past those booths and bar counter, immediately gave Slechts Groot a different mood. Then the mood became radically different when Jaimie could visualize better into the open area. There were soft vinyl mats all about stockades, under hanging straps, and around adjustable spread eagle devices, and more obvious fucking type machines. The dildo type attachments for each fucking machine were lined up along side in a holding rack. Each spread eagle device had dark stains in its surface, exactly where the pelvis was supposed to be positioned. Each fucking machine was stained heavily across each seat cushion and onto the floor beneath.

Just as Kala, a thirty year old Russian woman met them at the entry, Kees gestured through a very simple greeting."Kala, this is Jaimie. Jaimie this is Kala. I want Kala to just show you the club today. I trust her to cover all topics."

"Hello Jaimie, I have heard a lot about you. You are very beautiful." All said with the lowest of raspy female frequencies.

"Hello Kala. And thank you so very much for the compliment. But forgive me." She turns to Kees."As I ask this man what other important information that he has failed to share with me." It was obvious that Jaimie was offended. "Are you putting me over here? Just wondered, since I am very happy over at Aardbei."

Kees sensed revolution, possibly combustion. "Oh, Jaimie, Jaimie, Jaimie. You're still my star at Aardbei. It is just that, well, uh, you're turning into one of my most sophisticated and adaptive girls. And you already know that some Slechts Groot members have made big changes in their schedules just to be with you. I wanted you to know what was over here, what those members were used to, and, to be honest, for you to have working knowledge about this club just in case I ever did need you."

"Geez, you always pour the compliments around like syrup, just before I usually 'get it'. Hmmm, and the reasons also always sound so logical, just before I usually 'get it'. Oh, scram. Kala has things to show me." And she waved off Kees, leaving him at the door. Then she walked further into the large room with Kala.

Kala had extremely pale skin, bright blond hair, a rather thin frame at 68 inches of height and small tight breasts. She had delicate features that included a small sharp nose and chin. She was wearing only a red G-string and red heels, which made it easy to see that her thin frame was stacked with very well defined muscles, muscles that made her move in a svelte cat like manner. Jaimie was scanning her top to bottom, and thinking that Kala looked more fit than the average Aardbei girl, some of whom were getting by with youth and the early blessings of nature.

Suddenly, Jaimie's mind jumped back to the club, and the fact that no one was in the lounge. No one was in the open mat area either.

Strange, for by 7:00 PM at Aardbei, it was sometimes packed. "Where is everyone?"

Kala walked Jaimie over to another large door that was across from the mats,"The membership fees and the size requirement keep the membership a lot smaller than Aardbei's. But, please don't think that no one is here. Slechts Groot is set up differently than Aardbei. Unlike Aardbei, much goes on that involves more than two or three members. There are many play areas, on this floor and on other floors. Each is virtually sound proof." And Kala opened the door, which seemed to break a sealed fit.

As the door first opened, Jaimie heard a very familiar and intimate sound. It was coming from around the corner from the entry. That sound instantly triggered a spasm deep within her gut. There was no mistaking the combination of slaps and low frequency punches that were literally beating meat, as they mixed with female grunts and gasps. Jaimie was sure that a woman was being fucked by a huge penis. It was easy for Kala to look into her face and see Jaimie's recognition of that sound.

With the nastiest of smiles, Kala gave Jaimie credit. "You're correct, of course. And that is where we stop first."

They rounded the corner. Then the room opened in width, and like nothing Jaimie had seen anywhere in the RLD, it dropped vertically to form a little sunken stage. The actual stage was centered into a corner, with a perfect 90 degrees of surround seats facing it. The three rows of seats provided about a 12 foot drop from top to bottom. Five men were widely dispersed throughout the arc, and they were all watching the stage.

On the stage was an apparatus that appeared as if it were made of many wedges of vinyl. It could rise many feet above the stage in many forms. At the moment, it was strapped together as simple square at female waist height. Bent at her waist, and facing away from the men, a beautiful brown haired girl stretched out her upper body across the square. She had a single pony tail that reached her mid back. With her stilettos on the floor of the stage, her legs spread wide, her rear was then aimed directly at the men. A stocky white man who was well over six foot tall was standing behind her, holding her waist solid upon the soft square, and ramming a monstrous penis into her pussy. Jaimie guessed the penis to be very close to the length of Arman's. But, and she had not thought it possible with such a size, it was hard as rock. Much harder than Arman's. Maintaining such a blood pressure within a penis that large was a mystery to Jaimie. The man was burying it into the woman with the slapping and pounding force that Jaimie had heard from the doorway. Jaimie looked at how the penis disappeared into the woman and hit with such force, and noted that the labia stretched wide with ease, that the man could stand there twisting and grinding the woman's opening.

Kala and Jaimie stood back from the steps that led down into the stage, and continued to watch. Kala was really trying very hard to keep Jaimie away from the entry to the stairs and out of the view of the men. In reference to the woman being so fiercely fucked,

"That's Anna down there. Like you, she started over at Aardbei."

"How long ago was that?"

Kala was slightly hesitant to give Jaimie the time frame. Still, she gave it. "About 8 months ago."

Jaimie looked back at Anna's rear. She could not immediately tell the condition of Anna's ass, but it was easy to see that her pussy had a massive opening. Much of its condition appeared hard fought for and permanent. This was more than fucking. This man was punching deep into Anna's vagina with the speed and intensity that some five to six incher might use in order to try to impress. But, by Jaimie's earlier estimates, this penis was at least 14 inches long, about as wide as Arman, which was around 2.75 inches, but as hard as a bat. In fact, she was considering that analogy, when she watched him hit home so hard that Anna's little stiletto heels were raised up off the floor of the stage. Anna's response? No screams, just ugh, uh and the sound of air being knocked out of her mouth. Anna had obviously had this done to her before, many times before. As Kala pushed Jaimie back to the door, one of the men in a top row seat turned around in time to catch a view of the two.

Kala thought that she had Jaimie safely back outside the door, when a Roger came through the door after them. This was distressing to Kala, for she would have to come up with a good reason why he and the others could not use any girl who worked for Kees.

"Oh, Kala, what have you got there? A present?"

"No Roger. This is only a tour for her. I want everyone to be nice to her. Maybe she might come to work here, someday. Roger this is Jaimie. And Jaimie this is Roger."

"Hi Roger. Nice to meet you." She had a difficult time delivering her simple little greeting, because her eyes and her thought processes were diverted by the image of a huge penis dangling down between his knees. She was thinking 'Good grief, how many guys in this world are in that 12 to 14 inch group?'.

"Oh, you're a sweety. And so very beautiful. Honey, can you start here tonight, right now?"

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