Slechts Groot : Part two

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Slechts Groot : Part 2 (translation:"Only The Large"). Please read part one first.

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The sixth and seventh decade of the twentieth century was a time of true sexual revolution. Not just a phrase in cultural jokes, it was documented by every conceivable source, from the street tabloids, famous men's magazines, radio, television, and horrified pulpits, to the academic testing and juried scientific publishing of the era. Jaimie's own first week at the Aardbei Club was one example of that revolution. Even though extreme in her case, the freedom of choice, sex as a casual form of communication, an adaptive marriage, and experimentation were all characteristics in common with the larger general movement.

Aardbei allowed Jaimie, and Dave, to trip through sexual fantasies within its famously controlled environment. Her expectations about those fantasies, however, were not unrealistic. The decision to try prostitution in this special time period and in this special place, did not ignore the full range of positive to negative outcomes. Even when she was a teenager, and first analyzed her own 'far out' fantasy about being a professional, she wondered if she could control or at least adapt to such daily variance. Her decision then and now was that the odds of good versus bad experiences were no different than with any other daily activity. Of course, the Aardbei daily activity was high volume and all sexual.

Story (continued from part one)

By the third week at Aardbei, it was obvious that the job was doing much more than just lengthen their stay in Amsterdam. Those first weeks allowed Jaimie to adjust to the club's night hours. She knew that Kees could surprise her; however, during all her weeks of regular hours, he had not produced a list of customers anything like her 'introduction' list. Yet, he did continue to take direct personal control of her schedule. So Jaimie decided that first weekend had really been a test of both her original decision and her physical stamina. Rather than a military boot camp, it had been a sort of sexual 'penis camp'.

Kees had personally supervised no other girl past the first week or two. His extra interest in the successful start of this American was duly noted by the other working girls. But with the way Aardbei was set up, that notation was not in reference to anything like competition, rather, the interest was viewed only as a curiosity. Long before that third week, Jaimie already had her own sort of routine at Aardbei. She would walk herself over to the club, usually well before the 9:00 PM start of her shift. Dave would escort her home at 2:00 AM. In between those hours, she would usually see eight to ten men, as many as twelve on a weekend night.

Coming from the 'free' love background, Jaimie appreciated that the non-negotiable sex at Aardbei allowed her to pursue a more natural sex. She knew that she was paid well. Given that, she could pursue the sexual expertise. She knew that she would have never taken any such position, as it was defined in the States. She would have hated the bartering, where every move is priced.

Even with an 'average guy' list at Aardbei, the penises were consistently two inches longer than Dave and almost one inch wider. That was now a standard for Jaimie. From the very first weekend, Jaimie and Dave had stayed in close communication about the job and its effects. The fact that she was wanted by, then fucked by, so many men was still a queer turn on for Dave. He really got off on having a wife who generated a lot of lust. His male response was and is fairly normal. Pride in thy wife! That part, where all the strange lusting guys get to follow through by fucking the daylights out of the wife, is probably where most American husbands would balk.

That most men were bigger than Dave? That Jaimie was being stretched, as would be any prostitute with such good business? That was just more of a 'mental spanking' turn on. The sexual tease that Jaimie played on Dave, after her first day of work, was based upon what she knew he wanted to hear. 'Those big bad men' were really assaulting his lovely wife and 'leaving their mark'. That same 'loyal' wife would even come home and tell him tales of those nasty men having gone places he had never gone, having done things that he had never done and, generally, just besting the Hell out of him. He absolutely loved it all! Sick boy. And she, in turn, loved him.

Jaimie considered herself on a fact finding mission. She was using this beginner time period to learn all about the variations of men's personalities, builds and, of course, penises. She was hoping to intertwine what she learned, so that she might become known for even more than her looks. It was her own high standard for what others considered a simplistic duty. She began to take her sexual performance as seriously as she would have taken a dance performance. And her compulsion to do it right was not directly linked to her income. Though, Jaimie would admit that there were hours during the weekdays where the clientele were a little scarce for everyone, and that it would not hurt to have a few more guys directed her way.

But the fact finding on penis type alone was gathering a lot of information. She was continuously amazed at the differences. With, without foreskin, shafts that were straight or curved in any direction, big heads, sharp heads, dark color, light color, two tone, three tone, more tones, and the entire ranges of thickness and length. The size and output of balls had become very noteworthy for her. In the short time that she had been sampling, she learned that the average cum output was about a teaspoon. But, then, she also learned that nature can do some strange things. Just as a woman might be blessed or cursed, according to viewpoint, with 50+DDD breasts, she found men who nature had deemed cum factories. It was part of the duty or fun, again according to viewpoint, that being with one of those guys was, well, a mess.

She, at first, considered it a duty to deal with the extra amount of cum. Then she began to be entertained by the production, and started getting some reward from either seeing or feeling the high volume. Finally, just as in her high school and college days, she began to be a real cheerleader. That is, she would cheer them on, trying to get the maximum amount of spurts, as she either used her pussy, mouth or hand to assist. Of course, she even admitted to herself that her cheering was limited to vibrating 'ummmmmms' when she was caught doing oral. But the guys seemed to appreciate that response as well as any.

Her own sexual rewards? They were very important to Jaimie. She was determined, that, if she had to spend many hours working in a famous brothel, she was going to have as much fun doing it as she could. She never gave up the hope for a cum to be done in synch with the guy. And she was pleasantly surprised that, at least with Aardbei members, such a mutual cum was frequent. Of course, there were always times of male failure. If that had happened to 'you', 'you' would have wanted it to happen with Jaimie; for, she was always considerate, as positive as one could be, and presented the man with much hope for a 'next time'. Her personal rewards were the more intense and more frequent orgasms that the bigger penis sizes created.

Though nothing like the first weekend had occurred, there were moderately large ones, on the order of around 9 inches and fat. With that size, she could work out very well, and usually found that she obtained multiple orgasms with any man who had such equipment. Jaimie told Dave that she had two steady fellows at work; that meant they came to fuck her almost every day that she was on duty. Sometimes they dropped over several times during a shift. Both of them were the 9 inch long and over 2.25 inches wide caliber. They were inside Jaimie, deeper, more frequently, and for longer periods of time than her own husband could be.

Thinking bigger, she had looked forward to Arend, Mr. Doorknob, returning and was unhappy when she heard that he and his family had gone on vacation. She, at least, was given a good reason why he did not return quickly to continue working on her. She smiled when her own thoughts came up with the 'continue working on me'. About such feelings, she was always honest with Dave, just as he asked her to be. Just as she had told Dave about the steady fellows, she would tell him of the 'longer', the 'thicker' and the 'much better' orgasms. It all still seemed to get him going and help produce their own sex. She still liked sex with her husband, primarily because he was her buddy. It was the proverbial 'icing on the cake' when she could share her work experiences with such an interested spouse. But he had not asked for a special total, and she intended to not bring the number up on her own.

The tally of 'superior fucks' was what she did not mention, primarily because it had become an overwhelming number. And she did not want to test Dave's limits. But since he had her keeping track of stats in general, she did carry the 'excellent' tally in her head. In only the three weeks of work, she had found 31 men, who performed at an entirely different level than her husband did. In order that each be one of the 31, she had to cum much longer, much stronger and much more often with that man. So, up to that point, 31 new men, along with 7 men back in the States, had a better mating connection with Jaimie than Dave could ever hope for.

Her night shift allowed her to see the larger crowds, the strange associated culture of sex and many other curious events. For one, since she worked similar shift assignments, she met Angie frequently during the week. Sometimes, Jaimie would be between fucks and get to catch the 10 PM stage show. Angie was the girl most frequently fucked by the two black men. But there was a rotation, and Jaimie did see an Isabel and a Patty 'get it'. Those two were certainly used anytime Angie was off duty. Otherwise, it always seemed to be Angie who got the most intense fucking by the guys. They disappeared into her immediately, hit her very hard, and essentially made Angie appear as if two bottomless pits had been created by the 'night after night' action. So, though she may have been around the same 64 inch height as Jaimie, Angie could still be called a 'big girl' by her clientele. With all the kinks flying around the place, instead of that physical fact disqualifying Angie from adoration, it actually seemed to increase it, and helped her create her own worshiping entourage.

During those first weeks, Jaimie was also introduced to some very strong hashish. Angie had her smoke a little one night, and Jaimie went on to love the effect all the rest of the evening. It made even the little guys feel great to her. It made big guys ripple all kinds of unexplainably strong feelings from her pussy to her finger tips. She easily obtained some hashish to share with Dave, as well as to supply herself at work, just in case Angie wasn't around.

The transition from the third to the fourth week was eventful. Dave received news that he was admitted to business grad school at UNC. He had not been expecting to actually make it. But there it was, acceptance. And he needed to go back to the States and use the summer to prepare for the start of school in August. The news made the staging of the couple's return very complex. Since Dave did not qualify for any monetary assistance, he would need a great deal of money to pursue the grad school program. It was obvious to both Dave and Jaimie that they had stumbled into the proverbial 'gold mine' at Aardbei. Since Jaimie's very first day on the job, the income had been many times what they really needed. And it was more than any grad degree would ever earn. All during the last few weeks, the couple had discussed what to do with the surplus. They had plans of paying off debt back in the States, getting a new car perhaps, or even getting a house.

In 'dollars' of the time period, Jaimie was doing extremely well. When the adventure started, all the little dream uses were to have been realized or expire within a restricted time period. There were early rules, like 'another four weeks maximum, then we leave'. Such rules seemed to no longer apply, now that the grad school costs entered into the equation. Dave was tempted to let Jaimie stay 'just a little bit longer'. That would certainly pack away the money. In a short period of time, Jaimie might even be able to pay off everything that would be incurred during all the years of grad school. So, they discussed the possibilities at length. It was decided that Dave would leave immediately, in order to set plans in motion. Registration, tuition, off campus housing, etc. would be difficult projects, and require time. Jaimie was extremely agreeable, and set herself up as the 'beyond comprehension' dutiful wife; not many husbands agreed to pimp out their wife in order to go to grad school. And it was so amazing that Jaimie was able to continue her truthfulness right up to the time that Dave boarded the plane. She let him know that she would try to have a very good time while they were apart. In fact, she let Dave know that she rather looked forward to continuing her 'whore' project for a while, and that she was getting rewards out of the experience that she never had expected.

Dave finally became a little insecure."You still my buddy? And will be? No matter how 'fucked up' you get?" Though truly concerned, he could not help but laugh while delivering that last question.

"Oh, you never need to ask that! Of course I am and will be your buddy. We have so much going besides the sexploits. You know that. But, I do promise to bring home some more nasty stories to tell you, perhaps late in the evenings, between studies." A wicked smile accompanied that last sentence.

Her pledge was happily received, then Dave packed, and caught his plane for the States that same evening. In the few days between being notified of his grad school acceptance, the application of their new plans, and then Dave leaving, Jaimie had told Kees that she was staying. He understood that the couple had plans back in the States. But, that, for a while, she could put in more hours at Aardbei. Kees and Jaimie agreed that she would maintain the same hours, but cycle three days on and one day off. Even the usually stoic Dutch Kees appeared very happy with the prospect. Any time he could hire a prize like Jaimie, it made points with the members and increased membership renewals; and then, their reports to their friends generated new memberships. The full time use of Jaimie was a blessing to Kees.

The success of the brothel was the highest priority. With that goal in mind, Kees hoped to take advantage of Jaimie's new isolation. Since her first few days on the job, he had wanted to expand her use and amplify her notoriety within the club. With Dave gone, and Jaimie focused on his club, he felt that he had the big chance. Kees immediately began thinking of how to make smooth and very legitimate excuses for extending her service. Before Jaimie worked her very first three day sequence, he had already started one plan in motion. For Jaimie's third night of work, he had arranged for Angie to have a standard night off, for Isabel to be out of the city and for Patty to be ill. That eliminated the three girls who, at least in recent history, had ever performed the 10 PM double penetration show.

On that third work day, Kees met Jaimie as she came out of one of the little fuck rooms at 9:45 PM. He appeared frantic. He told her that Angie and Isabel were off, that Patty was to have done the show, but that she had called in sick just 45 minutes ago. Kees pleaded with Jaimie to do the stage show, which was only 15 minutes away. With her in a state of startle, and her mouth open, with no sounds coming out of it, he quickly reminded her that the double fuck paid a separate 288 dollars. After weighing her likes, dislikes, the need for money and her momentary bravery, she said that she thought that she might be able to survive one show with the two men. Kees feigned an over appreciation of her decision. The act was delivered with excellent technique, and grounded upon his experience as the ultimate pimp.

The fact that Kees scheduled all this to happen just before her day off was another non-accident. Which gets us back to Jaimie's assessment of what was going to happen to her. She suddenly began to remember Angie's descriptions of what it was like to be pummeled by the two giant African penises - sort of equivalent to two black logs being shoved in and out of her. Angie had said something about the first time being a long distance stretch. No ordinary pussy could stretch like what was required without 'some tears'. Angie had gone on to specify that these two very endowed men were a couple of the first major contributors to her big ass and big pussy. Though she did indicate that some sub nights at Slechts Groot finished her up; whatever that meant?

Jaimie was mad at herself for not remembering the details of Angie's report before she said yes to Kees. Jaimie rarely cursed, but about ten minutes before the show she was muttering wonderful little phrases like 'Aw, shit', 'Damn', 'I'm gonna be sorry!'.

Then, she switched back to her game personality, for she knew that she both needed to and really wanted to make the best of it. She brightened up a little, thinking of how she had told everyone that she liked large penises. Then she just as quickly crashed, thinking 'yeah, but not this large. And not two of the too big ones all at once'. She went to the dressing room and smoked a little chip of hash that was worth only two tokes. Jaimie was trying to calm down, as well as radically change the sensory input from her pussy.

She could hear the music change to a funky fuck tune, raise in volume, and send bass notes thumping through the wall. In Jaimie's mind, the powerful thumps were overwhelming indicators of what was going to happen to her pussy and ass.

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