Sis gets frisky

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

When sis and I were teens we became curious like any other teenagers did. It all started innocently with you show me yours I'll show you mine kind of stuff. Sometimes when we were home alone we would play around some in the pool. Generally just some skinny dipping and touch and feel. 

One day sis and I were home alone and the weather was raining outside so we were just horsing around in the house. We both ended up naked in her bedroom. Sis was sitting on the end table by her bed with one leg resting on the table with her. Her smooth teenage pussy wide open. She let me touch and play with it and finger her some. I rubbed the head of my cock against her warm hot pussy lips and asked her if I could put it in. At first she said no but as we played around I got braver and braver and finally put just the head between her hot pussy lips. She moaned at first but then said we can't because she didn't want to take a chance. I left the head there and continued to finger her clit and suck on her little tits. Soon she had her legs wrapped around my waist and was moaning and breathing heavy. So I pushed alittle and my cock began to slide inside a little. When The head hit her cherry she gasped and her eyes got wide. All she could say was we shouldn't but she never pushed it away.Finally with a little more play and getting her close to cumming I managed to slide through her cherry and my cock suddenly slid all the way inside of her tight hot pussy. The thrill was so intense that she started cumming and her tight pussy throbbing around my hot teen hard on soon had me gushing deep inside of sis's tight teenage pussy. At that age I shot what seemed like a gallon but my cock remained hard and buried deep inside of her. Soon we were fucking like crazy. Sis was begging for more of it. We moved over to the bed where I climed on top of her and began to fuck her like a mad man. We fucked for what seemed like an hour. Sis kept cumming time and time again. Suddenly I began to feel my balls tighten up and my cock began to swell inside of her again. Suddenly with a final thrust I buried it deep inside of her and shot off a huge load deep inside of my sisters pussy for the second time.

After we calmed down sis began to worry that we may have gone to far. I looked into her eyes and told her not to worry we were both in this together. Suddenly I heard a car pull into the drive and peeked out of the window to see our mom getting out of the car. I went to my room to clean up and sis jumped into the shower. Mom never knew a thing about it. 

We continued to fuck and play around every chance we got. Each time ending with me filling my sisters pussy with hot cum. After a few months we had a scare when sis missed her period. We were both worried but excited too. But after a week or so her period came down and we were both relieved to find out she was not pregnant. After that we used condoms everytime until we were both older and out on our own. After we were both working and each had our own place we began to be brave again and not use condoms. After a few months it happened. SIs came home one day and told me she was pregnant. She was so excited. She told mom it was for a guy she had dated once but he had left town. We now have a baby girl who is just as cute as sis. She is 2 years old and just as cute as a button. Sis has decided she wants another baby so we are now working on having another one. 

The idea that Its sis and I makes it so much more erotic and so much more meaningfull.

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